Why the 'E.U' will fail:

Why is the E.U failing and in essential need for change;

The fact is we are closer to the failure of the E.U project than ever and so close to a repeat of the 2nd last image, certainly first in economic ‘war’ terms.

Why because of the same arrogance, self righteous sense of a right that has existed in the character or the founding fathers derived from their cultural origins [in the absence of an empire - too late] to control anything that wonders too close and their neighbour!

Which is a malevolence in itself.

Add a few problems [rumour has it by design and expectation] despite them arising from and after an altruistic idealist origin, the result of which [has been] and is suppression, austerity, sedition and acquisition.

At no point was the peoples quality of life put at the top of objectives but economy was put as the priority entity of itself. The result is [and will be] that the populous will continue to be used as a means to an end, disposable and in [the current situations] punishable for the design errors and the loose follies of ‘politicians’ in charge of ‘very easily corruptible’ governments.

That the E.U is capable of looking and [requiring] thinking beyond 4 year terms is a good thing / element. However 50 year thinking being rushed into a 20 year period is

(a) Not long-thinking and

(b) The same old problem of government repeating itself with a reduced former best / increased time period to failure. Add a failure to address the generational ‘basic needs’ of education and a required [obvious when education includes a history of generational repeating foibles and their needs to avoid – the obvious] would inevitably give rise to a conflict with the capitalist model principle of individual advantages forming competitive victory and survival. The free market as a dominant primary force carrying society up with it.

And so no good working model for a ‘sustainable repeating’ fiscal society has come forth.

Money was an Egyptian invention [an experiment to diversify bartering and domestic production to free labour and increase the speed of supply and demand] It was a success but that gave rise to a new commodity to acquire, to work for, to covet and to guard. So much so that some people dedicate their whole lives to pursuing and accumulating money as the end objective.

A new game of life. Later developments in value commodities, management controls, shares and now predictive investments have resulted in world populations under their governments [that have placed capitalist wellbeing as their priority] enslaved to the developments of the ‘invention’ of economy as the dominant entity and force. Bad Mental health is controlled largely by ones limited access to adequate finances and overall the mental health of every human [including capitalists] suffers when the ‘economy’ is in recession, depressed and shrinking into a depression. Now with the rise of the tech-net intertwined free market the new currency commodities are coming into view as new commodities to market, acquire and covet.

The E.U [as with previous biased leading nations building and structuring societies] are too focused on the invention of economy to notice the true dangers that face them and their societies. The real physics above the paper of economy. As far as the E.U are concerned,

1) Their stubborn old fashion character [pre-Christian Rome model] is likely to be their undoing one way or another from within.

2) However Russia [and China] have a plan that will include the E.U [Europe] as an easily acquired target. The E.U’s reliance and belief on NATO [which has become as antiquated as a Roman army] will fall short whether the U.S continue propping up Europe [the E.U] in the coming years or not.

3) Global warming was at a fork in the road in 1990. Britain could have steered its energy towards wind and especially tidal energy and started developing hydrogen powered jet engines for planes and shipping. Hydrogen powered electrical generators could be the go to reliable source of power to generate electricity and hydrogen would be cheap by now. For smaller electrical generation, any type of battery starter could jump a generator into cyclier action and so cars would not be limited by the [weird & sad] belief that batteries are the only form of mobile electricity.

4) China is going to have to face up to its management of animal slaughter before they cause strong viruses mixing and mutating into such regular pandemic outbreaks as to make the 1918 flu or worse occur two or three times a decade. 5) If the U.S does not reform and modernise its attitudes to [‘survival of the fittest’ and overseas foreigners are the enemy and must be dominated and the other niggers we don’t like] other people, cultures and alternative systems of government that they do not like [or agree with] and learn to [the meaning of] respect other people as individuals [as they should their own people under their fine constitution] then war is the future destination or the current relations around the world seeing red!

The E.U are just an old fat arsed bovine chewing its way slowly through the hay of Europe in the arrogant, conceited belief that like the unification of Europe ended the risk of war in Europe and the design for the guillotine is only a thing of history and they are wrong on both counts.