One Ferrari for me

For years the Ferrari 400 and its 365/412 siblings had been the runts of the Ferrari litter. Unloved, neglected and worth little. It’s hard to understand why when you consider what they have to offer; understated, stylish lines, a luxurious interior and superb engineering along with a delicious driving experience and fabulous performance. Maybe it’s because the engine is up front and there are four seats instead of two. Whatever the reason was, this has long been one of the most affordable second hand Ferraris ever made.

Things kicked off in 1972 with the arrival of the 340bhp 365GT 2+2, packing a 4.4-litre V12. There was a manual gearbox only, but when the 400GT debuted in 1976 it brought with it an auto option along with a bigger (4.8-litre V12) engine. There were still six carburettors but there were a few styling changes in addition to the larger engine. These including larger tail lights. (now four instead of six) A front spoiler and bolt-on alloy wheels in place of the previous knock-on items. The auto would be chosen by 70% buyers of the model.

In 1979 the Weber carbs were replaced by Bosch fuel injection to produce the 400i, Ferrari’s first fuel-injected road car. Fuel economy and driveability were improved but power dropped to 315bhp. The V12 was boosted to 340bhp once more in 1985 though, with the fitment of a 4943cc V12 in the 412i. With body-coloured bumpers and clear indicators (previously orange) the Ferrari 412 was the first Italian car to feature anti-lock brakes.

The 400 is still relatively affordable to buy but running costs can be high and it will probably demand regular attention. If you are a collector considering a 400/412 then values are on the rise with its exclucive & rare glamour.