Relativistic Jets

Observed temperature of the emergent particle beam is below average background minimum.

‘Such bright burns are usually associated with the more explosive elements of the universe, like gamma ray bursts and supernovae, by the flaring ULXs were not destroyed by such intense flaring, as would be expected. Researchers say they could potentially be neutron stars or black holes, but are unlike anything they have seen before.’
Carrying forward the observation based theory:
Putting aside the possibility of orbital collisions of gas planets around a black hole igniting in a fusion flare on collision. The observed energy may not be from the source of a supernova within an expansive sphere shockwave [as previous energy levels, confirmed by previous supernova source evidence] but a directed beam [like a laser] due to an electrogenic focus of a pole spinning around its axis.
Such poles are spinning erratically all over the universe. [So many GRB's]
The x-ray, neutron or gamer burst is the result [in this type of source evidence] of an increase of e.m polar charge due to kinetic energy occurring, as the centre of attraction brings in available matter. At a high level [but not so high to overwhelm the process of this phenomena] the friction of the acquired matter causes a build-up of charge within the polarity of the gravity centre's e.m field. If the centre has spin it will spin at its rate on its path however oscillating & fast that may be. Which is the e.m focused x-ray / gamer beam in question here.
Furthermore if the energies are high enough {it is my opinion] then the e.m field strength can increase to a higher level at which point the charge of the matter heading in is gripped by the central repulsive pole and then, that point of matter is ejected away.
Due to the scenario being that the matter has already, just crossed over an event horizon, it is pushed up against the barrier of the speed of light. In order to travel in the direction of the repellent e.m force, that is focus forcing the matter gripped by the e.m field [Something {could} give]
If the e.m force crosses a yet unnamed barrier the matter, at that point is [Forced Quantum Tunnelled] along the super massive field line outwards.
The propelled, slows and recoheres in its [possible unchanged] material state beyond the field energy range, traveling outward in the focused gamer bean [known as a Relativistic Jet] along with a possible extreme innitial pre blast of radio waves. The beam pulses will continue depending on the feed balance and so may the forced quantum tunnelling matter for as long as the black hole keeps feeding at a certain rate to keep an ejection balllance.
Due to corresponding observed evidence & other decohereing states of matter [collectively known as condensates] the emergent jet visible, is of a thermal reading below the usual low temperature of background space. Unusually below 2 kelvin therefore indicating something oddly corresponding to, matter appearing from a zero energy enviroment.