5. National nutritional health service standard act.

C addendum 5.

{Work in Progress}

Good nutarian is key to good growth, health and longevity of health.



Her majesty’s government Champions here, a lead to ensure that all government agencies abide by these essential principles for the health in provision and to set the example as a standard.

Food provided by government agencies will not include foods that are / can be defined as, junk, un-fresh, processed, fat, sugary, high salted, coloured, hydrogenised, fried, deep fried and broiled.

Standard Food is to be fresh, low fat, low carb, low salt, no sugar, trace oil and skimmed dairy.

Foods that need cooking are to be cooked by steaming, boiling, roasting and grilling to minimum cooking times to preserve nutrient content.

No microwaves. Or any other irradiation.

Portion sizes are to be appropriate for age [stipulated] volume values.

Seasoning is to be reduced to trace sensitivity. The art of herbs and Ayurveda is to be encouraged with a trace approach.

No treats or toxins under government provision [unless long-term situations that include rewards and education for control management]

Hospital should not consist of any foods that culd be catahgorized as unhealthy or would cause an increase in the key dietry problems that exhist endemically in modern western [GB] society and that would exacerbate diabetes, high colesterol or weight gain. Nothing should be fried [in anythong] no butter or foods high in fat. Puddings should contain no sugar or dairy or any coagulents added or otherwise. [Silly feeding people on beds coagulents and high colesterol foods and then routinly prescribing blood thinners!] 

In hospital everyone should be only presented with healthy choices. No comfort eating should be prescribed or presented. People with an unhealthy dietry culture [it is not a choice] will view healthy food with dismay - No imported junk/processed food should be allowed [the same rule as cigarettes in hospital] - Food is the cause of chronic ill-health the philosophy of letting people eat what they want [in a market led culture] is a fallacy and is liked by alopathic doctors because it ensures a contant supply of chronic customers.   



A healthy diet can be described as a diet that will do no harm to long-term health, on its own.

Additions of treats and radical chemicals, coagulants and other excesses and imbalances are known to be detrimental to health and lead to dysfunction and diseases, resulting in infirmity, suffering and early death.

All the un-well that enter a national hospital will be subject to the national standard food provision in the hospital, only.

Patients with direct diet related illnesses will be assessed for individual diet need and quantity and monitoring, agreement and education. Refusal is their free choice. All patients can be assessed for diet habits.  

The obese can attend food health education – and could be selected to agree to attend and abide by a diet health recovery, live in [secure] clinic.

{Not only should food look appetizing, It must be completely Healthy & Appropriate for patient, condition and lead wellbeing.}

Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 431 BC

The current food made available in British hospitals consists of a high fat diet. Feeding the admitted fried fat thickens blood & then you routinely pay to send patients on a rollercoaster roulette ride of blood thinners. Not always avoiding the possible downside with fatal consequences, as an in-patient or delayed after discharge.  

When it comes to the per head cost of catering provision it is poignant to note that overdone costs more than Al dente.}

Anecdotal experience:  

[Start] Near Heathrow airport on the Bath Road there used to be a hotel called the Excelsior. It was a flight crew hotel. It had 1000 rooms and restaurant quality food from a large menu, delivered in 30 minutes any time 24 hours. The point being that if a task is Addressed any standard can be achieved. If the catering task in any hospital is addressed to have trained staff to provide healthy fresh food to a daily rota, then any hospital can achieve healthy food for all, to aid strength and speed healing. [and thus reduce cost.] 

If the NHS are serious about preventative programs, diet in hospitals should not only be central to health but should also be leading, as an example as to what food is healthy and all that is not, in their varying degrees. It maybe distasteful to some but consuming fat and sugar in hospital should be viewed in the same way as smoking in bed in a respiratory ward. And as for the hospital providing cigarettes… you get my gist, yeah? [End]



As foods so the same [above] applies to fluids. Sugar, Colours, Co2, Stimulants, Sedatives, Alcohol, Smoked Wood infusions, wood infusions, preservatives and other enhancers are damaging and unhealthy in that descending order.   

Fruit juice and smoothies containing fruit should be consumed in moderation [no more than 500ml daily]


Water quality is critical to the value of water. Contaminated water is to health what sea water is to steel. Water is the simplest of cleansers and balancers. A great interest and enjoyment can be had from understanding and experiencing water purity [impurity in fact] from the many and various good specific sources and methods.

Pure water [H20] should taste a little bitter. The flavour comes from the impurities and our bodies thrive on good impurities. The body is evolved to take advantage of all available resources, of cause. The downside is that negative impurities enter the body through water very efficiently and are transported quickly and thoroughly throughout the body.


The National Life Style/s [guide] :

Intruduce an ethos based culture through schools, of excercise not only for sport but for full life time health.

Everyone should have the attutude of daily excercise [to no less than every-other-day] of a minimum of 1 hour of active energetic cardio excecise. No sweat no benefit.

Set up, create, evolve a national culture to benefit all and services for a long healthy active life. [and thus slash the needs and dependancies on the NHS & the Chronic pharmaceutical payments culture.]


Standard Weight loss diet {6 months}

For 6 months become 'Vegetarian'
Cut High Cholestoral, Carbs, Animal Fat & Fats, dairy, Sugar, Butter & flour.

For 3 months get your protein from Humus or other beans, lentils, tofu/quarn.

From 3-6 months switch / add fresh fish.


Breakfast: Water porrige with raisens crushed/ground nuts {not peantuts ever} or a handfull of a good oaty museli [after dished] and stir.

Lunch: Any Salad toped with protein. ...

Dinner: Stir fried veg + topped with protein. [A good looking dish night] / Humus vari core5ingredients to suit - dip celery / banana / raw corgette / lettuce.

No ALCHOHOL - EXCERCISE - Strongly Recommend Front crawl 50metres x10 daily/bidaily.

Keep the Quantities to the minimum to make you satisfied.

The Over Weight


1. Why do people become fat?

2. Why are British people getting fatter?

3. What are the primary solutions?





1. Human social biology:

A. Humans like every animal, evolved around limited food sources. Work [physical] was needed to acquire food and there is therefore ‘always’ a preference for high calorie foods.

B. The concept of needing to do exercise to burn off surplus calories [with no chance of an annual or irregular famines] is a new feature derived in modern western societies and with the benefits of the consumer food facility.

C. The legacy of the above has led to a main ignorant apathy to adding a physical element to modern life-style. Also with parents and government part of the above and reticent to create change by intersecting in the right places and confronting consumer sales, ‘pressure’ and taxes, governments have been hands off food ‘choice’. Furthermore, the allopath has also been keen to ignore and avoid the holistic aspect of diet where patient reduction would be a concern.


2. Parenting:

A. It is unfortunate to be harping on pointing a finger in the same direction but ‘parenting’ consist of the same adults that are in government.

B. Government have had the information about habit and environmental availability and pressure, leading to established culture evolving along with consumer sales and it is no excuse to step back on ‘’Part of a healthy diet’’ as being any more than an evasion of choices being hijacked and badly evolving culture.

C. The management of society [Economic being the adopted dominant invention] has and is leading to strife and increasing stress in ‘modern’ society. Secondly moral ethical disparities further lead this country into conflicts that both effect the economic states of society and add to the lowering of psychological optimism and wellbeing, leading to further apathy and a reliance and solace upon easy modern cultural feel goods, that are a source of ill health.


3. No Quick Fix:

A. The turnaround must start with the first 10 years of life. Educating for a life of fitness and diet will need to start in primary school and be carried forward through school and into a culture.

B. Changing laws to confront consumer supply objective will need to be pushed into place. The sugar tax should be replaced with a harsh sugar maximum gram per 100ml of product. Fried foods should be shunned and pure fats should be heavily taxed and a fat % per gram could be considered.

C. Confronting and correcting the existing overweight [over 20% fat for men & 25% for women] should be further achieved with positive and negative incentives. Positive incentives could include a modern personal cooking course – Good parenting courses to include easy cooking for children example – Reward holiday value vouchers for swimming per 1 kilometer in under 30 minutes or attending an hour water aerobics session. Negative incentives should include for men with body fat over 20% to weight and 25% for women, shouldbe subject to a cancellation of free healthcare with 20% charged – a reduced priority for health treatments and a clothing size tax.   


Big problems need big forces to stem the growth.