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Britain First Always above and beyond all else.

There is a huge gap between the way democratic government fuctions and the modern world of information technology and the speed and depth of modern communication. 
The youth of today use and [for that matter also almost complete take up of modern information communication by the other age groups] are {for desrciptive purposes} 'intergrated' in a now mainstream common cultural trend of interactive information shareing. 
Democracy, Parliament and Government remain in the information dark ages, largley [and with negative effect and little benefit] unconnected to the democracy of voter potential.  
The possibilities that lays before government [and for that matter, Lays behind government] are vast and potentially hugely beneficial {exluding actual voting} for engaging the electorate, including the electorate in debates and including opionion in the formation of decission and policy. This type of real time and moving involved opinion would modernise democracy and reduce much of the opposition to elected individuals, applying wholly personal thinking to excecuticve actions [as the historic ways of elected trust worked/s] that do result in more friction and democratic protest and election reaction. 
The Remainer's intention is to Vote Away The Referendum.
This should be prevented. Parliament needs reform and regulation.
Ideally a Formal Futuristic Comprehensive Constitution. All the fundamentals agreed and fixed.
Oh, they wont like it. Much like the train crews, it would be one step towards a reduction and then into the modern world of real time democratic representation and then their need and value will be mostly obsolete.
A modern democratic Government where only the best executives will be placed in a Government Cabinet which... Could be:
1. 4 Nominated elites and professionals for a tour of duty. [people who would not touch politics ordinarily]
2. 4 Selected by and from the experience of the civil service.
3. 4 commoners elected & 1 peoples live poll [as a single vote in cabinet]
And finally an end of the politicalites mediocrity clubfoots, seeing nothing but their noses and their expenses in between a few half cooked opinions and automatic objections. [a Gump of party politics]
1. Government
2. Constitution
3. British Bill of Right of the person
A Modernized democratic executive - with the commons room used for debates for rationalisation for the people and the executive to consider. http://www.2150now.com/
Elected Representatives:
A Number that is not serving the benefit of an employment opportunity. A lower number and higher requirements that avoids youth, inexperience and career delinquents gravitating into an intellectual cabal in pampas.
MP's: 1 per city. 15 main cities. {Plymouth Cardiff Bristol Southampton Brighton London Oxford Cambridge Birmingham Sheffield Liverpool Manchester Leeds Carlisle Newcastle}
1 per county 48 counties =63.
Elected Member of the Lords [ML] 1 per county + Life peers {limited annual} [numbers split between a panel & the cabinet with the PM as final] http://www.2150now.com/
The big change is a cabinet of appointed experts. No party division just British best interest under an agreed spectrum Constitution. The Cabinet, Parliament & The Live Vote Elect the PM from the appointed cabinet. Appointments are through public specialist sellection panels. 
Britain First Always.
Cabinet Posts & deputies posts:


Home Secretary [Justice – Prisons – Wales - Scotland]

Business and trade [International Trade]

Foreign sec [Development – International Trade]


Energy [Transport]

Farming, Food & Water



Chancellor [Treasury – Bank of England] {specialist military protection force}

Space Secretary


The rest of the posts can be delegated to the civil service and some handled by a parliamentary ministry department. {All deputized departments come under the Home Office and answer to the Home Secretary /PM.

Qualifying for purpose

The Best Always