8. Primary & Secondary National Education Modules:

The purpose of education:

A Brilliant lights goes off in my head;

The purpose of education is to teach the children of America / Britain [any global region] of the world, Who they are, what they are, and where they are in the Cosmos and in Time of their position, in their regional time. The best philosophy of today for our species in life and to live life with the intention of self improvement, as you enjoy the beauty of life, here, or anywhere, while enjoying marveling at the art of everything, and everything availablly provided by your government, to learn academically for those that have the aptitude or interest.

Secondly; The purpose of education [under the current ‘evolving’ societal system] is equipping somebody with the skills … to secure a family-sustaining job and a career.

Part of it is educating students about where we think opportunity is going – And where we predict humanities philosophy and physical destiny is headed century to millennium – This is what we think the work of the future is – Or the future of work, of life should and will be.

Primary & Secondary National Education Modules:

Primary module 6. Episode 2 ['Time & Space']

Primary & Secondary National Education Modules:

C addendum 8

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Primary mod 1 –               Primary mod 2 –               Primary mod 3

Foundation –                     History –                              Arts

Reading, Writing,             Human, global, local      Sciences, Art, Literature

Numeracy                           Good Manners                 Good manners

Good Manners mod 1A –      Individuality                   Respecting Rights & Laws

                                        Collective responsibility


Primary mod 4                Primary mod 5                                    Primary mod 6

Intermediate                   Good manners absent effects          Histiory

literature                         The Police, etiquette                           Space-time, technology

Good Manners                British pride, in modern ethics          Phylosophy

                                         Personal water usage


Primary mod 7                         Primary mod 8                             Primary mod 9

Sciences                                  Reproductive insticts                  Sex for Reproduction  

Evolution, Earth,                      Sexual prejudice                          Sex Pursuit

Society                                     Sexual abuses & crimes             Sex with love & Sex for fun 

National distinction                  Culture & variations                  Limits for cultures in the U.K


Seconday mod 1                      Secondary mod 2                     Secondary mod 3 

History                                       History                                       History

Literature, Art                          Civilisation, Race,                       Instinct vs Equity 

Humanity                                 Competition                                Socio phycho dissfunction 

                                                  Genes & eniviroment {nature & nurture}


Secondary mod 4                    Secondary mod 5                       Secondary mod 6
Sex gender disparity               Emotional control                      Future ambition, 
Sexual social politics,             & quality                                      Philosophy.
Injustices & etiquette              Individuality                             Humour, Comedy
                                                   Collective respnsibility         Satire, Free Speech, Offence.

Secondary mod 7                        Secondary mod 8                        Secondary 9 
Taxation                                        Life-Style                                      Hobbie Activities

Personal Trade Skill                    Personal Media                           Interests Art in Cosmos 

Basic Trading & Business          Food and preperation                 Personal Developement

                                                                                                          Family Life Responsibility

Secondary mod 10

Sex skill [Vaginal massage]

The Female Orgasm/s

Good Wood/tool 


'British Bill of Rights of the Person'

Article 5

Everyone has the right to basic national education. (a) Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory unto the age of 16. (b) Higher, Technical and other professional education shall be made generally available and be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit and aptitude. (c) Education shall be directed to the full development of the human character and personality under a constant philosophy’ of self-improvement, including emotional quality and conduct and towards the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote respect, understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial and religious groups towards peaceful relations.

Article 6

Everyone has the right to national after school activities. Cub’s, Scout’s, Girl guides, Cadets, Duke of Edenborough junior environmental award scheme. Duke of Edenborough awards scheme. Subsidised to the age of 18.

Article 7

Everyone has a right in Great Britain to have an aptitude and careers assessment in their last year of school or at age 16 years for (a) guidance or (b) induction into a productive remunerating direction.


Good ‘British’ Manners Module 1A. [An Overview]

Politeness [Speech & behaviour that is respectful and considerate of other people] is the foundation of the Primo Facie relationship [based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise] {And therefore does not require deference & submission / subjugation to another.}

[Key Rule: Good Speech comes from good thoughts & good feeling]

Being polite in all first contacts / mass daily interactions keeps to a high standard of human exchanges [avoiding the growth of bad feeling {and an also the important effect, as an antidote training, repetition, upon people who harbour and escalate bad feeling, leading to bad thoughts, resulting in bad speech & actions}  

Which seems better:

Thought leading to emotion, leading to action [Good Logical]


Emotion leading to thought, leading to action [Illogical, reactive, uncontrolled outcome]   

Politeness is both a good conduct and preventative force against the cultures of ill will.

Respectfulness the act of and attitude to, is a key principle of humanities standard of core humanity.

Primo Facie: All people are equal in conscious existence & key rights. http://www.howardhawk.co.uk/434062691


People are not all equal. People are all different, some very different or & unique or & special. But because humans are a specifically evolved species culture generally, we would and do benefit from respect for every individual {Prima Facie} where it is pre-eminently delivered.

Consideration the absence of respect is practically damaging where it is expected, with respect. The absence or withholding of respect in relations is the primary cause of all that is bad resulting. Respect also has to be seen to move beyond first impressions /face2face and keep that standard in actions. [Prima Facie]

Kindness: The highest human atribute by far is Kindness.

Key Rule: I wish the best for you, for us and our future and my words will be matched by my actions / our actions, from respect.


Grammar schools Do Not benefit social mobility. They are not designed to.

They are designed to benefit the more gifted students to obtain a more focused academic environment. They are not an engine to benefit social mobility. They are an engine to benefit higher achievement.

Grammar schools can & should search & reach into the general normal and deprived educational areas and promote individual students identified as those who would benefit from a higher academic environment. Grammar schools would not benefit students who require a general average academic level, who would be overwhelmed, lost and left disillusioned.

For social mobility to be improved the level of general average education would need to be improved. At the other end of the Grammar school model there could and should be a similarly specialist school model with the speciality of helping improve the ability of children that avoid schooling or mentally shut down in general schools as they find themselves [for many reasons] behind and unable to catch up or engage without specialist attention. These two factors would improve social mobility and both models should be taking the advantage of using the Grammar school model as the ‘British’ standard model ambition bench mark.

Faith schools must include a British set of basic syllabus – Presented by a nationally certified peripatetic teaching agency. {To be replaced by The Primary Education Modules}



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