3. The National Management Service:

C addendum 3.

{Work in Progress}

[Icahn's inspired soft military management] 

Government has an interest in focusing on Management efficiency.

Private Partnerships have not worked well enough {as it is#} in the main because of the (#) unregulated profiteering opportunity, weak contracts, too much freedom with the absence of corporate consequences.

A good probable solution would be a strong ALMO. Where they have been accepted, they have proved [or had the potential] to be a safer more reliable form of organizational management. Their main weakness being a slightly old fashioned attitude, stodgy bureaucratic and resistant to flexibility & to adaptive change.

If such an Almo type of organisation were adapted to perform & serve from a [Central to satelites] with an overall management principle constitution of 'Service Efficiency for National Profit' & department constitutions covering the NHS, Prisons, Education, Energy, Transport, Fishery, Local Gvernment & the enviroent to include farming, were staffed by a combination of The Civil Service and a new breed of management from the DTI or & military type administration, {With all and any ownership retained} were given good training & leadership that included motivational factors to include the core performance ethos with competitive salary band widths With a performance related profit share [within the stipulated management structure] This would create a level of efficiency with speed to objectives which would lead onto a compound objective revolution. Couple this to the fundamental ethos motto: Service Efficiency for National Profit with the rewards, could become a new and effective National Management Model.

It would result in a sea change nationally in structure, costs to performance and would release wasted money and time to expand other Vital sectors.

The NHS being the most inefficient with its mutiple managements and the double obvious and evident other wasteful systems & lacking standards would stand to gain & release the most over costed money, by a central system, performing for efficiency for reward.

If the ilitary could do it then any division can win their war against the enemy [inefficiency] and deliver Victory [A good Production]

Generals – [Pa's, Lt G’s & other promotional ranks.]

General                General

   I                              I

Major                    Colonel

Satalite Management Units:

1 Captain + 2 L.t (Cpt)


3 Commanders + 3 Left Tenant Commanders - upto 9 Lietenants.

Depts:  Objectives:  Tasks:


Contracts [Legal]


Standards & procedures: Efficiency – Honesty – Conduct – Teamwork – Authority – Responsibility.

Reviews: Quarterly - Annual – Emergency – Operational Inquiry – inquest inquiry.

NHS National management service: As above.

Standards and procedures, Training, Mentoring, Monitoring, Reviews, Retraining, Grading 


'Service Efficiency for National Profit.'

Example HQ & BBC

National Management HQ: Board of review of all departments [includes VETO & Directive power]

Power arrangement: Chair, board members [equal numbers management/administrational & production/operational background] Joint HQ Executive* vote.]                                                      


Example: BBC

Director General* – Board of Directors: Finance, Payroll, Accounting, Administration, Performance Review, Complaints & Legal, Management Liaison*

Management Liaison Team:

Production Planning Committee*:

Production Directors: TV, RADIO, NEWS, DIGITAL

Department Directors: BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, BBC RADIO, STREAMING, ONLINE

Department Lieutenants:


Production Infrastructure - Product.