Virus Response & Lock-down

Referring to allowing the immune system to do its job, as Eugenics, is insane and absurd and attacking herd immunity as a strategy while using the defence of being led by science, has been shown to be a calamity in two ways:
1) a] People who could/cannot defend themselves against this virus at an acute severe level are not being saved by any intervention. b] Care homes have been ravaged and unprotected [in fact hospital discharges have increased the speed of the spread through the elderly] leading to the opposite of any [ignorant] defensive policy. c] Lock-down has done no more than slowed the spread of this [seemingly strangely resistant multi-spectrum destructive] virulent virus and that those [without adequate immunity] will die, in time.
2) The economy [and all of the secondary destruction's] has [and is yet] being destroyed beyond any immediate [5-10yrs] rescue.
Furthermore the job of Brexit and National Defence has been thrown into their respective cauldrons of the possibility of boiling outside influences. It will be not acceptable to say that 'unknown' minds, 'unseen' with envious eyes had drawn their 'Plans' against us.
It should be important when considering a plan that this virus has the low fatality rate of 0.0005% of population [with an average 0.0001% variance].
It is very strange that this graph presentation is being used to reinforce lock-down, avoidance and social distancing, when the obvious is plain to see -
1. An unrestricted virus response would have been over so much sooner.
2. The same number of immuno-reactive people will die. [*]
3. There would be no financial loss or economic collapse.
Hospital capacity was the reason to justify all of the hugely destructive effects that we are seeing and that is only beginning.
[*Only borderline respiratory failure can be saved by the hospitals and there was capacity that was unused for the difference between 0.0005% & the 0.0001% population saved]

virus Lock-down

"Buy Buy Buy"

This WHO message is Corrupted Nonsense and Dangerous Rubbish. [Let me tell you just how Dangerous]


Evolutionary mechanics is being treated as though it were an impudent upstart shouting from the back of the room where it was put in a coffin and buried 3 feet under the ground many years ago.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus appointment is foresighted and his official position [on Covid-19] is conveniently advantageous to cooperate / commercial interest. The appointers* and proponents of the WHO DG & the WHO DG.. are only loyal to money and profit. [As you could imagine the DG is, a Politician with an African biology degree, who chose as a career path, other than fighting for full Ethiopian ‘democratic’ success]..

[*Much like the SG of the United Nations - {currently Antonio Guterres – that despite being the former PM of Portugal and the secretary general of the Socialist party – “Continued privatisation” after his PM opponent [an economist] stepped aside – the Opponent is now the president} and Guterres committed Portugal to the Kosovo crisis, of E.U CREATION. He moved into diplomacy before being appointed SG of the UN - A huge and needed improvement upon Ban Ki-Moo, who’s entire professional life could have been cast by Eddie Murphy.] - is a non-Job in a Very important ceremonial position for the {potential} position of President of Planet Earth and All Citizens. Ban Ki-Moon was a happy go-lucky ‘monkey’ and Antonio Guterres is Mr ‘International’ Energy and Free Trade Bank-boy in the blocks... No one should need to be told where their competitors are or what the plan is for their# ambition.]

#Tedros adhanom ghebreyesus and the roots to his money tree of opportunity and cunning foresight [to drink upon the blood of the frois gras goose of capitalisms dumb-ocratic daddy that goes by the name of The squabbling 4 years of ‘The Democratic governments’ of the rich and the ‘powers in-hand’ for the poor and the marginal powers of the opposition, irrespective of the risks because the people will pay That Price, if the bill arises] wanted Tedros to direct government’s money towards preventing and fighting any impending health calamity – Despite this not being a ‘calamity’ or the best way to protect and serve the human species or human health overall against China’s factory farm {virus breeding} culture, in place for ‘Centuries’.

Money truly has taken hold of the sane senses for the true powers and winners [economic] of planet humans [This will need to change {easy - z} in order to save the species, this planet and expand beyond 1 ‘green’ planet in our solar system] and is leading to destruction and death for all – Without unilateral investment and commitment there will not be a hurricane free 5-6&7 mountain-side-cave villa to support life.

The current virus spreading around our communities is 1 of any number that could emerge from China – [Unlike Smallpox – A 50,000 year old virus that was slowly hunted down by identifying hotspot out-brakes, isolating them and immunising against re-infection – It took a generation to dead-end Smallpox – Importantly Smallpox was not avian-airborne and did not have the history or opportunity to cross-breed or occasionally be spurred to mutate] and Covid/mers/sars/H1/1000 is a digital age style virus. Testing who has it or who had it is of statistical value only. In South Korea they used testing to identify hotspots to lock-down. With the world in lock-down, testing is entirely irrelevant, a waste of money and time.  Using testing as a way of ending an erroneous lock-down is pouring stupid on-top of corrupted. Stopping the world was and is the greatest of dangers.. [D]

Saving lives:

During the 1918 Flu [inaccurately and unfairly named the Spanish flu] it is noted that the infection rate was around 50%. There was no official lock-down or social distancing. Who had it but did not feel it or who had it but did not go to the doctor, is an unknown statistical variance and always will be. Today the infection rate is not known and will never be known [unless eveyone is tested in fast time] than the hospital admission data, that is accurate, as is the death rate. Calculating the death rate as a percentage of the infected is a totally flawed approach. Only the dead within a population measurement can be relied upon.

Testing will divert manpower away from treating. Manufacturing tests is a diversion of recourse energy {and money} away from clinical manufacturing and treating resources and manpower.

The immune systems of the vulnerable should be isolated. If I knew I had a problem or was worried@ I could isolate myself. Friends and family and my boss could be helpful @within a reasonable worry. If I did not know that I was ‘susceptible’ I could hide away in the winter or take my chances as I do when I cross the road or get in a car or any of life’s other chances.

The NHS dependant patients waiting, start dying without service. People start killing ‘each other’ and or committing suicide and in this modern trend of mental health value, Lots of people turn to suicide than was the case during WW2. Nasty people see a justification because of ‘a breach of rights’ to kill the dozy fat flat footed dweebs that is the ‘image’ of the police today. It becomes a blood sport as fun as chasing piglets. A weak visible police leads to testing ‘funded’ Westminster.

[D] The big danger arises in 2 ways: 1) The societal economic lock-down turns very nasty [after all, the concept of the inter-located/dependent, just in time economy is not designed to float on a nothing cash flow model – neither is an annual cycling tax system] and brings a revolution that includes ‘national’ violence. 2) Even if the governments pulls through and everything is getting back to normal [without the risk of lending banks taking control of national assets ‘Greek-E.U’ style] what will the people ‘think’ of their governments if another winter flu is promoted as deadly in the media [again before a lethality % of population rate is confirmed as ‘a threat’ or the same response is attempted for another below 1% fatality or much worse – No similar action is taken – after so many non-virus deaths and losses. The Final End of trust and belief in this lower than French entitled bourgeoisie, empty headed, ego serving personally driven career step to Blairven. The End of Humanity.