Russian Intentions

President Putin [as Russia] has his own take on the developing steam train of the E.U. He [Russia] is no doubt watching the temporary president of the commission of the Union of European country member states, lurching around stamping her club foot as she [the E.u] dramatically attempt to dictate control over [their unfolding Empire over] the union.

Putin will no doubt have thought that as soon as the E.u take control of NATO and align all of the member states militaries under the various [language specific] Generals, it will be too late to establish a strengthened boarder between the E.u and Russia and be in a good position to face down an expansionist E.u under another type of Frau Bounder-Lion or a Papa [knows Best] Mitchell-Barnard.

Putin has been put in a position by the U.S Magoo vision of weakening Russia, thanks to [the free vodka & pizza at the B&B Whitehouse] Yeltsin. The separation of the Ukraine was given no thought that as a NATO member or an E.U member the E.U’s/NATO’S  boarder would be further East than Moscow! 

Putin [I would imagine] wants to establish Russia’s boarder from the East of the Dneiper river.

Having seen the silence with regard to the developments in Myanmar and after America’s failure to take any high-ground initiative in Syria, it looks as though America have had their fill of Nation building using the Marine delivery business and the sectarian chaos that bubbles close under the surfaces of over-seas adventures. Next we will most probably get to watch [maybe only side-show journalism] the Marines have their last departing fight with the Taliban and ISIS Jihadi’s as they exit Afghanistan.

Putin is unlikely to build up such forces in the Ukraine only to bring it all back again. He is experienced enough with his military to know that his position would be terminal if he did that without [his] objective being achieved. 15/4/21

Russian Intentions

Strategic Jenga:
Much like the US the Russians see an instability in the wider world that they need to be involved with and attempt [with some success] to maintain stability and control of. Unlike the Russians the US are mostly separated by an ocean to the dangers. The instinctive & reactive defensive motivations do not exists for the Americans, [apart from [as we see] the desire to build a wall between god's country and the dangers], makes them less risk averse or risk reactive. For Russia a wall the size of the Pacific is out of the question.
Therefore the re strengthening and realignment of Russia, after the collapse of the last game has created, along with the changing field of play, a greater impetus to balance Russia for its future safety, security and success.
Russia is surrounded by neighbours all of whom have a seperate story, value and variable future scenarios.
As I have said before Russia has been subject to some degree, after the collapse of the CCCP, to similar prejudices that blighted and fuelled German plans in the 20's & 30's plus 50 years.. This situation is the reason for Russia's animosity to the west [Primarily America that allocated the job of bogee man to Russia after WW2 to make America stronger ongoing] Europe, it sees as weak and colluding in American agendas. {Russia's great competitor adversary is also shared by Iran, north Korea & now China {although China is no out-side races friend} - Who will inherit the Earth?? Honestly! Who thinks like that?
Europe holds 3 principle challenges for Russia. 1. An economic relationship. 2. A territorial issue. 3. The collusion of a military threat {to free peaceful Russian wider ambition}.

Strategy Z theory Europe:

In 2018 - 2019 the east Russian gas pipeline will open and give Russia a second gas customer and leverage to increase the price and to use as a weapon against Europe.
Russia wants sanctions lifted, a hard boarder with Europe {Dneiper} and as yet an unrealised {and perhaps unimagined} closer relationship with north eastern Europe. Ideally an allegiance with Germany. The French type patriarchal imperialist attitude of old is a hindrance and despised by Russia. This is France and the Commission.
Russia is not good at charm strategy and will miss the opportunity to turn around a future, peacefully getting what it wants and becoming a useful sounding board and an example of a second attitude to the dangers and probable solutions.
Russia will not wait for Europe to militarize, no matter how goofy it will be. Z predicts actions in 2020 and beyond..

E.U Ukraine provocation & Russian Reaction:

After some attempted E.U economic blackmail and pressure. Military action against Russia will be counter met with A Huge escalation by Russia. No rattling, No skirmish, The Full Cobra.
Europe will be left facing 20,000 jets with mass production under way and an escalation it cannot match or want given that nuclear Is On the Russian table.
The Russian to European strategy fits in with z wider Russian strategy expectation.
UK possible Strategy: Preempt, Lead and control for the majority benefit.

The Middle East Z theory:

The middle east is both the king of spades and a joker. It is like two viruses fighting each other in a pool of warm water that is infected with an enviroment alterring bacteria. Who should care? It is their world right, apart from opec. That makes us care. It reminds me of that scene in a james bond movie with the electric shock game for world domination. The game players are now Russia and America and the game is the middle east which has controll of the shocks. No theories here. UK Strategy: Stand Back.


Russia's relationship with China is close and tight. The future is both orange and yellow with red stitching. They have many plans.
UK Strategy zero / E.U !: Get a Fucking plan that is not an open budget 2 minute fuck in the biggest poker game which your mortgaged family pile cannot pay for without thinking and planning! Apart from the Croaking with a bootless tit of a soggy cabbage, who still seem to think they are righteous. 


President Kennedy to Nikita Krushchev - ''The United States Has the ability to wipe out the Soviet Union twice over.'' Krushchev replied ''We have the ability to detroy you once. Once is enough.''

Having given in to capitalism America is being fleeced by its own skill. Weakened, confused, fitting, choking and shuddering to right itself, it still remains the most powerful and dangerous force of humanity. Thank god we are in one of its rear pant pockets. Lets not fall out. America has a plan. To Win. In order to do that under its scoring, it just needs to be the smartest guy in the room. It is. UK Strategy: Help them win for all of us or at least HM & Gang.
UK Strategy No1:

The chilax planning policy - Where as the world was building planes, tanks and autobahns for them [Russia and China's MASSIVE Military building programs] Chilax and the gnome gremlin scrap our only two mini aircraft carriers and hand the 14 unique claws over to America to mothball, out of our reach while we wait for the iffy delayed £90 million a unit donkey turkey replacements. It is a new form of planning.

Meanwhile Russia is about to invade western Ukraine and might stop at the east side of the Dneiper. Russia has a facility and planning to mass produce the Mig-35 & Su-37. Russia has designed and proven a flight launched rocket accelerated Scram impact [unstoppable mack-5-7] missile. China have Russian designed mini / micro hydrogen punch detonation warheads thanks to north korean testing and are building and testing 4th generation fighter interceptor drone jets. China are about to launch a network of satalights to give China a GPS positioning system independent from the U.S Version to give China an uninteruptable independent global targeting system 'in the event' of a war with the west.

The clue should be that if someone is mad as hell and building tanks and concrete roads to run them along that the tree elements add up to a plan of intent to use the vast rapid growth of investment especially if the whole lot is backed by a rather large chIp of a desire to right a whole bunch of wrongs that are escasibated by a load of ongoing wrongs all about.

Having a lot of smaller carriers would be best. IDIOTS from Eaton. Everything was over analyzed by liberal intellectuals and wholly lacked effectivly applicable physics.


1783 235 years ago Russia overcame the Turk slave trade in Russians by acquiring Crimea. 1954 transferred administration of Crimea to Soviet regional Ukraine control. Kiev was once the capital city of Russia. 1991 the fall of the CCCP resulted in the independence of the Ukraine along with Crimea by a signature of a drunk Russian president living in the White House. Don't be blinkered by your rose fecal tint! Russia has the claim and has been wronged long beyond Stalin.

Make good with Russia. Lean on the E.U Europe. Convince Germany. Rescue [package rules] for Greece. Apply defensive strategic pressure to the Balkans and mind the Turkish gap. Repatriate [Turkey is being funded] the recent Middle Eastern's, African's & the Romanian's. Make laws against the negative Traveller culture behaviours.
Build Rapid Efficient boarder Stations across Hadrian's. [If Scotland becomes an E.U member region with freedom of movement and starts accepting migrants / refugees by a directive % - Allthough that Scottish thinking vote may be very temporary] The E.U may be abandoned by most and collapse - Will be a mess and a dangerous time. Be the voice of reason with a Russian badge and baseball cap.  
Get control of the NHS. Cut cost with efficacies & elimininate unessessary un-health services and bonkers morally unethical socially destructive maddnesses.
Get control of boarders and sea patrols. Invest in CoastGuard Control's.
''If You Want Peace, Prepare for War.'' "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum."
Be under no illusion of peace in our time or put your faith in economic 'Dominance' provailing peace. The times are a Changing & economics is fascilitating the growing Impetuses  
We need more. More Tornado's. More Typhoon's and a new interceptor. {A Cobra killer}
Drop the J-35 as a fighter - It is only good as a moderately rapid strategic sorte command unit. A job that could be filled by Gripen's now & replaced added to with sats and new Peg drones. More Navy - More Army - New British tech developments - The New weapons to match and keep pace balance - And advantage 'Straker' ..