Global Warming and Climate Change

The voice [and the limited reasoning] of the BBC

Here he is again the expert BBC broadcaster sitting on a panel of other [incomplete scientific conclusion] experts made up of anti-capitalist scientists, half-baked scientist's, cash money scientists and the [current threat to society in the 1st world] ideologues committed to the anti-capitalist's ideal. There is a fight alright but it is not about saving humanity or ['The Planet'] from human carbon spiked emissions but it is mainly about anti-capitalism.

The alarmist science is also wrong on the "Time is 'Running Out" - Time has run over, running out.

The calculation has been done, Global warming is not stoppable. 

Even if humanity were to disapear in a [small] puff of smoke, the arctic methane release [already underway] will be a cascade effect release fuelling further heat and further release. It has happened many times before. And yet here we are.

The rabble are wasting time to adapt with their corrupted manipulated call to action [to stop the tide and save Knutt's] to kill capitalism and to hell with humanity think of all the animals and vegetables not strong enough to understand evolution and adaptation towards the direction of least damage.

Carbon neutral should be achieved as soon as reasonably possible. Trees should be planted like never imagined. Life everywhere should be like living in Sherwood. Every garden in every street should have a unit of 1 of our 2 canopies. Because we need to farm, the nations tree planting should follow a sun accessible design. From satelite most of the U.K will look like a Pirelli calandar pic.  

U.K government have totally failed [beyond words] to head Britain towards clean energy creation. wind and tidal could be in place, if Thatcher had moved after her speeches, by 2000. The fact that tidal flow power is not even planned is shameful and a total failure to a genuinely attempt to head towards carbon neutrality. The U.K bought the idea of low carbon wood pellets from the U.S. Now the U.S sell the U.K wood pellets that they are now getting from the raw material from equatorial regions like Brazilian rainforest. Another U.K fail and should sit in the corner with another witches hat with another D on it.

The U.K government have totally failed [beyond words] to head Britain towards clean energy creation. Wind and tidal could be in place, [if Thatcher had moved after her speeches] by 2000. The fact that tidal flow power is not even planned is shameful and a total failure towards a genuine attempt to head towards U.K carbon neutrality. The U.K bought the idea of low carbon wood pellets from the U.S and now the U.S sells the U.K wood pellets that they are now getting in their raw material form equatorial regions like the Brazilian rainforest. Another U.K fail and the poly's should sit in the corner with another witches hat on with D on it.

30 million years ago back

1953 Storm Surge

Heathrow Airport - Extra Runways:
Well Done. Good Choice. At Last.
We need it & more:
Your leaders have decided to expand a transport hub that in the near future, 0 years to 100 years, is now more likely, to once again become a lake. They don’t call it the Thames valley for nothing. [image below.]
Britain needs more flight capacity but Heathrow should be 3rd choice for the south east. Gatwick should be immediate and Luton should be 2nd and the south east's long-term and last airport.  
1953 Storm Surge: 
Add to another recurrence of this 1953 type of event with Arctic melt ice from a warm winter and multiply the high surge level by 3. It would be serious even if it were only 50cm above the Thames barrier but really, in global circumstance, it is likely to be 3 meters..
Carbon dioxide levels are higher now than since 20 million years and rising eponencially.
The Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum occurred 55 million years ago. Carbon dioxide was spiked in 2 phases.
1. Triggered by particulates from a large meteor impact.
2. Secondary releases as a result of primary increase. Volcanism, stored gasses from fires & other stored gasses.
Global Temperature increased by 6-8 C. The Arctic Pole was ice free. Sea levels were 60-80 meters higher than today.
[If they are now saying 5c, I am now saying 15c. I will reconsider my prediction of atmospheric spike's sea level rise of 60-80 meters to a Full Defrost, based on China's new export of the building of coal fired power stations and all of the stocks of global geological coal, in the que with oil, gas and shale zones.]
Luton airport is 112-120 meters above sea level and therefore lends the longest time period of air travel before increased wind levels end safe air travel. In the meantime 2 runways for Luton and 2 for Gatwick. {@60 metres] And why not 1 more for Heathrow as well. Moaners should Move.
That would give 7 Runways for London, for some usable time and then down to 4, just as passangers are starting to turn to ships. 
Do we see the current 2C increase ambition being achievable given that China and India are just getting started?
1. Man made {human population} carbon dioxide emission global warming climate change.
2. Secondary carbon and methane releases {Tropical forest felling, increased volcanism, arctic methane} Are Happening.
The sequence of events is historical fact. An incease of atmospheric discharge = Regional disrupton = Reflective / Reactive Heating = Seconday dicharges = Increasing Heat = Increasing disruption with inceased geological Heat - [We R Here] - Geological Heat Release = Accelerated Global Heat = + A Cascade of Boreal Methane Release {2030-65} = Accelerating Heat = Rising sea Level = An increase of geological release = Higher Heat = Global Storm Weather + Risen Water Level {Prediction 80 meters} {Date 2130}
It would be helpful if we started planning now for rising water and new buildings with lower levels designed to function under water as level rises. 
But Remember: Climate change is just "weather"
The Paris climate deal aim (a) is absolutely not possible.
As every genuine relevant scientist who is being honest and who’s words are not bought, will say, as has been known [Since atleast 1975 U.K] for over 45 years: - ''We are entering 'a warming period.''
Increases from the beginning of the industrial growth has accelerated exponentially since 1950. Using the temperature data [with the gas increases] trajectory {including 'the paris accords' cleaning program} with the coal consumption trajectory by China & India [without including a sudden Arboreal methane release] Average Global temperature of 2C will be achieved 2035. 
The Paris accord is the same ignorant, delusional, Denial of the true situation & this denial is leading to the wrong energies in the wrong directions. [As exampled below]
It has been accepted by the British Government that past scientific advice and pressure lead to the promotion of Diesel engine vehicle growth for private personal transport. The envisioned benefit of a reduction in green house gases by petrol engine vehicles resulted in an unforeseen concentration in regions of atmospheric particulates & the sulphur that is now seen as micro polluting & blamed for an increase of toxins directly effecting humans.
This irony sums up global climate change thinking, policy & effect.
Climate change is unstoppable. {This Cycle - Human spiked.}
  1. Make No Mistake; Global climate change is Un-stoppable and Un-changeable, currently. Even all of the economically punitive actions will amount to no more than cleaner industrial areas {with associated economic hardship} But the fossils are going to be released into the atmosphere faster this century and five times {5x} the quantity, than the last 150 years. Period.
Even if humans were all to instantly vanish in a single small puff of ozone, the climate on earth would still, continue to escalate through this' cycle before cooling through an equally stormy freezing process.
Ironically, the faster we move through this phase the sooner we will force the emergence and build-up of noctilucent clouds and start descending into the cold phase of this cycle that we have {population evolution recoil cycle} added to.
Good news; We do not need to utilise genetic modification for life on storm earth. It will be a little tricky but we will be fine. Our communities, even exposed ones will do well, in balance, to carry us through the hot phase before the cold phase brings the opposite thermal stresses, under storm earth. Eventually Earth {the atmosphere} will be depleted during the latter part of the cold cycle {with visible storm induction taking place} to deposit the dissolved and congealed atmosphere on the poles.

When spring breaks, it will be down to our descendants to manage our atmospheric balance on earth with production and absorption weaving through an acceptable band width. Hopefully technology would have been discovered that will give us unlimited clean energy.

We should and could be making effective plans that would amount to more than, what amounts to a financial merry-go-round of a dream based on merely a determined wish.

It is the current planning that is conjuring up the direction humanity that is headed, with dual negative erooronious conflict towards an unpreparred state. 
It is self defeating and damaging to put climate change ahead of human living in the now. 
The long-term effects of climate taxes will be slight and damaging {as opposed to clean regulation that although good} will not stop 5x the Carbon being put out by just China & India in the next 100 years compared to the last... 150 years. {Newton}
Climate change {atmospheric composition} should be addressed with other genuine forces that could only be more effective. Or life on earth will be ill prepared for a largely unabsorbed carbon/methane/volcanism stemming from fossil fuel release that is showing no sign, of abating.

'Thames Valley'

A Review of An Inconvienient Truth the Sequal:  

Mr. Al Gore

The Article Author;
In 1975 I was an undiscovered dyslexic in a London State high school. Because of my inability to read or work numbers, I was put into a remedial class with a bunch of roudy boys, some with neck tatoos and crew cuts and other 11 year olds that for reasons that were not clear to me at the time, were 6ft tall. I stood out, I sounded funny, wore my uniform as it was meant to look [the only one in class] and mostly stared out of the window, with my mind elseware. I stared out of the window because when ever there was enough calm to teach anything it was mind bogglingly dull or completely written and invisible to me as information.
After a few weeks I stopped attending school. My mother would drop me at the gate and I would walk through the school grounds and out another gate to loop round back home. The purpose of this story is that ironically once home I would switch on the tv and, during the daytime only BBC tv for schools and colleges was being broardcast. I was riveted - rushing back from the kitchen with a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea while the justification equations were being broken down. I learned about wave function - quantum wave function and caos theory of wave function. The conclusion of which I disagreed with. I saw programs on all sorts of subjects but my favourites were the science subjects followed by engineering. One program dealt with geology - and specifically records of evidence of past atmospheric composition. In around 1976 I had been shown and told and I knew that 'we' knew that carbon was on the increase and we were heading into a warming period. The down sides were not exagerated or even emphasised but in a beareded, corderoy, flower shirt, copy hippy trend, chilax voice, the prof said ''so in the future, we will have much higher tempuratures, raised sea levels similar to these records and the other climactic phenomena indicated in the strarter examined.''
When I found myself awaking on my arse from my alchohol medicated depression in about 2003, the news was quite regulaly reporting climate related news. I added planet earth to my cosmology subjects of choice. Since then I have added under planet earth, the rubric of a solution to perpetuate the exhistance of species human. This had to include the health of society.
When AL Gore took up the mission of promoting the reality of climate change, I was dissmissive of his relavence. Much like Dawkin's and his time spent affronting a faith based belief that was an afront to his scientific evidence and fact based knowledge. Never the less snippets of Dawkin's was very entertaining. I saw Al Gores original movie that included the slide show. It was beyond good. It was geniunly good as is Al Gore. It was also well presented and enjoyably entertaining. Al Gores commitment and energy was palpably a B-52 in active service. One day soon Al Gore will be regarded as one of the Greatest American Presidents America never had.
My assessment of the Kyoto & the Paris climate accords, climate objective reamined and remains unchanged. My corded, beareded 1970's professor had already demonstrated that atmospheric change during a heating period was a snowball on the top of a hill scenario. Once the ball is rolling it will grow exponencially even without additions.
It was interesting but 'no big surprise that Al's' sequel did not mention the climate accord's objective of keeping global mean temp increase to under 2C. It was also observed that no objective was put forward regarding the future of climate change other than continueing the work to clean up human emissions and prevent developing countries from developing fosill fuel energy use. It was not very funny that India under a yellow gray sky, with no sun visible was planning 200 coal fired energy stations and wanted to be bribed to make it worthwhile them not doing it.
It is ironic, this next paragraph of mine - Humanity would be better served adapting with haste and commitment to a rapid sea level rise rather than dawdle and meander over the coming changes. Once cities and towns are relocated we can sit back, grow our economies back, work on carbon absorbtion as neutrality is occuring and cary on with investing in space community development and tera forming Mars & Venus [in time] to create a genuine 3 world ''sustainable'' human habitable biomes. I said it once and I will say it again, instead of clinging-on on earth with a few million people [threatened with nihilation] we could head for a species of 70 billion.

Truth To Power..

Seriously, Stop Believing This Fake bad News..

2C on 2035.. 'Don't Panic!'