Angela Merkel: Incredibly Foolish and Not Long Sighted.

Angela Merkel’s - ‘The leaked manifesto draft also said it was reaching out to those "who see themselves as losers of modernisation and seek shelter in populist parties on both the right and the left."
Angela Merkel talks of ‘over simplification’ ‘cheap headlines’ and ‘the populist vote’ for ‘populists’
She refers to modernisation as though no aspects of it could be a transitory trend. The word cheap headlines, has no meaning beyond headlines that she does not like. The word populist is cast out in negative terms as though alerting to a border line legal danger that is undemocratic. When in fact populist is public opinion in every term of Reactionary or Long-held and established trends. Democracy is under attack from all directions. German democracy is under threat from naïve decisions with Blairite fortitude overtaking democratic attitudes to the integrity of representation.

On this year, as the centenary of the middle of the first world war Chancellor Markel with her current majority of the German vote appears safe in her upcoming election.

Yet her future and her legacy seem likely to be far from her title of "Orientation in Difficult Times - For A Successful Europe"
What if faith turns out to be stronger than the lion and unbreakable as we are lead to believe from historical text and teaching and practice. What if immigrant numbers give rise to dominant feelings and a counter culture pushes its faith forward in all of the ways available. As we may see moving forward in time in Sweden. What if, even when apparently integrated and legal in behaviour within a culture, but under the surface is patience waiting for the fate of a foretold destiny that everyone of a true faith must rise to. As we have seen evidence of here in Britain.
To keep referring to legality and those of minority group separatists or those radicalised by outside influences, is a denial of the overall evidence and a distortion of the true situation that is the true origin, of the difficult times and one of the vast obstacles threatening a successful Europe.
What if Marie Le Penn Happens [This Time] ... What do you think would happen to free movement and finance from France to the Commission? What would be the next domino effect? What of Greece. I would advise the Ruble and an economy inducing deal by Russia. That Europe failed spectacularly at.
What are the chances of peace returning within Germany as the migrants understand, accept and get comfortable being German? That would then result in the disappearance of populist angst and a re-marginalization of the right wing / far right wing groups.
What is the likely hood of nationalist right wing ‘populists’ rising and growing in numbers as dissatisfaction and anger grow around the nations because of disharmony brought about by migration, economic mismanagement, high taxes and austerity, rising prices climbing above the minimum wage civilization, created and maintained like a religion. Along with the religion of animosity between nations played out like a sport handed down by one generation to another, causing danger and death of the young and the younger.
Poland deserves a medal for relation building with Russia. A medal made of depleted uranium in the shape of a nail they should hammer into the side of their head. As well as Europe for that matter.
MISSILES IN Cuba were stopped on detection. I blame Russia for being slow and indecisive, in allowing America to boiler room our world with missiles and contracts and only unenforceable words. Yeltsin was a drunk, given drink to Sudetenland the Ukraine, like Texas out of America.
Europe's attempt then to induct the Ukraine into the EU would have made the EU's eastern boarder further east than Moscow. The Dneiper as a boadrer could be an acceptable simple solution, to maintain a peace.
All the talk of unionization and centralization does not seem to apply to Russia. A growing healthy economy with lower taxes and a distinct and proud 'growing' identity being hypocritically attacked, criticized, discriminated against and sanctioned. And as Russia engage in their steps for middle east stability, she is portrayed as reckless, cavalier, lethal, criminal, but not cowboy. At least not described as an annexed self-funding poodle.
So as Mrs Merkel strides Germany and Europe forward in another term of office I see the clouds of populists growing in number and right leaning with her invitees in line as Germanys next target of rage, blame and hate. I see Europe dangerously squaring up to Russia. I see the European union fragmenting. I see the Commission and its ['Establisment'] unelected dark faced tissue paper, corrupt empire regime builders becoming the old bourgeoisie and the focus of another vengeful revolution. I see conflict spreading to war between Shiite and Sunni, a good alliance between America and Russia and an abandonment of NATO.
If I were PM I would urgently reevaluate Russia and ally with them against the Commission, who I see as Blinkered Gremlins and the greatest threat to peace and prosperity in Europe, Britain and RUSSIA.