Class and philosophy and - Population and system planning


"Migration is a class issue" - Verbose, Unrefined, Incomplete Analysis, Absent Summary:


Societies are much more delicate in construct than you are considering.?

It was one of Marx’s key errors in the foundation of is grand work. Not considering [despite accepting Darwin’s new theory and then discarding ‘human nature’ as a mouldable concept throughout as ‘capable of being altered to some extent’] and then constructing a system that is in conflict with fundamental human nature. And here you are not even considering the possibility of fragility in the structure of a society in your analysis and conclusion.

Imagine [as we have] a society that has grown to a populous size and has systems in harmony with population. Schools places, hospital beds, housing growth matching any growth in generational growth or changes in life-style. [I know there is an irony of our rubbish government/s.] Consider that population grows 1.2% per generation and incoming migration adds to that by 0.5-1% per generational outcome. A total of 2.7% max. Sounds good. It would be easy over generational time space to increase school capacity throughout and health service needs and house building pace. Much like [analogy] the M25 - Built to handle more cars, at its opening to allow for growth of car use and increasing population predictions over a constant number of generational decades =?

[We know that they did not bother [finance or plan] for a future much beyond two election terms – with a public transport system not designed in to give a viable option nationwide – especially London – and so reduce / prevent an exponential rise in car use-ratio for alternative travelling.]

Imagine that after the M25 was opened suddenly car ownership rose by 20% annually – How long before grid-lock and the M25 became unfit for purpose and irrelevant? Next people wanting to travel would pile onto other systems not designed for or with any future planning for anything but a decreasing capacity. A nation of queues, delays and losses of surplus energy.

If we now apply [my idiot’s guide to planning] to the bigger integrated model of a whole society and we say the 2.7% growth goes up to 18.7% [as we have seen – with European member states as is with Britain less affected by African emigration – and we further choose no regulation, limits or reclassifications and population growth, in the next generation increases to 30.7% what class problem and worker [or leisure] solution would you propose then?   


Class does what Philosophy Is.

It is not enough to explain a problem:

Solutions are Solutions.