Tony Blair & Co

I am Above, Around & Below The Law - Enquirey to Blackberry Jam.

Should Be in Prison.

Tony Blair single headedly led Britain in behind America into the neo hawk rush for retribution against 9/11. Blair followed the American lead to paint Iraq [unconnected to 9/11, a fact never disputed] as an immediate danger and had intelligence manipulated into a lie, silenced any and hounded all expert truth, beyond the point of suicidal feelings.

Blair manipulated the truth, the argument and parliament to ultimately take Britain back into the quagmire of occupying the Middle East at great immediate cost and now the unraveling long-terms costs.

Blair shat all over the truth and any loyalty to democracy and Great Britain. A neo Liberal democrat common person enjoying rising up through a liberalized democratic freedom.

Alistair Campbell: Getting It Done.


The Chilcot Report

Should be charged - based on Alistaire Campbell's email & Co to Joint Intelligence Committee with suggestions of demands.
2.6 million words is like asking for a glass of water and being given Lake Windermere.
Chilcot: The Truth, The missing truth and nothing but fingers pointing all about the truth.
A lake disectation of a cagey diplomatic soft focus herring and beetroot mouse.
Alistair Cambell:
Where is mention of his email to the Joint Intelligence Committee intel services stating that wording was not strong enough and making suggestions and instructing alterations.
[From ‘No significant evidence of current WMD.’ To ‘Significant evidence of WMD.’]
And the most recent file on intel rejected in preference for an intel file from after Gulf War1 prior to inspections and decommissioning, along with the dropping of intel caveats, expert reports, inferences, judgments and conclusions.
Not Sexed Up: Altered like flipping a coin over from heads to tails.
And left by Chilcot out in the long grass for all to view in all of the pages of mundane magnitude.
Mi-6 [JIC #What!?] Should set the time and gisting facts straight. And Chilcot!
Blair's eyes say to me 'I’m Untouchable Guaranteed. Fuck The Lot Of You!'
Time index 1:20

Gordon Brown:

'Sell the gold low - Borrow like Greece, The E.U said yes, sign over here.'

'British intelligence from 2002, seen at the time by the then-Prime Minister Tony Blair and Mr Brown, suggested the country [Iraq] was capable of having such weapons.'
This is nonsense & a lie & an insult to the intelligence departments.
Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell, with the help of Peter Mandelson Altered The British Report.
The U.S may well have withheld similar original intelligence but as we all know the W. Bush government wanted Iraq on their mission list and Tony Blair had confirmed his commitment.
Gordon Brown is either revealing and confirming himself as a semi-one eyed fool, A Liar, Or a delusionally semi-selective excuser, blame shifting socialist defunct failure.
I Think British intelligence are within their right to fight back with a record of actions & it would be well accepted.

Peter Mandelson

''The Third Man''


A Cross between Tony Soprano and the man from the Pru.