Giant Impact Hypothesis

Earth as it was..

Planetoid impact of Earth to form the Moon.

At Last, Corresponding evidence to support a theory -

The formation of the moon:

The Giant Impact Hypothesis -

If the GIH is correct then the emergence of one main protruding land mass would now be a probable resultant consequence of an impact with the body of Theia.

Early and Late Bombardment

Theia approaches Earth

Theia is not likely to be the first or only large impact/joining during the accretion of Earth.

The formed Moon

'An 'exponential' rise of land out of the ocean 2.4 billion years ago dramatically changed life on the planet. This graphic shows how Earth's land elevations and oceans may have appeared during the assembly of Kenorland around 2.4 billion years ago, left, and around 2.1 billion years ago, right, after the Great Oxygenation Event.'

After the Moon formed from the orbiting ejecta over flow caused by the impact of Theia, the new gravity body [The Moon] initiated tidal forces - Earth core heating, the [increase] of Earth's magetic field and initiated the movement of the Tectonic-Plates.

'Scientists reveal how continents first emerged out of the ancient waterworld'

'Land collisions which rose out of the oceans created the first mountain ranges and plateaus'.

This idea must have been before they invented Isaac Newton.

I know you look like a mess now, Amigo but the swelling will go down.

Giant Impact Hypothesis Mass Displacement Theory.

If, we hould therefore come to the plausible conclusion that after - The earth formed from fragments of nebulous material via the circling process known as accretion, the proto-earth was impacted by a second planetoid that partly combined and broke-off a-mass that later accumulated to became our moon - Then is it un-reasonable to add the under mentioned by products from the Theia event; The mass impact desplacement [bulge] opposite to the side of the impact, Luna formation Tidal Forces upon a Heated Core, Tecttonic Activation, Subduction, Gravity & Time. 

The moon carried on to be shaped by our interacting gravities [with the moon's iron mass [gravitational bulge] on the earth side – ‘Clementine’] and created the earth’s [larger dynamic body] magnetic field. Also the added earth heat caused by the gravitational torsion between the earth and the formed moon to creat the tectonic plate movements that we see and have observed over its geological time.   

Would it be reasonable [to hear] and conclude that if left unaltered the moons forces upon the Earth that cause the tectonic movements will end [under the law of Gravfity] with the tectonic-plates leveling out as flat as possible, mostly back [pic 1] under the water.

Reducing the tidal strain to end seismic releases and tectonic recoil re-submergence.

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Something for the Future:

It is only a matter of Time to go from the Pennyfarthing to the Vickers VC-10.

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