United Nations Equilibrium

Restrict yourselves to Proven Choices.
A long-term example has been achieved before.

Currently Western Governments are a servile public relations operation of little choice and reticent power, sold out to the successful rise of free trading capitalists and their success over the previous' Hippo arsed crushing alternative examples.

The field of capitalist play does not service any populous, society, a nation state or humanity.

The idea brought forward by the growth of successful economic quality of life, being rolled out over economic globe earth, has been hijacked by poor selfish greedy ambition. And ambition uncommitted to the societies they are supposed to benefit. In a competitive field of profit play that is constantly at war with high tax levels by successive short term governments unwilling and unwilling-unable to create and live in a society of efficiency with a sustainable algorithm at the core of its philosophical combustion, the situation will only continue to get worse without re-steerage.

This global free trading is now killing the geese. Even national capitalism is a current threat wherever it exists and any freedoms are abusive to a greater good.

Governments {are supposed to] serve the people. Profiteers serve themselves.

I am not promoting communism / for that system has been shown to fail under the autocratic dominance that becomes rabid with paranoia from the resistance of the rigid oppression that emerges from the constipation of an unevolving mindset. And a government without service to its people, involvement and adaptability for a greater good will always be fighting unnecessary battles.

There is no argument that the children are the future. The world / the communities that they grow up in determines their action when they enter society as adults. If they were born on an alien planet with a different childhood experience their action at adulthood would be different. It could be so totally different as with children growing up with horses for transport and written communication taking days or weeks to cycle. What a community that must have been. Here we have something different right now but societal values, ambition and a lack philosophy hold down adult values. My point is that any century could be reinvented and an invention could be imagined to de-invent the choice of economic enslavement.

The capitalist wants a vibrant open free field to work with. Modern economic dependant governments having committed to the free economic model do not want to stifle the markets. Neither does the money power want any restriction to profiteering, maintaining that any restriction upon them will damage economic growth. Unfortunately the open free field of global trading is very damaging to communities, regions and nation states. The recent European Union has highlighted the imbalances that can occur where variations of economic level causes high migration at damaging numbers too high for infrastructure to cope [without expansion] and causes nationalist resentment to react to uncontrolled cultural stresses from cultural imbalances. High Tax burdens on the working class {because the middle class [thank you economy for the rise in quality of goods] is now the working class} becomes harmful to the well being of the person. High low end taxes accompanied by looser taxes for companies & international corporations with boundaryless freedoms, loop holes & tax havens become debilitating to the whole economy. The self serving corporate movements based on labour costs is amounting to national catastrophes for the developed workforce.

A lack of protectionism is allowing the gutting of localised manufacturing at a loss in revenue terms and expertise. Coupled to confused open free treading of successive bad government fiscal management choices which is causing most countries to be fleeced by their national systems. The open global game rules and the trend of a growth value world, without true fundamental values has combined to bringing in the result of very poor fiscal sense, building debt, dependency and a lack of investment, as successive governments counter invest to avoid national bankruptcy.

For the United Nations to offer a standard government model to developing countries a successful model should be proven. I suggest the U.K is the best place for that to be tested and achieved. The following model is compatible within the current global trading environment. The future, without a model that works better for the health of a people of a country, {for its future connectivity and safe ambitions} is more children without a healthy future, in a more competitive world alongside other models with conflicting interests.

The U.N just like civilization remains a good but hollow idea.

U.N International Standard Governance Contract. [Term 30 years]

{Voluntary adoption with assistance after successful application.}

The Standard Economic Model*

1. Standard National Constitution.

2. Government Constitution & Practice.

3. Civil Service & Practice.

4. Tax & Fiscal Laws.

5. Government Cost & Benefits.

6. Government employment & retirement constitutional policy*

7. Rights of the Person.

8. Primary Education Modules. [0-16]

*To address the blight of the corruption infecting ‘modern’ governments this millennia:

The grasp for power by those [relinquished to by departing imperial landlords] that have the strongest smell for money, to get rich now at any cost of any lives and hold power over the easiest racket, to share with the minimal needed, for lots is enough but all is best – Honduras. Where the trend is set by example century after century – Where corruption [theft] leaves impoverishment, hardship and a desperate need – That leads to a rabid hunger to right the wrong [but with no time for altruism and no clear example of government with a set up to successfully and comprehensively steer one generation after another through life to a completed success {in terms of an equal opportunity standard} as a clear formulation in place to benefit everyone and for ‘Me’] and to fill that void, the personal survival instinct is king on planet earth.

The Accused:

The survival of the fittest, the endeavour of the individual success – Guilty.

The violent rise to power and then the fear and paranoia of someone like you being just behind you or over there, makes for oppression, death and decay – Guilty.

Greed leading to corruption, cheating, killing and thieving and thieving and killing and cheating – Guilty.

A lineage of Supreme leaders of [and with] low philosophical quality [centuries ago stalled by a design ambition] with no connection between intellect and evolutionary beauty and the majesty of Mother Nature, galvanised by human intelligence to use to serve humanity altruistically for a greater human ambition [Rather than the continuous percentage of growth within a finite environment and resources with uncontrolled population growth and needs and wants..] that cannot be imagined without philosophical growth and the accompanying wider and higher spectrum view of human life’s destiny and possibility – Guilty.

Hatred for and by the groups that know the above but abide in conflict between 1 & 2, despite the inevitable – Guilty.

The [a] standard [conception] economic model in place and a working [success] end century one is essential to human society [Humanity] taking the next step. To this end, the thinking in the architecture must look at a century of humanity in a similar way as wheat is reared and managed or horses or dogs or especially fruit flies. Gods we are to those evolutions in management and gods we can be for us.   

From birth to death:

Parental minimum standard training [will be] a welcomed asset and a mandatory certification [and to qualify for incentive] – [pre millennium life model] [A concentration on emotional quality and control 0-16 yrs] [modules 0-16]

Primary school education modules must be produced for the core foundation of essential childhood knowledge [with a concentration on facts and healthy safe good kind natural attitudes and therefore philosophy.] and then to be built on by schools throughout.  

Secondary education will advance the primary [with a concentration of the effects of hormones and the social sexual stresses to be faced and properly managed.] and then to be built on by schools throughout.  

After school clubs / set ups will bring other knowledge experience and skills to benefit the school young and end the damage of delinquency.

Basic national service [revised induction attitude] [for 4 months – High school leavers post holiday] will install more discipline, character and knowledge about the dominant power and beauty of nature and the dangers that could face collapsing societies, in addition to basic military {Full U.S Marine bar] Training.

All pre-high school leavers will receive trade / skill assessment and guidance [no one leaves school without being directed towards a craft / trade for a guaranteed job position or paid use to society [prior to the commencement of the millennium life model]   

Those heading for higher education must also be [briefed on the need for forward planning]

No unemployment benefit for under 30 years of age. Dropouts head for a career created by the military [or] or if partial disability eliminates military service, the local government receive [or if local priority services need] an employee.

Disability is to be assessed based on the level of inability [with a view for personal changeable responsibility and a high threshold for dependant NEED. No additional suffering or stress will be put upon the severely disabled.

All Unemployment / out of work or skills benefit / mental health benefit, will be subject to a trade with the recipient for their time [varies according to assessment – some/+ pressure applied] to serve society, in return. [Personal self improvement being a tenet of the primary education module and a key foundation in philosophy.]

The homeless will be guided into hostels, rehabilitation and skills assessment / use. Permanent Hostel accommodation may be needed, [prior to century two and the millennium life model] permanently for some.

The civil service, the Government and management in general will be subject to constant revision and improvements to benefit society.  

The civil service [all employees of the government / nation / taxed money will be viewed as life serving career employees [where chosen by the employee] All service personnel will in addition to their pension will be eligible for guaranteed retirement accommodation, to include a full life design.

*Senior management [specifically designed for the third world national employee situation] will have [funded and owned by the tax payer] will reside in village communities / retirement resorts from past presidents / premiers to former government officials to civil servants in rank community order. The accommodation should be functional and service the retirement need of such post positions. However opulence and unnecessary extravagant space that would not be used for personal expected use [banqueting halls / personal theatres can be booked and used for such occasions.]   

The days of the orang-utans desiring being seen as a man based on gold toilet furniture or a squadron of Kevlar clad frigate sized yachts must and will end.

The civil service will be subject to the creation of an internal management training department to bring the best most effective management to all government divisions is the way efficient best effectiveness is brought to bear with minimum effort in design to benefit the [a] nation. Those methods will include a bonus system based on efficiency in effect / and cost savings. Maintaining best established method results will qualify for bonus. All staff will benefit. [See national management service.]   

The government [Parliament] will be subject of revision and reformation of structure tom improve democracy and government efficiency and effectiveness and to bring parliament into the digital age with the information super higher alive for the electorate in parliament. [See Constitution GB ]

[See also Tomorrows Taxation 1-8 ]

[See also Millennium Life ]

All citizens must be accommodated and provided for during their end of days – However family should [where possible] be part of that life and take some responsibility for care and welfare. If it is not possible or they refuse, a cost responsibility will be taken, too aid service. [Even after millennium life model has commenced.] [Family Life module is included.]

If an effective and successful continuous basic governance standard structure and system is not forthcoming, the future of countries such as in Africa {for example} will continue to be undeveloped, corrupt & unstable. If corruption continues along the trends of late, countries will be exposed to succumbing to the risk of selfish outside influence. A lack of investment in education and infrastructure for a growing future for the children of communities, regions and nations will leave countries exposed to the elements.

An opportunity for countries trying to create a future people economy and structure to govern with some predictable ease that is sustainable with cycular growth and Rewards for all through all sectors and ages, could be attractive to young democracies {or those open to including the democracy} in creating and growing a proven working example, for the ongoing life spans of the people of a land.

The increase of countries applying the Standard Governance Model would create [in time] a stability that would be sustainable {at a control base} balance as opposed to the capitalist free market, profiteer value, market growth equalisation theory.

A global cooperation [between individual governments] towards balanced philanthropic acceptable international laws would in time be easily well received by votes within the U.N. Our Global Central Democratic Government. [Appointed by democratically elected leaders of individual countries - As should be {have been} for a reformed E.U.]

The ideal of good balanced governance with fairness and equality & with flexibility, Never Removing Regional Liberte with sensibility to proceed together.

The future of human endeavours would be much better and more effectively served by a cohesive set of [individual governments] sharing the accepted and effective controls adopted. Conversely a capitalist free market system would be ill capable of addressing matters of a human global interest, if governments remain tied to capitalist market priorities. 

The U.N as it stands

Less an ambition, more an operational symbolic situation

As the western world heaves and gags towards vomiting out the growing sickness of liberal ideal democratic economic policy poison, [in the changing face of political economic global character, lurching in reaction to the right] The U.N [in its benign altruistic design control] is becoming an ongoing liberal toxin, in conflict with both western national preservation of sovereignty for economic security and therefore national security. The U.N is tootless, sidelined by all and every contributing member and is therefore worthless and useless.   

As only the most recent observable depiction.