The E.u is not Europe

G7 2018

Alert: 2 of these people are not elected. They are self system appointed.

Why does it matter? Aren’t they better? Have they not proved it? Isn't their ambition right?

[The E.u is an out of control fervent monster on a mission to do with treaties & bribes what the NAZI's failed to do using quick-blitz under an equally obsessed Hitler. Germania=E.u. Get reasonable, Cut the 3 dominant evils or the .u will not survive.

Join the E.u {currently} [1] Give up ur Constitutional sovereignty, [2] AnyVeto on directives U think R Fucking Belgian! & [3] Get fined under agreed Treaty for trying to exert any Cultural individual Identity! Wake Up&Smell the Value of being protected by change to E.u Dominant Intent.

The E.u should accept that they are administrating a .union, not Expanding a Dominant E.mpire.]


Good governance can come from anywhere. Conversely bad governance can arise from any legal, honestly elected system. But at least if things go wrong, or they don’t turn out as promised, the people, the grand populous can dismiss them, change them, charge them, imprison them [rarely gets off the mark, that one] and change them again for another set of a 4 year choice.

If however a governor or government is not elected [or appointed] by an elected authority, they have little to no worry or service ethos to the grand populous [the populist peoples] the electorate. Without worry the unelected or appointed by authority can carry on with their ambitions without the possibility of enacting decisions that would need to be put the populous at the forefront of national thinking, ambition and command authority.

Over time events unfold from the ambitions of 'a Separated Elite' government authority that reveal errors away from the ambitions, [absent minded thinking?] because the key welfare of the people was second to the people and the people start to suffer the brunts of the disconnected government that would have secured its priority as a permanent reality.

Spin, manipulation [WW1] and counter forces are brought forward to maintain order and the erroneously allowed self-appointed government undertake a management plan to overcome any problems and secure their position to continue with the priorities of their planning, into their future.

This is described as a Tyranny [That can be written into a Treaty - The Treaty of Versailles] that is destined for destructive recoil. [Rome] The Commission of the E.U is one such government. An empire expanding and governing with rapidly diminishing democratic controls over it and only a false glimmer of any true democratic power within it.

What started as an altruistic ambition to unify a group of neighbouring countries to eliminate regional hostilities and to bring about a strong economic focus, to benefit all with prosperity and an increasing quality of life became hijacked by an idealist but imperialist grip to take control treaty by treaty, under the ideal and using bribes, loans and promises to avoid cautious hesitation, debate and public awareness, as the 'project' rumbled on and on to a European take-over..  

As they used the binding treaties and their court of Justice to increase the pace of the ambition to unify and bring economic benefit through cooperation and the distribution of economic production and invest in developments to grow weaker economies to join up a more uniform and growing overall area, the treaty transformed into a Constitutional administration,  the 'common market' morphed into the E.U government and the ideal was hijacked fully by black uniforms with pinstripes. The commission have appeared above democratic controls protected by the latest treaties and are moving to tighten their grip and power over the [cooperating] member states and transfer power to the E.U government. 

Maastricht passed and the trading cooperative was revealed [in public fact] as an assumed government creating a constitutional administration to dominate and take control of Europe’s country nation states, democratic [as much as] or not. “What the member states need to do is to hand more power over to the E.U [commission] That is what is needed comrades” – Guy Verhofstadt.
The Commission is unconnected to democracy and does not answer to or is subject to any authority of ‘member’ states. [Only Germany has the financial power to influence control [or force alteration] upon the Commission – But [when financial dominance emerged] chose/chooses not to.] “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke.
The progression of the ambition of the assumed [pirate] government [The Commission] with the collaboration of Germany along with the founding philosophy of France [now thread bare] have moved passed the rejection of their [E.U [Commission] constitution for Europe by inserting it into the Lisbon treaty. Next are the future moves planned to bring Verhofstadt’s rushed wish to fruition. Full control of all of European national [democratic or not] governments authority/power, leaving democracy to only elect their mayors and police chief’s and blame them for local anger [Rome.]

Next in line [along with gaining more power] to reduce the insurrection attempting to use democracy to protect member state control of their own countries, is the plan to 'merge' the member states individual military power to 'unify a European military command and control'. 

Finally with oppression removed and both all governments and their military power in the hands of the pinstripes in Brussels, a fully acquired democratic mutation will have occurred in the name of peace and harmony.

The irony of after two world wars and after centuries of conflict throughout Europe [with Germany accused of attempting to dominate Europe, after being pushed twice by France] the EU [nation] finally acquire control of Europe from a French master plan realized by the Germans with the Belgians at the Helm of a very quazi free Europe.  

However many other member states are now fully aware of the removal of sovereign powers [and Brexit is showing the difficulty of separating from E.U controls] and are growing very alarmed by the concept of unity of cooperation and its delivery from the E.U central government control. 

Add the mismanagement, corrupt and rushed expansion of the economic E.U model, the high loan debts and subsequent austerity and then the loss of key and National [member state] assets to E.U favoured control to profit from, the E.U / German banks are starring populous uprisings in the [style of Rome that Charlemagne tried to solve by resurrecting the very model that had led to the destruction of Rome and the values [with the Vatican following a different model to] Rome had been fighting for (Domination & the advantages of Inequity) throughout its model existence] in the face.

The grand populists now bereft of democracy, sovereign integrity, freedom or safety are now additionally surrounded by [a mutated Roman citizen model of] free movement of people from outside the Culture of Europe. A culture of a ballooning population that is culturally alien and largely hostile to western values.

The people of Europe that thought that the E.U government would be made up of cooperating countries [democratic heads of government and their appointed commissioners] would never be untouchable or uncontrollable. But they are independent from member state control according to 'signed' treaty.  

Putin has been both alarmed by the E.U [now a controlling and threatening entity] potentially expanding its border further east than Moscow via the absorption of the Ukraine. Putin is also concerned with the instability of the potential chaos of Europe’s frictional sudden population explosion. This has led in part to the E.U and some, as viewing Putin as a malign figure when in fact Putin and Russia view the E.U project as a catastrophe unravelling on its doorstep and threatening to burst into southern central Russia.   

Thanks to Angela Merkel who said she could absorb the big middle eastern populous into the economic area and the additional tax would be just zuber unt perfekt. When in reality she just revealed the true dominant attitude at the centre west of the E.U and demonstrated catastrophic naivety as she marched along demanding capitulation according to the agreed and signed treaty law or consequences especially for the populists and their racist and right wing nationalist voters.  

The perfect tyranny is [nearly] in control without the use of a single soldier is zuber unt perfekt and any problems [or blame] will be dealt with by the Belgians inside the E.U government department structure and sidelined within the Vast and Plush corridors of the E.U with its life long and elite culture of dedicated governing staff and resources which they probably hope will last for a Thousand Years - Vive la difference!

They [member states] signed away the possibility of a union - Europe is referred to by the chair of the E.U parliament as a Nation. The Commission is independent & only interested in power, control & [money]. [Germany] has all three & its commission [fan servants]. Germania lives