Life in the Jubgle2

Hurricanes are Natural - The Leaders should get societies ready to function under and in them and stop listening to BBC Presenters that bought into Dreamer scientists.

"Here we are, deep in the western democratic jungle.

We see the people enacting their lives but due to a genetic mutation they have lost their wisdom, along with it their memory of the history of empire. Now their neurons are forced to traverse a path along their peripherique of an undulation free, unvarying epidermis that has resulted in a few unsurprising local frictions.

But this has not stopped the people thriving under this new circumstance. For instance the alpha males are freer than before, to keep their cards closer to their chests and away from the minds of the younger males [we think, though it is harder to tell these days with their new epidermal neutral state] and so social behaviour has evolved further away from the needs of the many, into the need of a few.

No longer are the alphas competing over the fruits of the territory but are free to engorge their free time on the spoils of afar. The many are left supported by the old branches of the jungle and traverse freely through it which they do from maps of old to replace their memory, assisted by the calls of the fluttering 'guide bird of paradise'

And so long, as the guide birds do not abandon the people and the branches are not cut free from afar, all will be well in the jungle and all is Well in the jungle."


'Sir David Attenborough has insisted he still has 'hope' for the future of the planet - but urged humans to turn their gaze away from themselves.'

Ironically Sir David is wrong again. If humans were to focus on saving themselves instead of the planet then the envioment that would be protected would be suitable to support many other species rather than just thinking of the richness of the fragile pretty things. 

He actually made the comment referring to the thought of the earth being made uninhabitable by this atmospheric heat spike.

The Evolution of life [at least] on earth started 4 billion years ago [some 500 million years after formation] and really got started in the Cambrian explosion where the temperature was at least 7c higher than today. Subsequent mass extinctions and associated heating and cooling [ice age periods] leading to our reduced Eemian interglacial periods [1 such coming to its due end – with our [mass] heated spike] would result in evolution benefiting from the increased heat.

Which part of Darwinian evolution does Sir David like so much that he denies the or ignores the geological evidence and accepted understanding of that history that has led to this species accelerating evolution to the end of this halocene period?  

A part bigger picture - story:



Come Now: Just China & India's burning demand.. Get Ready For Melvin!

'David Attenborough' is not the elder statesman of climate change and if he is then the climate change lobby / pressure groups / 'save the rock' / stop capitalism / 'stop climate change' are doomed to erroneous error and is fundamentally philosophically flawed, misdirecting and wrong.

African corrupted bad government is not caused by climate change neither is the migration subject to any aspect of the solvable economic effects by climate change. Climate change is not solvable within a [500 / to a 2000] year timescale [with technology / our extinction and natural reactive balance] The Sahara desert will become [as climate change alters the distribution of weather and the quantity of rainfall and its heat associated displacement] will become drenched with rain and pollen laden winds. The result will be a lush green grassy Sahara followed by soil and a diaspora of greenery followed by trees that will become [the return of] a boggy equatorial biome not visible on earth presently. North Aftrica will therefore become [has the potential] to become the most vibrantly populated economic area of Africa. Central equatorial Africa will need a name change to the equatorial furnace desert of Africa.