May's 12 Point List - The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union;

NO. To this strategy for Britain.

0. Theresa May's List - Comment by HowardHawk

1. Providing certainty and clarity; - Spurious & impossible to deliver..

2. Taking control of our own laws; - & clarify a limit overide law to prevent the judiciary from contradicting foundation electoral will. {to avoid causing a civil war}

3. Strengthening the Union; - Unclear objective & not necesarily inline with devolution.

4. Protecting our strong historic ties with Ireland and maintaining the Common Travel Area; -- Which History? With controls against free EU access - a free trading area & possible sterling adopting rescue option.

5. Controlling immigration; - Must include controls on free movement also NHS tourisum insurance entry requirement.

6. Securing rights for EU nationals in the UK and UK nationals in the EU; - With limits.

7. Protecting workers’ rights; - And regulations for employers.

8. Ensuring free trade with European markets; - Or a balanced trading field always working towards improvements.

9. Securing new trade agreements with other countries; - And inclusion & improvements with & for the Countries of Her Majesty's Common Wealth.

10. Ensuring the United Kingdom remains the best place for science and innovation; - And Much More..

11. Cooperating in the fight against crime and terrorism; - Putting National Security First & Solutions at the base of our core efforts.


12. Delivering a smooth, orderly exit from the EU. - Without continued subservience to EU treaties etc.


Brexit Means Brexit!

Lay Down The Red Lines - Movement / Fishing / Corporate Profit Movement.

Enact boarder policy when geared.

Negotiate Win Equalized or Loose, Loose, Loose,,

You Can Not Placate your way to a dominant Brexit.

The only Certainty is "Death & Taxes."

I would have moved Britain forward into our posture for the future, decisively on       September 1.2016

Ample time to have the legal facts clarified and to put all minds in gear for divorce combat:

'Out' in Stone. 

Action Plan For Britain:

The following is the democratic majority expectation and mandate:

Red Lines: [ 'Brexit means Brexit' ]
No open boarder, freedom of EU movement.

No monetary Contribution. 

No EU Fishing in British Water - British fishing waters total legal, military and exclusive Control.

No More EU Judicial and Legal Control.


{Having Control of movement is a matter of National Security, Economic Health and National Peace.}

1. European Nationals: [UK Recognized EU Country List] Freedom of movment {visa free} for Business, secured work, study & Holiday {with medical insurance or EU medical payment guarantee} Until resident NHS 8years+ Benefits.

2. European Residents: [Unnationalised] & {Non UK Recognized EU Country member List} VISA requirement for business, secured work, certified study, [Subject to minimum requirements] [funds, accommodation, medical insurance or accepted guarantee] & holiday.

3. Non EU Europe: VISA - Proof of business – proof of work – proof of student – proof of holiday booking – [Subject to minimum requirements] [funds, accommodation, medical insurance] max stay 3 months. Max annual 120 days.

4. Rest of the World: VISA – ditto3

5. Special relationships – {visa free} access & movement for Business & Holiday [With medical insurance] max stay 3 months. Max annual 120 days.

Passport: Accomodation: [carry obligation] + medical insurance [arrival point of sale] or U.K National I.D Card.

The New World Trend Arriving;

Britain reserves the right to recognise EU member states and {U.K} unacceptable exclusions.

No agreements on British refugee policy.
No guarantee regarding British security limits with regard to the channel tunnel. 
All of the above are subject to changes without notice.

Coast Guard Resources: Currant capability is only 'a number' of pacific 32 RHIBS! Invest. Requirement: [Current] Fast Interceptors 60 knots [0] - Small Rescue pickup tugs [0] - Short term patrol boats [6 tobe drafted 2017] - Long-term Coast Guard vessels [3 Bae ordered - delivery starts 2018] - Fisheries patrol R.R Ram Tug Low deck with crain [0]. 

Refugees: – Process + International safe Regional community [fund] investment policy.

[£] Not a gift - lease deals on land – infrastructure, rates, economic social investments, tax + years = exit.

Laws relating to the NHS: {Reboot Reform}

All patients must be identified & Recorded {NI Number] [All records are to be aligned to use N.I Numbers.] [valid insurance or payent method confirmed] for Service Provided.

No non-emergency service free for non-residents. {Establish iron payment guarantees. No + Corporate negligence proceedings, records & career change.


The economics of the trade deal /s  will take its course around any levies or commission attempts at hostile behavior because {as long as the British Do Not negotiate with the boarder controls} The German Car industry is the power that will crush the commission if Britain Go's Jaguar!

Imagine the growth in employment if people Start Thinking Buy Made In Britain, First Choice.

The Deal:

"There will be rebalancing but my conviction remains the same. Europe has to be the bedrock on which European citizens can lean in order to push ahead and construct the EU further for their safety, security, defence and prosperity."

Say's the Butcher to the blood in the abattoir.

Junker: 'Brexit negotiations are to be used as a warning of hopeless delays & financial destruction to any other member state that tries this against us. Before populism dies & the E.U Re-Strengthens & Grows under the Commission into a Global 'agreement.' - You are ether with us or you are against us.'

Issue Article 50 - Then rip up their game play rule book and Enact Independence. And Negotiate an open market from a mutually balanced market. Eliminating their control and advantage is the only way not to be filleted.

Brexit Negotiation 1: {my way}
Day1: Issue Article 50. 
Day2: Issue Britain’s new immigation and migration policy. {see ‘Brexit means Brexit.'} Request Continued Free E.U market trading.
Day3: Cease All British financial contribution to the EU. Continue Request negotiations. 
Day3+: Be ready to tit for tat, for regulation changes & export tax changes & beaurocracy & expat changes, hostilities & aggression etc. Continue negotiations for business access and uni-levelling. 

Day4: Side, Support & Petition for Russia. A realignment of Ukraine/Russia border. Crimea is Russia. Ally economically for Ruble streangth to give North Eastern States an economic union self rule alternative. Punish Poland. Abandon NATO Funding - Show Intent: 5 years withdraw from Nato. Continue U.K free trading request negotiation..

3. Secondary changes for British leverage: {Attack key EU exports with 150% tax.} there could be more but that will work within 2 years or Britain will be Jaguar cheap etc for as many years as we like thriving on a domestic market with a honing and growing manufactoring base benefiting, employment, economy & international exports.}

4. Further leverage - Cut All finance and involvement with NATO. Ally to Russia - Contain the EU experiment - Allow it to sink or swim by its own timing. {Russia has been wronged and has several claims of foul play after the colapse of CCCP with several unjust, unscupulous and down right dangerous planning by Some NATO Members and Russia remains measured and paced depite.} [But what do you expect..?!..]

Brexit Negotiation 2: [Norway + red white and Blue] Continued financial outgoing - Bogged down in strategic punative divorce prceedings - U.K Continues to abide by their rule book and langushhes as a naked example of the horrors {a dumb obedient morron} that await exiteers.

Option 3: Declare War - Good for business - They have no military {the french have very poor form & might be ally's in good time} This evident mafia type brain is the Commission. [SAS all commissioners. 24 hours offer a peace settlement..

How to Negotiate, How to Deal with seperation & inclusion from within: {Their Way}

What does the EU want:
Free movment of Pgs - Full Contribution - All Regulations abided by.

What they will offer: {for continued free access to EU market}
1. Free movemment of people [with a maximum limit agreed - with minimized benefit periods agreed] 
2. Contribution to essential EU financial commitments [and other EU safe projects and investment projects and emergency projects and ... {you get the gist? } = Almost all the current level - and subject to future increases.]
3. Regulations: All regulations related to people, goods & services must be abided by, other regulation can remain an option for parliament and future paliaments.

What the EU will do if the above is rejected:
Closed market = Like a Door Slamming. Every punitive inballance possible will be enacted - New tax laws - New Corporate and Banking regulations for non member banks and companies - New property and punitive social access laws. Import taxes on key british goods & services - Subsidies & levies on international British deals and any other trading opportunities, Spoked dispite EU losses - Strategy: Bring a mire of an economic future to Britain and await political gains for another referendum and win - our full subjugation.