U.N International Standard Governance Contract: Judicial Standard

''It is written down after being 'accepted and ratified.' That is No Longer a Choice Without an Amendment.''

1. Standard National Constitution.

[U,K Test Version] http://www.howardhawk.co.uk/429332780        [U.N Version TBA]

2. Government Constitution & Practice.

[U.N Version Ethos work in progress]

3. Civil Service & Practice.

['U.N Version Standard work in progress]

4. Tax & Fiscal Laws.

[U.K Test Version] http://www.howardhawk.co.uk/431668003

5. Government Cost & Benefits.

[U.K Test Version] {Restricted by constitution & + U.N Pension inclusion.}

6. Rights and freedoms of the Person.

[U.K Standard Version] http://www.howardhawk.co.uk/431667966

7. Primary Education Modules. [0-16]

[U.K Version in development] http://www.howardhawk.co.uk/432389236


'Accepted & Ratified' : The ideal of good balanced governance with fairness and equality & with flexibility, Never Removing Regional Liberte with sensibility to proceed together.