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 – A Division of the Government Creation Corporation for Britain.

As Stephen Hawking is interred next to Darwin and Newton despite his actual scientific relevance missing and easily comparable if we put the three books next to each other on one shelf

– The Origin of species – Principia of motion – A brief history of time

Stephen Hawking’s most relevant and important contribution to human science and human development and understanding was his enormous contribution to education, in the form of putting cosmology in the minds and on the shelves [the most unread bestselling book] of every age group# throughout the world.


Every Age Group:

In American Culture one can observe from television and from being in America and seeing firsthand the use and effects upon American culture [specifically with regard to the upcoming generations] the modelling by both the movies and tv, of the example to aspire to or to be, an uprising go getter alpha key relevant player.

Parental culture in America has been observed to be a reflection of overall American character – In control, dominant and right. Since the middle of the Reagan era cold war with the Soviets, American movies have portrayed both an innovative superior military comprising of most importantly, great ‘Mavericks’ competitively jostling with the best kit in their hands. In civilian street jobs through-out, the young buck’s [including female players] confront their older, higher ranking, more experienced authorities with their contradictory view of the situations directly, attempting to gain control. This role play is expected to fail but is expected to get them noticed. With their peers this behaviour also exists but is exacerbated by personal sabotages safe in the unexposed low risk of consequence that is routinely glossed over as an over keen spring breaker and one of America’s great future. Frustration and resentments that can over boil are naturally a consequence of such an upbringing example reflecting off of all American surfaces. Aggression, Anger and Resentment without a teaching of control with an absence of the teaching and understanding example that youth without experience is ignorance, through-out life.

That is the driven American culture throughout all educational levels in a generic sense.


Gung-Ho Great Britain:

‘The uniform 'e wore Was nothin' much before, An' rather less than 'arf o' that be'ind, For a piece o' twisty rag An' a goatskin water-bag Was all the field-equipment e' could find. When the sweatin' troop-train lay In a sidin' through the day, Where the 'eat would make your bloomin' eyebrows crawl, We shouted "Harry By!"Till our throats were bricky-dry’

Arr, the good ol’ days – Where did it all go right?

While America forged ahead evolving its character to produce the great Americans America [saw it needed] pushing up through the corridors of youthful innovation and control, Britain belly button gazed and looked at the wars and the people of flower love grew up to reflect a brighter, kinder future remembering the stark unkindness of Empire Administrations.


In every family [A good Victorian example] what example the parents set and all of the teaching is what you get from your creation. If the parents are uninvolved, uncoordinated or set examples that are negative and unconstructive, unconstructed is what you get. In the Victorian age, society was far more divided by working class differences that overwhelmed the chances and organisation for improvements. This status-quo lasted until social reforms led to ambitions for social and economic development. In this ‘modern’ age the responsibility for parental guidance should not be ignored by government, for government ‘is’ the only permanent parent of Great Britain’s.

The cost of managing Britain is increasing exponentially in ratio to the population of the country. The guilty parties are Socialism and unregulated, unhinged and unhindered Keynesian dynamics.

For all the good social reforms did for the ignored, neglected and downtrodden of the British population, Socialism or social investments and social mobility has had the additional effect of eg: Victorian parents that gave their children an allowance, told them to look after themselves [to the motto of: ‘It’s your life darling’] and only taught them the telephone number for meals on wheels. The family model immediately broke down. Everyone knew very little, did very little and looked to the parents to prevent the allowance from impoverishing them as they progressed through the rising costs of the hours of their lives from the fruits of global economic health.

Inevitably meals on wheels was privatized and sold to ‘grot Inc’ and everybody [democratic ratio] became fat and unhealthy. The old aged ‘sedentary’ family abandoned time bomb came under the challenge of a growing youth patient time bomb and the NHS [with one of the few remaining Empire Administration systems] is throbbing at the stethoscope planted firmly on the pulse of time to become the biggest area of tax flow coming their way.


Say what you will about the ills and repugnance of the American character, America is not doomed to a high pressure embolism from its dominating social population or further neglect and abandonment of British manufacturing or purchase priority with corporate freedoms of profit movement and the allowing for the abattoir of any genuine British competitiveness investment and survival.

We could still build all of the big ticket item numbers that we are buying at huge prices of very secondary [‘’disparaged’’] items!  - ‘If’ they become more than window dressing, they Will fall from the skies like gold bricks being hit by a punt gun.

But I digress;

Change soon mummy&daddy before it is too late and Britain becomes the patient looked after by Randie McMurphy and Nurse Ratched. It is not Rocket science but you lot will have to face up to sensible and obvious modern reforms or you will be the problem ‘Turkey’ and be finally found guilty of [nearly?] killing this Goose.