British Freedom of Movement for the E.U & others

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Boarder Controls: U.K Migration Policy: 

(Having Control of border movement is a matter of National Security, Economic Health and National Peace.)

1. European Nationals: [UK Recognized EU Country List]

Freedom of movment {Visa waiver online} for [Declaration] Business, Secured work, study & Holiday {with medical insurance or EU medical payment guarantee} Employed - Resident 8years, NHS & Benefits. Ni number id card required for work.

1a. Temporary E.U Work Visa = 3 months [online application] Renewal option.. 

2. European Residents: [Unnationalised] & {Non UK Recognized EU Country member List}

VISA requirement for business, secured work, certified study, [*Subject to minimum requirements - Proof of accommodation, medical insurance or accepted guarantee, proof of holiday booking] Visa Holiday exclusion.

3. Non EU Europe:

VISA requirement - Proof of business – proof of work – proof of student – proof of holiday booking – [*Subject to minimum requirements - Accommodation, medical insurance, holiday booking] Max stay 3 months. Max annual 120 days.

4. Rest of the World: VISA requirement – ditto3

5. Special relationships:

[Visa waiver] access & movement for Business & Holiday [With British Recognized medical insurance*] max stay 3 months. Max annual 120 days.

Passport: Accomodation, Insurance:

Passport Carry Obligation - also [medical insurance - Sales - Arrival point of sale* & proof] Or U.K National I.D Card - Carry Obligation {U.K Driving licence with Ni number} 

The identification of migrant unemployed, benefit seekers, health tourists and criminals for [deportation]. 

No guarantee regarding British security limits with regard to the channel tunnel.
All of the above are subject to changes without notice.

Thank you for your time, understanding and [cooperation] - Welcome to the U.K

C addendum 1b.

{Work in Progress}

1. Britrish migration policy:

2. Fundamental Control of National Infrastructure:

3. Pre Tax revenue direction & tax freedoms:

4. International business involvement Limit:


1. British migration policy [Boarder Controls & Nationals Status]

The U.K is undertaking a re-balancing, after the implementation of The New U.K Boarder Controls.
a. Everyone Non-British or non-Resident without a job {Tax proof} or not attending an education facility in the U.K must leave* within 30 days.
b. All non-British prisoners will be deported {including the released} must leave* within 30 days. [Full bio-metrics taken]
c. Traveller community persons that commit trespass, have committed trespass, have a criminal record or cannot provide an acceptable tax record & have not got British citizenship  must leave* within 30 days.
d. Known Islamic extremists# must leave* Britain within 30 days. {+=British Citizenship is to be withdrawn} [Extremist Trumps British human right & refugee status]
e. Any person of foreign origin that demonstrates Islamic Extremism [or = terrorist related] Action or Intent is proven will be arrested & Deported to their country of origin or nearby or an Islamic destination of choice. [= Will be arrested & assessed & treated with best practice]
f. Any person found to be conspiring with terrorists or terror related active conspirators will be arrested, assessed & deported, if Non-Resident or of foreign origin or if of British origin (passport withdrawn) = dealt with best practice.
*Failure to leave will result in arrest & the seizing of all assets & all & any positions to cover the cost of the failure to abide. All & any Benefits will be ceased including non-Emergency national health services. Banking facilities will be blocked & seized.
#Police & intelligence evidence / any other evidence.
+=Born in Britain with one parent born in Britain or born abroad to one parent born in Britain.
Britain is to introduce a National photo identity card. A U.K Divers licence with Ni number is sufficient.
The National Insurance number must be included –
All services must align to the primary use of the NI Numbers.
All services^ will be witheld until the presentation of [NI number] National identity with Ni number, or passport accompanied by current valid insurance document and Ni number. [Law] ^Excluding life threatening ER condition.
Every citizen / resident / must carry at all times their national photo identity card - & produce it upon request for services or by the police or British military.
Temporary Visitors must carry their passport for production upon relevant request.
No guarantee regarding British security limits with regard to the channel tunnel. 
All of the above are subject to changes without notice.
2. Fundamental Control of National Infrastructure: