Tomorrows Taxation: Fixed Simplicity With Affluence And Control.

{Work in progress}

C Addemdum 1

Fixed Simplicity With Affluence And Control.

For the highest quality for all, is the philosophical elevation of the Communitity.

For an economic model to have some permanent stability it needs to be capable of Neutral Growth Sustainability.  

For the benefit / safety of a people of a land, fiscal community boundaries must be in place under a replicated interactive framework. If we take a community baseline of 50million people on a standardized area of 150,000 km2 = 1.

We can Start With [1] All regional National income & gdp tax is payable in region, {no exemptions.} All financial exports are monitored and Any deviation from the intention is criminal.

The objectives of tax must include as a *Primary [overide] objective*, of establishing and maintaining a good quality of life for the people of its land. To that effect and to include the civil purse {i propose the following as an idea and attitude for formulation}

The Following is [an example of] a fixed state taxation addendum to the British Constitution {subject to 10 year minimum term with reviews terms and repeal procedures} {With a long-term ambition to establish a permanent tax model century to century prior to the abandonment of a capital model in favour [Essential due to coming mechanized changes] to a common wealth type modelm Millenia to Millenia [See 'The Commune'}.

In the short to medium & Long-Term, if the hand of fiscal stability of peace is to be effective, a Constitution would need to be accompanied by a set of [fixed] civil fiscal structures, fixed for at least 10 years [with an agreed review & alteration clause agreed].  

Simplicity of tax rules are essential to avoid counter avoidance complexity.

Also rebating/returning money after collecting money is counterproductive, expensive & unessessary.

Simplicity, Simplicity & then Simplifyng Simplicity, to create Afflunce with Control, should be the mantra of National Ttaxation. 

Golden Rule [1]: Borrowing must be limited to maximum of 50% of region/national GDP.

British National base Interest rate {Government 'Enforced' in Law 'Is} 3%. Under the agreed English/British Constitution.

Minimum wage is relative to cost of living. And tax of the low waged is subject to *primary override*.

Golden Rule [2]: Tax is always charged and payable for every £Pound of taxible profit made On/In Britain, to the British inland revenue. No exceptions.

The National Insurance tax is suspended. [Reserved - pending the outcome of below] The Ni department will be renamed 'The ministry for finance for the NHS'.

Income Tax Combined [inclusive of NHS] with no additions:  

                                              £1 -       £12k 0%

                                              £12k+ - £52k 10%

                                              £52k+ - £130k 20%

                                             £130k+ - £600k 30%

                                             £600+               40%

Corporate profit tax: £1-600k 20%

Corporate profit tax  £600k+  40%

In addition to taxible corporate profit, a formular[*] for internal investments will not be taxed to a [*£] limit. This will include [*] salary total & salery equality.

Corporate Rule: 20% of profit is to be distributed to a workforce as a profit share. Qualifying profit start £1,000,000+ [1million plus] but is reccomended as good practice for all profit.

VAT 20%

Capital gains Tax: 20% [To include all realised share/commodities/fund investments profits  only annually] in addition to dividends.

Golden Rule [3]: All Tax {Direct income Tax, and accumulated personal Tax and corporate  Tax} is Limited to a Maximum of 50% - National Tax as a total of GDP must not exeed 50%.

Inheritance Tax: [ABOLISHED.] {This tax damages family businesses. It is a second tax on the same money and It is better for the economy to leave money in the hands of the inheritors} 

Life Cycle

I am Shocked - 'Miller'!

Mariage & Family:

If a man marries [for the first time & has not fathered any children] from his 39th year of age to and imcluding his 50th year of life, [and she is 28 years or up to 50] they can take a three [3] year tax free honeymoon up to £100,000 combined income.

Maried couples [after age male 39 & female 28] [after the birth of the first chiild, the financial loss due to parenting] can carry forward a continuation of the £12k per person irrespective of a cessation of one income. Therefore the first £24,000 will be untaxed [for married parents living together with their children - until the last child is 18].  

For every child born to a [U.K citizen sunject & legally jointly residing married couple parents] a joint £2,000 will be added to each income to the non-taxed income, until the chld reaches majority [18 years old] [Tax break only where the woman is over 28 at time of marriage and born child.]    

Pensions are automatic: Standard minimum to region provisioned max. [Government service and civil service retirements structure provision {for incentive agreement} included. - Ownership retained]

Property Purchess Tax: ('Stamp duty') 0k-200k 0% - 200k - 10,million 2% - 10,million+ 5% - Second homes 0k+ 5%. 

Business Rates: [

Community Charge Tax & Annual hone Tax: [Local government tax - Community charge - see addendum 6]

[Formula will be based on the number of bedrooms with an addition for properties of high value over 4 bedrooms - the higher bands will be subject to a surplus to fund city mayors, to a value of an approximate objective of 25% of total region collection value]

[Property band rates can just be increased for the higher/wealthier bands. Community charge rebate/welfare will continue according to poor qualification rules. The boroughs with a large number of high band property will be collected as usual by the local borough but monitored by a treasury liason and then the additionally collected funds will be handed over to the treasury.] 

2020 example:

1 bed property [including Caravan residences] £1,200 per anum [25% discount single person dwelling]

2 bed property [C ditto] £1,800 per annum [25% discount single person dwelling]

3 bed property [C d] £2,400 per annum

4 bed property £2,900 per annum [plus add 0.5% of 'purchased price' property Value over £1 million]

5 bed property £3,400 per annum [plus addition V]

For every extra bedroom add £500 [plus addition V.]

25% goes to a city mayor from the covered city total collection value. 

[Failure to pay property tax / Community charge] the property involved will be subject to a charge and possession order.]

BBC National Tax: Is a legislated tax for all [excluding those over 75 years] Each household will pay the BBC tax which will cover the household and 4 indeviduals mobile devices [with a Single access control] People not covered by a household or people arround the world, they can register themselves [S] and pay half the tax. For people in [BBC recognised] third world countries, they can register themselves [S} and pay one quarter of the tax. Rule: If you can afford a mobile device, you can affor a fraction for the BBC [This rule includes benefit claimants.] 

The above evolves the current systems in place rather than attempting re-inventing the wheel with revolution and unnecessary risk.

Government / regional / Local administration has an obligation for efficiency of itself and internal administration operations and externally contracted organizations.

Management Contracts must include management structure [see C addendum 2] definitions, limits and provisos of management and its limits. [Finacial or purchase contracts must include dates for planned and agreed completion on the budget agreed. Late completion will be subject to an agreed penalty or cancellation of contract and possible future contracts]  

Technically not breaching a contract but Breaching the intention of a National government legislated contract is a breach and a crime.}    

No guarantee regarding British security limits with regard to the channel tunnel. 

All of the above are subject to changes without notice.

I am shocked

Burning. - ignorance is no excuse for unfair bias and cruelty.. Marley

I am Shocked that Mr. Hammond does next to nothing to link the National Debt to ‘New Labour’s years in Government. Who inherited a rolling ‘modest budget surplus’ from the outgoing Conservative Government. [What perversion of politics is that?]
I am Shocked that cut-backs represent the tool to reduce the national debt. The banking sector that owes its un-evolved status by ‘market forces’ was prevented and protected by the British government* [of that day] and that the end victim was only the tax payer. [What motive betrayed the ‘market model’ & that could have stopped at guaranteeing savings and un-defended* pensions?] That the banks are not returning the favor shown with a period of a debt removing tax, for a share of the 81% of GDP making Britain poorer.  
I am Shocked that British tax law allows for E.U law that allows for any tax location of choice. Which allows profit from the British market to leave the British treasury out, of the profits of much of annual British production. And other international doorways of avoidance of British market profit. [What could the reason be for an elected government’s, not taxing profit but taxing the poor under private price fixing?]
I am shocked that no government has locked corporate fingers out of pension funds, creating ‘black holes’ despite the atomic shock of Robert Maxwell and the shortcoming of investment predictions, under delivering on incomes [prior to cut-backs, unregulated profiteering, prices and tax loopholes.]
I am Shocked that Corporate tax on Britain, from the Peoples spending in all ways, is let off from contributing [even a temporary tax] to removing the national debt. [& that corporate tax is Less Than personal taxes, that Does Not allow for Any Surplus personal profit.]
I am Shocked that tax is so high 32% on the lower paid and that the higher paid is considered at such a ruthless Low Level.
I am Shocked by the culture of debt, the lowest of [‘damage’] of interest rate and the hiding of an economic model that would [has] worked as a perpetual model for generations to benefit A ‘Nation State’ [Successful Regional Model.]
And I am Shocked that no Law is presented or even spoken of to limit national debt and therefore induce sustainable fiscal planning, to avoid some of the flaws of the deception of loose memory hiding behind constant changes of words and faces.

Comment upon unqualified politician only temporary governments:

Day After Tomorrows Taxation - Millennium Life [No work need society]

In the coming years [it has been opined] {accurately beyond statements, i believe} that robotic products will became the next revolution to human existence. With a workforce out of need and work, the above philosophical changes will be essential to the individuals understanding of life & time. Living in a world of learning, personal and artistic development along with hobbies and interests {many being technology, society, engineering & science} that will serve society well. {With an agreement to an obligation to serve some portion of time for the state, if needed} The people of society will be a majority recreational or personal time population.

In this state, The State must switch from one type of economy {invention} to another. 
I suggest the adoption of a common wealth type model.

Every child born is automatically allocated a 10 million trust fund for life. Interest generated from a fixed base rate of 3%. A .25% is accessible by the parents or parental guardians for each child for their expenses of upbringing. [Parental access % Ends at 20 years of age, per child.] At age 16 a .25% is accessible to the young adult. At 18 an increase to .50% is accessible. At 21 an increase to 1.% and at 28 a further increase to 2.% is accessible. This will teach the person to budget and enchorage them to plan for their life. Upon death the allocation reverts to fund, credit, number availability. There is no credits limit. The income is Not Taxed.