A cancer Fighter Soup:

In order of primary quanity:
Bitter Melon 7 minutes
Broccoli 30 seconds
Green tea leaves 20 minutes 4 tsp per ltr water
Onion 7 minutes
Garlic 7 minutes & .5 30 seconds
Lentils 20 minutes
Buck wheat 20 minutes
Recooperation booster soup:
4 chicken thighs chopped up off the bone + the bones in whole
1 onion 4 cloves garlic chopped
1 chopped fresh chilli [optional]
100g pearl barley
500ml chicken stock
500ml water {+ water to cover plus 2 inch.]
Simmer lid on for 30 minutes.

Add for one minute:
Half cup of green Pease
Half cup of boiled rice
100g of beef mince boiled with rice.
Olive oil to serve.

Your sick. No need to waste time on presentation.
Injury healing booster:
6 oysters or 10mg of zinc daily
Wheat germ or
soya beans based soup