Life Style - Your perfect average day: ?

60 Meters x 1.5-2m 1k per day min [X]

[1] Polite-ness, [2] Respect-fullness with cautious [3] Kindly nature [as the best human protocol] Proceed daily..  

Construction : [X]

My perfect average day begins when I wake up. {A 09:00} I make a cup of tea {green/black 80/20} with skimmed milk no sugar. Open any mail and make a pile for attention later. Tea finished I head to the swimming pool. {ideally through the double doors at the end of my bedroom. A 2metres wide {'i Gonzales you lot not!'} and 60metres long lane} Depending on how I feel {the day before, my wellbeing or and the day ahead} I swim 250m to 1000m, counting each length as 50m. {leg push off’s deducted} Once finished {always Front Crawl for business} I shower using a light swimmers shower gel, brush toof’s, having completed my un-broadcasted Hollywood moments.  

Breakfast: My own mix of Swiss muesli {basic oat heavy but with a few more raisins and mixed nuts with the essential quantity of walnuts, with occasional chopped dates.} eaten dry with another cup or two of tea.

Complete mail, check email, browse news headlines, tweet/post satirical comment for irresistibles. {apparently for mostly only CIA entertainment.}

Go – do any chores prioritizing fee paying hours and or attend to any business interests/projects {max 2 hours} [although on most ideal days, the phone is un-plugged as am i] If at my countryside home {Cloned pool} attend to my veg, herb and fruit garden. - For a drive in a fun car.

Lunch: Whole meal thick cut sandwiches as many as I want. Pink Grapefruit juice / tea / water.

15:00 big swim 1000m timed {20 lengths} Write time on poolside nobo board. Dress in denim shorts climb onto a padded bike saddle {light weight town bike with wide tires no suspension} cover route A. 5 miles. Or route B. 5 miles to 400m track – run 5 laps – 5 miles cycle home.

{If at my sun crib – lounge, sun, cool dip, – For a drive in a fun car – to a food market, buy fresh fish for grill/roast and choice veg selection for dinner}

17:30 Shower 2 – Watch tv news – scan guide for late movies or concerts or drama or golden. Dress for evening sunset drink / social friend / {formal arrangement [not [n] average choice]} Enjoy Beer / Champagne type / Gin&fizz in my arm chair / on veranda / terrace / or any number of appropriate style bars. [ [n] Restaurant choice: I love a window with a menu or a Chef equivalence to Karl Lagerfeld. Kir Royale or and Rothschild’s Reds. Cognac Louis Tres. {Warning: Alcohol over 2 units is poison..]

Return from bar/sunset drink – Put on background music. Prepare dinner. Eat.

Relax with drink. Switch to headphones – Ramp up speed / energy / cool jazz / funk / chill – subdued lighting heavy on red – lightbox options [ [n] audio reactive] {if in country home} with a blue and a green to 3reds each. Smokes green - {northern lights} it’s a personal solo thing. Enjoy, mind slows floating sharp - Takes Shot. Water always to hand. [ [n] the horrors antidote Sugary liquid, fresh air.

A lone day ends.

Nothing against adding quality choice company +

[don’t much feel comfortable with men personally, particularly in my evening home life] 



Water quality is critical to the value of water. Contaminated water is to health what sea water is to steel. Water is the simplest of cleansers and balancers. A great interest and enjoyment can be had from understanding and experiencing water purity [impurity in fact] from the many and various good specific sources and methods.


My Mind-Set Life Style: 

The highest human atribute by far is Kindness.


Always be Polite with [default Respect for the 'individual'] and with caution, proceed with  Kindness as your default [ideal]


Do no more than flirt with negative emotions

Establish An Emotional Neutral state - a place you can switch to with one deep breath in and exhalation and you are – At your Fallback default – observation management point.

Do No Harm - accepting that we are all subject to and causative of, varying possibilities of the butter fly effect. The key is intent {being mindful of the principle} - to Mind or Body.

Above all and by far the most preeminent quality of a person can have and show is kindness.

Do my race:
1000m [1k] swim - 
Cycle 5k flat
20k up 1kx20k
10k up 1kx10k
5k flat -

Change to run flat 10k, to finnish.

Sprint - Olympic

1. The Swimmer 1k a day.