Irish Union

The United Kingdom & Stirling

Self Rule:
An opportunity has arrisen to have a Referendum in Northern Ireland to vote for;
8 June 17
'Do you want to join with the republic of Ireland & stay in the EU?' 
                            Yes [_] No [_]              
''No Hard Boarder in Ireland.'' - Theresa May British PM.
''Hard Brexit would be unworkable' for a foreign neighbouring country.'' - Irish Foreign Minister Charles Flanagan
Could not be Simpler' - Britain will give a straight through line at its immigration check points for Citizens of Norther Irish isle Origin. The Reublic of Ireland / EU passport holders will have freedom of movement according to British New migration rules.

The Border between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland can be open if Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland choose. The Same quick check of Origin will apply at British checkpoints, Regardless.


Would The Republic of Ireland like a direct trade deal with Britain?
Would The Repulic of Ireland Like to adopt the pound, at a later point? Will be an option, I predict.

My opinion is Irked by the lack of a genuine problem, with this. Apart from the dithering being hobbled by political & media blithering & The meddling E.U greedy to retain area/population economic control [as usual blindly ignoring any and all exhisting issues & possible complex reactive probabilities.]