UK Migration Policy: The Problems

A. Britain’s immigration / migration policy was largely abandoned during the Blair Government years. Both Blair’s naive over-belief in the principle [ideals] of the E.u resulted in many more E.u migrants moving to the UK than predicted or expected. Blair also abolished the primary purpose rule in June 1997. This change made it easier for UK residents to bring foreign spouses into the country. The former government advisor Andrew Neather stated that the deliberate policy of ministers from late-2000 until early-2008 was to open up the UK to mass migration.

B. The British welfare system – in the National Assistance Act of 1948 it refers to ‘people in need’ – This ambiguity was then used to define anyone not in work. Thus leading to payment to able fit working age men [first men by decade] thusly creating a ‘Not Working Class’. The not working class forms the bedrock of the workforce shortage in the UK. Paying people not to work [or giving them a choice] to live an idle low life or apply their enterprise to work the system further and to moonlight if appealing. This [an able workforce between 18-65, without sole dependants] paid, remains a fundamental error in the welfare state of the UK.

C. Up to 2018 very few migrants crossed the Channel in boats. Most stowing away on Lorries, in cars with a few thoughtful [700 a year] arriving via Eurostar. As security checks increased, the building glut on the French side was ripe pickings for traffickers. [The French Authorities cannot be eliminated as both a cause of the format and profiting from it]

D. The French

E. There is a rising and more serious Terrorist risk of seasoned fighters, including commander level expertise arriving incognito, as opposed to private jet.

F. There has been no reaction, intent, planning or commitment to dealing with the boats arriving from across the channel despite the easy [known & advised] predicted growth in this next level of migration risk & desire to get into Britain.

G. There are currently [2019] 6 million non-eu migrants living in the UK since 2004 on top of the previous decades of international migrants from non-British culturally educated colonies.

In the next few years [and beyond if policy change does not end, Britains foreign migrant attractiveness] many more millions [increasing] people will head towards Britain.

H. If Great Britain The United Kingdom does not repeal the E.u Human Rights Act [that confuses key human rights with civil privileges and with maddening suicidal liberal protections] and replace it with a more realistic and fundamental British Human Rights Act, Britain will remain blighted, over stretched and at greater risk from terrorism, civil unrest & democratic revolution, at least.

I. Britain needs to be able to process arriving migrants to estaablish refugees from economic migrants [that with international reforms, are needed in their own countries] while choosing Qualified professionals & single mothers with young children. 

Non of the above should need risk their lives to apply to Britain for residency. 

J. A Good, Fair and Effective Processing System will end unqualified economic migrants from trying the UK.

K. UK population growth over the last 20 years [from 2000] is 20 million. The population growth from 1980-2000 was 2 million. The accurate prediction for population growth over the next 20 years [without new effective controls] is 20 million.

Migration Crisis across the Channel & Processing failure & Economic migrant deportation failure:

UK population growth against private water company dividends & expected internal investment tax break.

The Solutions

Key Rule: Government Intent, Planning & Commitment

1. A British immigration application Mobile Truck Booth will be at a designated point in Calais, Daily.

Economic migrants without qualification will be rejected.

2. A wall of fast enclosed ribs will be stationed 24 hours 500 metres off of the French coast-line. HM Coast Guard kit requirements:

[French failure to prevent departures disqualifies French objection to encroachment on safety grounds] [Naval back-up will be in place within range to counter any French hostility] [Escalation will be welcomed with keen British acceleration – in the style of Raymond Poincare] [In this event all French British residents not born in Britain before 1960 must leave with their children/off-spring whether citizenised or not].

3. A reception and processing centre will be established near the Dover Coast [preferably with a tarmac runway suitable for wide-bodied airliners] to process the application qualification of peaceful applicants [including recently arrived migrants since 2004]

Violence or abusive behaviour is an automatic disqualification and immediate forced [with sedation] deportation by air to home country. [War current event will result in a near neighbour or E.u funded refugee encampment or secondary DNA origin destination.]

4. All migrants will have face recognition, palm/finger scan and a DNA ethnic location of origin identity check [in the event origin needs to be proved]

5. Previously arrived migrants that are unemployed, have a British criminal record or who are in prison or are persons of security interest [whether British citizens or not] will be deported to home Nation area, immediately [or upon prison release].

6. This new migration policy of action will apply to the Irish & other traveller community.

British Freedom of Movement for the E.U & others

Hello, a moment of your time - I am an Election Guarantee.

Boarder Controls: U.K Migration Policy: 

(Having Control of border movement is a matter of National Security, Economic Health and National Peace.)

1. European Nationals: [UK Recognized EU Country List]

Freedom of movment {Visa waiver online} for [Declaration] Business, Secured work, study & Holiday {with medical insurance or EU medical payment guarantee} Employed - Resident 8years, NHS & Benefits. Ni number id card required for work.

1a. Temporary E.U Work Visa = 3 months [online application] Renewal option.. 

2. European Residents: [Unnationalised] & {Non UK Recognized EU Country member List}

VISA requirement for business, secured work, certified study, [*Subject to minimum requirements - Proof of accommodation, medical insurance or accepted guarantee, proof of holiday booking] Visa Holiday exclusion.

3. Non EU Europe:

VISA requirement - Proof of business – proof of work – proof of student – proof of holiday booking – [*Subject to minimum requirements - Accommodation, medical insurance, holiday booking] Max stay 3 months. Max annual 120 days.

4. Rest of the World: VISA requirement – ditto3

5. Special relationships:

[Visa waiver] access & movement for Business & Holiday [With British Recognized medical insurance*] max stay 3 months. Max annual 120 days.

Passport: Accomodation, Insurance:

Passport Carry Obligation - also [medical insurance - Sales - Arrival point of sale* & proof] Or U.K National I.D Card - Carry Obligation {U.K Driving licence with Ni number} 

The identification of migrant unemployed, benefit seekers, health tourists and criminals for [deportation]. 

No guarantee regarding British security limits with regard to the channel tunnel.
All of the above are subject to changes without notice.

Thank you for your time, understanding and [cooperation] - Welcome to the U.K

Hours of untreated sewage discharged into British rivers & coastal waters, 2020, per firm..

1. British migration policy [Boarder Controls & Nationals Status]

The U.K is undertaking a re-balancing, after the implementation of The New U.K Boarder Controls.
a. Everyone Non-British or non-Resident without a job {Tax proof} or not attending an education facility in the U.K must leave* within 30 days.
b. All non-British prisoners will be deported {including the released} must leave* within 30 days. [Full bio-metrics taken]
c. Traveller community persons that commit trespass, have committed trespass, have a criminal record or cannot provide an acceptable tax record & have not got British citizenship  must leave* within 30 days.
d. Known Islamic extremists# must leave* Britain within 30 days. {+=British Citizenship is to be withdrawn} [Extremist Trumps British human right & refugee status]
e. Any person of foreign origin that demonstrates Islamic Extremism [or = terrorist related] Action or Intent is proven will be arrested & Deported to their country of origin or nearby or an Islamic destination of choice. [= Will be arrested & assessed & treated with best practice]
f. Any person found to be conspiring with terrorists or terror related active conspirators will be arrested, assessed & deported, if Non-Resident or of foreign origin or if of British origin (passport withdrawn) = dealt with best practice.
*Failure to leave will result in arrest & the seizing of all assets & all & any positions to cover the cost of the failure to abide. All & any Benefits will be ceased including non-Emergency national health services. Banking facilities will be blocked & seized.
#Police & intelligence evidence / any other evidence.
+=Born in Britain with one parent born in Britain or born abroad to one parent born in Britain.
Britain is to introduce a National photo identity card. A U.K Divers licence with Ni number is sufficient.
The National Insurance number must be included – All services must align to the primary use of the NI Number.
All services^ will be witheld until the presentation of [NI number] National identity with Ni number, or passport accompanied by current valid insurance document and Ni number. [Law] ^Excluding life threatening ER condition.
Every citizen / resident / must carry at all times their national photo identity card - & produce it upon request for services or by the police or British military.
Temporary Visitors must carry their passport for production upon relevant request.
No guarantee regarding British security limits with regard to the channel tunnel. 
All of the above are subject to changes without notice.