2f) Independent Leader Nominations & Right:

The specialist selection panels;

  1. That observe a representative individual rising in reflective democratic voice [whether an existing MP or not can be put on the general election choice ballot sheets nationwide, as an outside of a party independent, electable directly as leader.  
  2. The nomination term on the national ballots is set at 2 future general elections.
  3. All national election choice ballot sheets & by-elections will have a blank box for voters to fill in with the [Eligible] person as leader.
  4. If any independent MP or one person receives 5,000 votes in any general election nationwide, they are atomically put on the national ballots for a term of 2 future general elections.
  5. Voters can vote for their local MP & a Direct Leader choice. Or just their direct leader choice. Or just their MP.
  6. In order to win as outright leader, a single name under ‘& or for Independent Leader’ must have the highest number per seat / election constituency and thereby securing the majority equivalent outright win over the majority party.  
  7. The independent direct PM can fill the cabinet posts with either MP's from the commons or secretaries from the civil service. {prior to constitutional modernisations}
  8. Or with the modernised democratic government system [below] The direct PM takes his seat at the top of cabinet table.


From The Constitution [Preface - with modernisations] for Great Britain: