'Freedom of expression'


Should being offeded or being offensive overule & remove the fundamental freedom of thought belief & Expression?


1. 'Smith was found guilty of a breach of the organisation's Standards of Conduct, while Carson was given a reprimand.' The video was removed & there was no action against the subsequent death threats, or to protect his right to an opinion even in comic terms.

What's the difference between pretending to pray and praying? Seriously.

Did he get caught converting?


And while I accept there is a law to govern responsibility, [with the addition of the abuce clause] did he breach it?


Should the BBC have sacked Angus Dayton for cheating on his girlfriend? And for an allegation that would, could have been a police matter.

Going Bacwards:

Should the government, the judiciary & the police be vehemently protecting tolerance for what Louis Smith said? {that was not an offence to the 3rd profit, the book or A}

And also should the gov+ be seeking tolerance by the followers of the 3rd profit, with no tolerance of refusal?

Is it a punishable offence to be silly or rude in Britain now? And for those that do not find humour, Should Jimmy Carr be on a chain gang building a prison for the comedian sect?

Having an offensive opinion is a right to an opinion and therefore a right to freedom of expression and speech. A persons right should be respected and the person should not be vilified and shouted down, if someone or many are offended.

The test of freedom is tolerance. The strength of freedom is enforcing tolerance.

Cultural prejudice [against cultural dialects] does not just cover people from the 'third' world. Hating 'The Posh' is a rising problem that is not being challenged as a racism.  

The media [including national tv channels] facilitating Spleen venting and threatening is verbal abuce which is Bullying and should be considered deeply offensive and should be an illegal breach of a free speaking persons opinion, in expression [which was without abuse.] As was the situaton for Eric Bristow after a minor insenitive comment.

Offensiveness is evidence of freedom. To the insulted – May your hurt diminish your pride and earth your ego.


Being Offended has become over dramatized and over valued and ‘could’ lead to more teenage suicides as illustrated below.

2. What would happen to the character and personality of the culture of a people, if pride is protected over humility? If upset is feared and reasoning becomes insulting to thought & expression?  And this became the example for children..

3. The Demise of Freedom of Speech is slowly being fully exploited by various establishments from a young culture of intolerant reasoning into an expansion of that which is undesirable, being added to national intolerant laws for convienient favourable outcomes.

PC Then The Government using Democracy to do Culture - And an expansion of the laws for convenient outcomes [or benignly trending forward] for power without resistance.

It is control of the population by culture exploiting & training of the young.

What happened after Feelings became more important than a fundamental freedom.

The Future if there is no rise of the voice of reasoning against, coming suppression laws.