Why the 'E.u' will fail:

Tax and an 'extending' locked Control Zone.

Why the E.u is failing and in essential need for change:

The facts are the E.u is closer to the failure of the E.U project than ever and so close to a repeat of the 2nd image.

Why because of the same arrogance, self righteous sense of a right that has existed in the character of Empire builders!

Add a few new problems [rumour has it that many of the problems are built in by design and expectation] despite them arising from an altruistic idealist origin, the methods used have been Bribery, Treaty Law, suppression, indeptetness, sedition, austerity and Acquisition.

At no point was the peoples quality of life put at the top of objectives but economy was put as the priority entity of itself.

The result is [and will be] that the populous will continue to be used as a means to an end, disposable and in [the current situations] punishable for the design errors and the loose follies of ‘politicians’ in charge of ‘very easily corruptible’ governments.

Another one for Poirot. Where is he?

The E.u are facing stronger resistance [despite their e6 billion annual kick-back ploy] for the formation of their Belgian-German Treaty Empire. Their over confidence has put the controllers and architects of the E.u in a corner. [Repeating for the Germans but naive new territory for the Belgians] The E.u’s reaction to this is classic authoritarian empire behaviour.

Faced with insurrection from ‘member states’ and the weakening and probable failure of relevant [treaty signed] regard for the European Court of Justice, the E.u [particularly Germany] sees a dedicated military force with an E.u wide mandate. This will make for a future of illegal populists being arrested and eliminated from the field of battle along with the threat of E.u to ‘member state’ action for treaty infringements that would result in prison for criminal individuals, fines and E.u management intervention.
That the E.u would disguise their intention behind an internationalist [U.S failure & apparent weakness] agenda need, is corrupt, disgusting and just perpetuates the right to intervene internationally and make the world in the image of Capitalist [An Extinction line] Christian [Stupid Slaves] Liberalism [Dumb Immolation].
The E.u are just an old fat arsed bovine chewing its way slowly through the hay of Europe in the arrogant, conceited belief that like the unification of Europe ended the risk of war in Europe and by creating a uniformity to eliminate Nattionalism, Europe would be peaceful and more properous.
Unfortunatly in order to eliminate Nationalism the E.u see that National identities will also need to be disoolved. [A bit rich coming from the German backed Belgians] Freedom of movement is supposed to fulfil this task over time but it did not have that effect throughout the time of the Roman Empire. [Another point ignored in favour of blinkered ideology]
The resulting and increasing disatifaction by the member states and their peoples from this attempted rise of a 'Empire union' is leading the E.u to reach for militarry control for an independant dedicated 'E.u' military force.
This design for a 'European union' is not creating peace or a 'union' but anger, conflict and the posibile use of another old design, the guillotine.

Here they go again but this time in pinstripe.

If the Eu is stopped by Germany & France [after another 1 or 2 memlber states apply for 'exit, or not] What type of English man will you feel like then Mr Wight?!