Air Superiority


The RAF and its strategy [and predictive Russian strategy] for aerial aggressive increases:
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. – Attributed to Uncle Albert.
Or more specifically to keep reacting to a movement in the same way reduces estimation and expectation of flexible thinking. [Britain must look like a cat and a dragged string.]
The Russians now know how fast we can get airborne and what we are now flying and how far we can follow. Why not do nothing next time [and turn from a cat into a wolf] Wait until the bear enters well into British airspace and then...charge them [bring down] one bear. Man or mouse RAF.
This may also reveal if that large white belly pod is a strangely large camera box or a rapid multiple missile launcher to swat to death all followers in return for one bear? [Step 2 Russian to British air perimeter elimination strategy]
One thing is for certain the start of WW3 will be unlike WW1 [Aristocratic ego empire geopolitical shenanigans] WW2 [Conceited austerity and greed attrition permanence, leading to vengeance, married to [deux]sets of madness] WW3 [Economic damage with border threats mounting as third party interests cause a build-up of hostilities and the ever present propaganda public momentum – coupled to a deep veined thrombosis of a hatred of the West, then and now]..
It will be a big irradiation [Satan] beginning followed by hypersonics and then drones before fighters, flankers and bombers for any scraps. Bonus outcome with 2-3 billion gone will be a significant reduction of carbon over the next century beginning...

The ‘Tempest’

Top- a low turn option. pointless.
Middle- No need to spend on R&D. This is the Saab Grippen.
Bottom- 2 drinks same tank. Will not intercept further or faster than any multi-role

The Tempest:
Here we go again – Military Fighter plane makers – and their ‘anything’ that will get the need for biggest investment ‘programs’ – following on from the ‘Stealth Need’ fiasco – Have ["they"] learned nothing [yet] from the glaring [Expensive] flaws and lackings in the F-22 & J-35 program development products?!
Is a strategically Economic 3rd Rate American Brit-joke design handed down onto No:10 because the U.S are afraid of what Could happen [to aircraft Sales] if British engineers were to find another Barnes De Havilland Wallace and not let the French spike the innovations...
There are two known flaws in modern jet fighter design and the Tempest is incorporating both of them.
1. Stealth aero-shape limits maneuverability.
2. The absence of forward elevons [or canards] / ‘forvons’ in the presence of adversaries with forvons or and vector thrusting assistance, leaves the old design wanting [ie dead] in combat.
While not everything [engines] is decided or designed, the visible design [intention] of Tempest reveals that the direction the design will follow will be the old/flawed compromise of making the aircraft ‘multi-role’
The 'Multi-role' disease:
The [a] Tempest will Not be an ‘Air Superiority’ designed fighter.
The [b] Tempest will not be a fully capable striker/ground attack aircraft with a radius of weapon threat / defence that will worry an enemy with a large land area to neutralise ability or threaten the enemies more rangy and maneuverable ‘flanker’/Chengdu striker interceptor.
The [c] Tempest Interceptor [concept] design [small] will be limited by its range.



A bespoke air defence 'specialist' killer fighter

The former ‘British’ compromises such as the Jaguar [Lacked range, Power, Maneuverability, speed and a true flight balance] However it is still a ‘Superb’ [wing configuration] design starting point, for a striker/ground attack evo202. version.

There is no better fuselage, wing combination than a Hawk as a fighter template.
With a [3m XWB] Turbo fan at the rear and forvons, it would be the ‘last word’ needed as a British shoreline ‘air-superiority-defence-fighter’.


Urgent – Review air [fighter] developments by American and Russian hardware designed for mass production of replaceable [expected] combat fighter key options.  Drone tech is not planned indicating kick off from current tech.

The U.K has its aces – All they need is Evo version redevelopments. Current status “Irrelevant” and out-of-production.  

"Can't turn, can't fight, can't run away." - Pentagon review J-35. $135 million unit.

"A master of no trades, a jackass of all." U.S.A.F command conclusion J-35.

A brief comparison of air superiority hardware 2020+ 'Key Rule' Below == x ==

Sukoi Su-37 [This Killer Geek Pilots Choice.] [Currently]

An alternative policy for the Royal Air Force in the years 2018-20__

The U.K has previously committed to arming the two new aircraft carriers with The U.S J-35 [Joint Strike Fighter] at a unit cost of over £94 million each.  {$123 million} Price wiki July 2017.

The British deal includes a development investment £?

And an agreement to allow 15% of the British order to be made in Britain, creating 24,000 jobs. [Core & supply chain estimate] This does not necessarily mean our J-35’s will be cheaper as development cost overruns have already caused Panic in both the U.S & The U.K. What tax will be gained from production in the U.K is a matter of complicated long-term accounting and with variable costs & production & component operational bug, issues & problems, it is best to consider the base cost as provisional and likely to rise per unit.

There are a number of negative issues with the J-35. [JSF]  

1. The J-35 [JSF] is a much more complicated flight design that the Harrier. The J-35 relies on multiple moving parts to work. Failure of just one vectoring component or an aero door motor and a plane could become totally uncontrollable in flight or un-landable in VTOL without balanced down thrust.  The risk of losing [£94m] units outright of the JSF is therefore high & common minor failures would put {the limited} units out of operational action.

2. The U.S Air Force has voiced serious failings with all the JSF flight capabilities. It lead to a senior [and official] Pentagon voice stating that the JSF was ‘‘A master of none and a jackass of all’’ capabilities.

3. The designers & makers of the JSF seem to have fallen into the same thinking and error as with the design of the F-4 Phantom.  A superior attitude & belief in their design means that crucial weight can be saved by not fitting a close combat cannon/machine gun.


Here we go again – 

The F-22 was debilitatingly expensive. It is grounded by flying through rain – It had unnecessary design ambitions. It can hide from enemy fighters Until it fires a weapon. It can’t carry many weapons and stay hidden. Other [Russian] technology can give stealth ability [a diffusive radar emission] without the aerodynamic performance Loss. The American’s have canned the bird [and refocused on the basic variety ‘aerial requirements’ for air defence and strike division while maintaining diversion of enemy / competitor development programs to continue with the ‘all-in-one multi-role fifth/sixth folly, for the [‘Dummies’] 
J-35 is a heavy truck of a non-fighter. Cracks under the aero-stress of its stealth body design intention. Limited weapon carry capability. Hidden until it fires or is at an arrival angle where it looks like ‘the bat signal’ on radar. It is so heavily integrated with communications [and because of its woeful performance inability] it is used as the most expensive mobile battle telephone [keeping central command informed of enemy target and response reactions in detailed real time [while military satellites drift around in reserve – Each one, guarded by 2 F-15's just in case a J-35 pilot suffers from un-diagnosed ‘vertigo’ or gets chased down by a cheap mass producible communication drone / bomb]
When it comes to air defence two things are important 1. Local air superiority design & 2. Being mass producible at the lowest cost.
When it comes to air attack two things are key 1. Range & 2. Weapons carry capability. [The two differences require two design platforms and trying to combine them causes a compromise that destroys each other’s abilities.]
Air Defence: The key design achievements have been ‘Established and Proven’ from various sources. The product needs to be made by bringing together the various key designs into one National ‘Spitfire’ to defend our sky from fighters, bombers, drones and even [last line of defence] missile approaches. 
Air Attack: Ground Striker and Fighter bombers can come in two key sizes 1. 1-1,500 miles radius & 2,000+ radius with their obvious carry differences based on their fuel tank size to available hull size differences. Drones and smart missiles render bombers at a reduced need, as the smart missiles and drones only really need the mid range aircraft as an UBER taxi to get them closer. A secondary dexterous fighter capability will be very useful in dealing with counter smart / dumb transiting enemy weapons.
The ‘Tempest’ will be an expensive and compromised flight weapon with way too much unnecessary programmed technology that will turn ‘a hand gun’ into a cumbersome rotten bleeping two handed apple [more or less useless] as a genuine British air superiority fighter. And too small and with a limited range and weapons load, as a strike aircraft in enemy territory.  
The designs on display are old ‘dropped’ ideas that are being represented in a modern ‘sexy’ artist’s impressions to both excite and frighten ["politicians / governors"] alike. The weapons development list reads like a star trek wish list. Most of the weapons will be so limited in ability after the billions spent that a shot gun from a Stearman will be more than a match and the likely fall back position when a nation has to choose what to mass produce when the gold plated Bugatti’s are being lost to each other by the hundreds.
At the end of the day the important thing about a strike is to strike and for that my choice is a simple hammer / arrow and sword [thinking].

With the Russian Vector nozzles, the wing alteration, the lighter materials, radar diffusion tech and the engine evolution, even more dangerous than the 29 and all for $35million a unit!

In real terms this means that the aircraft is not intended to encounter an enemy fighter up close.

This thinking, as was with the F-4 turned out to get aircrafts & pilots shot out of the sky. It is realistic to remember that each JSF unit can carry a maximum number of missiles. When they are spent and if the enemy is building more and cheaper fighters, the JSF will be running for its life when more aircraft than missiles are coming for it. [The limited numbers of JSF’s] The enemy is known to be planning mass production of the Mig-35 at an estimated cost of {£20-25m unit}

The U.S are aware of the 2 negative elements of physics mentioned above [Complicated & Crap] and are taking counter measures. A total restructuring of its air defence & strike structure. These include retaining existing stealth planes for ongoing stealth capability. Manufacturing in the U.S of the JSF [Upto U.S use need] [and beyond] while sales are being made. Upgrading & evolving F-16, F-15 & F-18 to maintain the core ability & introducing a low cost light fighter [The KAI T-50] with other comparables from the private sector including a perhaps a rebirth of the TigerShark to have mass manufacturing optional advantage over the enemy. The human ground warfare experience of the middle east of late has also kicked up re-usage of turbo prop aircraft from the 70’s for upgrade for support and strike, in areas of established air superiority, at a low cost and maintenance that can also be mass produced at low cost whenever needed.  And of course the advancement of drone developments.

The U.K should consider its Own counter measures given that both the F-22 & J-35 programs have been seen as compromised and inferior in all but one area.  

4. The U.S AF are now using the JSF as a ‘high performance’ technology combat command & advance ‘Coordination’ aerial unit. The strike actions are then carried out by proper attack machines. Every JSF unit is guarded by other stealth level fighters [Testing F-15 stealth adapted units] and escorted in and especially out of a combat zone.

The British JSF’s do not have a gun. They are not able to out-turn even a bae Hawk. They were equal. The new Hark upgrade solves this problem giving the Hawk2 aerial superiority over the new J-35.

The battle field technology & interlinked coordination prowess of the JSF could be provided with software for satellite use that included with interlinked multiple high speed low level drones at a fraction of the price.

British {close in} air Superiority [equal to in capability, cost & production to the M-35] could be had, off the shelf today with The Saab Gripen.  A carrier ram launched version could be ordered with 2 more adapted Elizabeth Class carriers.

The Typhoon is competitive tactically and evolution versions should be under development. They should include diffusive radar technology. A close combat set up. A remote strike / dedicated bomb unit set up. An improvement to the combined capability unit.  And of course the tech ‘coordination’ capability –inert so not to interfere with pilot fighter concentration.

The Tornado too is Fantastic and should be evolved in a similar way to the Typhoon.

Still the best design ['with' the rear trick]

 My recommendations are:

1. Call in Rolls Royce and ask for a Pegasus evolution costing in three ways:

a) To the existing design – more power – lighter.

b) Scaled down versions [miniature Peg’s] for high manuverable Peg drone designs. Half, Quarter,..    

Establish a testing and rebuilding centre in Britain;

[i] To evolve the Harrier for the new evo engine chosen.

[ii] To Simplify the maintenance disassembly & re-assembly to reduce down time.  

[iii] Improve close fighter capability. [Canbnards & variable intake cowling]

[iv] Inclusion of inter-tech field.

Evolutions of existing designs:

[i] Hawk Evo 1 [Turbofan] & Evo 2 Turbojet intake repos [Include Canards] [Interlinked tech field – 3 Super Hawk 'Long' range [4 carrier launch versions adaptation] Rapid Mass Production design consideration in design. Top Turn global winner.

[ii] Harrier Evo 1 {include cannards onto a variable intake modifiation] to includinde Saab or U.K intertech flight suite. 

[iii] Tornado [Upgrades & modernisations across the board* - ] [Foxhunter + intertech]

[iv] Typhoon [[Upgrades & modernisations across the board - ] [intertech + disbursement dar and beyong visual range targetting - Rear* short range dart and double cannon time.]

[v] Mistral [a medium fighter bomber] [Intertech, Foxhunter, rear angle dart, bomb bay] [punt shot design idea] supersonic, rocket dash option] canards [2/3d concorde on 2 Olympus 593 Evo engines] 

[vi] Saab Gipen [Carrier ‘launch’ version] [as a second option]

The above modernisations of the RAF's weapon options will both bring Britain to an equal design inventary capability upto both the U.S.A & Russia [all others being second or below.] It will also put Britain in a competative [and in {many designs} a unique product sale position.

2. We also need [and would benefit from] a New Mosquito Type - A medium range fighter bomber. With an aerial raptor killer weapon dispensed from a Tornado position. {A Mongoose Striker weapon} For this a Rolls Royce Olympus 593 evolution should be considered. 2 each - 1 mid wing. A preliminary name suggestion of 'Mistral'.

3. Drone designs for the mini Pegs.  An optional railgun launch design. Static, mobile & aerial considerations.

4. Low yield fission units from minimum through 1kiloton to 3. Small ya know like for drones and railgun deployments & Storm multiple Low level targets.

Key Rule: {"If you want peace, prepare for war."} Vegetius.

== x ==

Key Rule:
A numerical advantage of 'capable weapons' will win.
The UK Typhoon:
The UK has a superb fighter in the Typhoon. If its radar & long range weapons are effective to a pre engagement strategy the Typhoon can be a match to the Mig's & Sukoi combatants.
Once engagement has occured the Typhoon has a good combat equasion. Numbers on both sides will be lost.
The UK also has the Tornado. Still a relavent striker. In fact because of its foxhunter type radar it is still an advanced weapon. The UK should commission an evolution version, imeadietly. Add to the above with the Super Agile Saab Gripen and short range protection of defense is adequate. What is needed is a med-long range Fighter-Bomber with more carrying capacity than the Tornado. Tomorrows, todays development will be interceptor drones [smart misiles]
The Russian Mig-35:
Is an evolution of the Mig-29. {Russia's F-15 F-16 Match} The 35 is titanium structure based reducing its weight by 2,000 kilos. It has a new radar system with pre select targeting and a close range phasic dispersement setting to disguise its reflective radar signature. {Russia having noted the aerodynamic downside to stealth shape advantage.} The pre targeting radar is probably stolen US technology. That's an upside without the downside. Very slight wing alterations from the 29 give the 35 an increase of agility beyond its previous limit. The 35 with the vector thrusting addition makes The Mig-35 The most superior close fighter in the worlds sky for a next engagement.
The Sukoi's Su-37
A larger multi purpose fighter bomber interceptor weapon. Vector thrusters and the addition of canards mean this plane can match the profile of the Tornado, its range and can out turn a Typhoon. Make no mistake these two planes are a superior team to Tornado Typhoon or Lightning Raptor / Falcon Eagle. With a priority on simplicity and rapid cheap build choices, they can be built cheaper and faster than the US counterparts. The UK has little to no build capability for Typhoon or Tornado.
The nod on the horizon is a trend to choose 2nd choice 4th generation fighters for a lower cost option to suit mass production. America are leaning towards the Tiger-shark types [T-50 latest] and the new Scorpion along with turbo props such as the Bronco types to deliver smart bombs to destination. The development days of the likes of the F-22 are being seen as expensive & complicated liabilities of numbers and time & cost to build + Stealth has agility issues and diffusing radar systems can achieve the same without loss of agility or the costs associated.

The golden rule of the least resistance in movement, is winning the day.

Launch a drone from a rail gun, run it along on scram & engage fission detonation or an attachment task and detonation and air superiority becomes small, hyper G, Smart agile & multiple sky-sphere or ground Deadly.

Jaguar - Still the best striker platform - Just Crying out for a proper Bespoke 'Striker' Evo

Weapon counter neutrality design upgrades:

Submarine weapons system designs:

Aircraft Carrier designs [Classification 1-3]

Orbital counter weapon designs: [includes energy source designs]

Laser amalgam [P] weapon design theory: Orbital, Air & Land mounted mobile.

MicroWave guidence disruption atmospheric disturbance weapon:

A Contact disruptive surface [pre 2015] design theory: [aerodynamic zone/s elimination 80%]:

Aircraft tech option designs:

Droid control option designs.

A.i [1, 2 & in real terms] option.

Beyond Britain’s interest of Britain benefitting from the fish from the British fishing region, our regional water zone boundary to our inshore levels and leeway’s are of significant interest militarily. It will be vital in the coming years to have good and increasing security for our island both above but particulary below the water.

In our ‘hostile’ world order, continuing to grow and militarize both Russia ‘her allies’ and with the E.U’s plans to continue its expansion and to create a military power under the control of the Commissioners:

[A self-appointed government [‘The Commission was set up from the start to act as an independent supranational authority separate from governments; The members are proposed by their member state governments, one from each. However, they are bound to act independently – neutral from other influences such as those governments which appointed them’] independent of democracy, in control design] Alarm bells should have been ringing from the conception of this design control. It is a sequel rehash of The Roman Empire.]

We can envisage the E.U continuing with its attitude to its future and to continuing repeating its mistakes as it pushes up against and confronts Russia’s interests. A conflict of method and ambition puts Russia and her [similar in structure] allies on a conflicting course. By conflict I Mean War.

Britain as a member of NATO will either continue in the E.U camp and therefore adding to the E.U agenda [That the U.S are likely to be more than happy about] Or Britain may pull back from E.U escalations [that will start with Russian moves in Poland and West through the Ukraine.] and form a separate British view of the Russian issues, particularly in relation to E.U expansions.

Britain could form a relationship with Russia separate from the E.U and therefore moderate our NATO commitment [under our separate view upon E.U – Russian conflicts]

Either way [Outside of or during a military conflict between the E.U and Russia] and despite a separate and better {non-conflicting} relationship with Russia, Britain will still need to be vigilant of Russian military presence under and around British sites of strategic interest and positions of military choice.

Having sole [or highly controlled] coastal presence, acoustic reflections will be less polluted with a higher volume of the acoustic and reflective traffic both above and below the water. With the new autonomous sub-aqua drones, Britain will need to develop both acoustic detection of a fraction of previous vehicles and have interceptors capable of matching profile and the speeds expected with these mini power station powered launch or instant command or programmed detonation vessels.

Taking back and policing British fishing waters is not just a British asset Britain deserves to have but also a vital field of play that would leave Britain very vulnerable to military attack or threat in real terms if British capitulation or ‘compromise’ is leveraged for against British independent sovereign benefit.  

Britain did not choose the instability and conflicts around the world but Britain must accept that previous agreements, choices and capitulations have contributed to the many growing conflicts.

Britain should now decide to be truly independent and form its own take on global positions and developments and have a separate route through the mistakes [and unnecessary hostilities] visible around us.

World War [Before Nukes, Nukes, Now and Tomorrow]

War can be said to consists of 3 parts:

1. Motive            2. Method          3. Objective

For the purpose of illustration:

Britain’s Opium wars with China:

1. Economic [Government international sales revenue]

2. Navy, Army [Incendiary solid projectile]

3. Prevent obstruction to national business.

The First World War:

1. Vengeance – Monarch’s Family dispute & other Loyalties – Wider occupation and regional interests

2. Navy, Army, preliminary air-force [Incendiary solid projectile, Toxic gas, overwhelming by numbers]

3. None – Reactionary responses leading to national conflicts to prevent defeat consequences.

The Second World War:

1. Vengeance – Reoccupation of land lost to past war – Economic benefits – A greater ambition of control and expansion [Empire]

2. Air Force, Army, Navy [Incendiary solid projectile, rapid advance planning, administration]

3. Righting wrongs, Arrogant Superior [shared] psychopathic hatred, building an Empire.

The war from Japan [extended second world war fascist ally]

1. Shared NAZI vision – Warring impetus

2. Army, Navy, Air Force [as above] [Brought to an earlier end by the first [2] use of fission nuclear radiological detonations]

3. Defeat America, join the winning axes of Germanian Domination. [Shoot ourselves in both feet and then follow Bigfoot East to the Enemy?]  

Argentinean war with Britain:

1. Proximity land occupation – Asset economic benefits

2. Navy, Army, Air Force [Incendiary solid projectile]

3. Repel British occupation

The two commonalities to the above wars are economic [except WW1] and the decision to go to war residing with non-military reasons in the minds of questionable reasoning, Vision and the sanity of power.

Before Nukes:

The ethics to go to war [and in war] has changed as the connection of the people to the politics increased and the repercussions of repeating wars became an issue both for [the future civilian fodder] and for the more humanist politicians and pressure groups that worked to both, counter the short-term repetition that war had become and to bring about structures that would counter the repeating reasons for the observable wars within recent memory. Along with the swing in politics against wars [the methods acceptable] the objectives of war also changed to keep in line and to justify military actions.

With the Falkland’s war Britain was defending from an attack but with Gulf War 2 Tony Blair needed to convince Parliament for the need for Britain to go to war and further for the legal right to commence war. At the end of the day America had mobilized irrespective of Parliament or U.N clearance. ‘’Winning Hearts and Minds’’ became the working mantra of the forces and formed the foundation of the objective to secure trust for Liberation, being the reason for invasion. Crushing the Jihadi’s ‘on their homelands’ fell back in political priority while that task was ongoing.

The cleanliness of war [restricted weaponry and methods] are only included where defeat is not being faced by a warring side that has access to additional war faring and expertise. In which case the victor is the unrestricted.


After the end of the second world war FDR fell out big time with Stalin. What could have been a productive working and a growing positive relationship between America and Russia was betrayed and trashed by Stalin. FDR promised vengeance and pledged that America was resolved that Russia was as big a threat to the west as the fascists and that America would blight Russia’s future abilities as Russia had done to Europe and its relations with America. This lead with the emergent technology of nuclear weapons into a huge investment on both sides. An investment that America benefitted from economically although with higher taxes than were desired or planned for, prior to its building of the biggest military ability and stocks ever known.

Britain acquired the weapon but remained a militarily outside of the race. Only Britain’s proximity to Russia was a factor in America’s decisions for British capability.

While the tech arms race was under way both prime arming nations were forging ahead with other objectives nationally, internationally and with space development, constantly conflicting along the ways.

On the zenith of the development of orbital weapon platforms the vast investments required led to the capitulation of Russia whose economic structure was inadequate to match that of America’s domestic economy and America’s wider success internationally with [likeminded western allies] to the growth of international capitalist economic growth. The last public arms race came to an end in 1991 with Perestroika and Glasnost by Russia. Russia and America agreed not to military use of orbital space around earth.  And so a second significant technology race field area was not developed by America.

During the nuclear arms race, wars were fought but because of the profound effect by their first use, nuclear weapons were never included in war planning but remained a last choice reserve and were kept as a super power stop check.

Importantly it must be considered that the super power stop check design was specifically for big nukes. Full major city sized destroyers. Such weapons would be unusable in conventional war fare. If Russia had used such a warhead in Afghanistan during its invasion of Afghanistan, Afghanistan would have been irradiated and vapor, blast destroyed out to 1,000 kilometers around each blast point. If America had used just 1 of their similar ‘fusion’ weapons on Gaddafi in Libya all three major Libyan cities and their people would have gone completely immediately destroyed and any outer survivors would be dead within months.  


Those days are gone. Today the enemies are not only super powers but smaller players with serious ambitions and with the working expertise of both fission and fusion know how. In Pakistan and India, American nuclear missile hardware and Russian nuclear hardware are in place respectively. With North Korea / China developing and testing late generation Russian fusion designs, the chances of smaller fission nuclear warheads being made available to the enemy of an enemy becomes a key concern. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has declared a need to its ally America of a nuclear deterrent against its long-term enemy Iran, an ally of Russia. Faced with the possible supply by Russia to Iran, America may supply Saudi Arabia.

The inevitable objections from Israel will be finally Trumped by American intel showing Iran about to be made a nuclear armed state. Israel being already a nuclear armed state. South Africa has a high tech ability with its indigenous nuclear material that it used to sell and supply to Israel.

And no one should forget that France has an advanced nuclear bomb stock that could fall into the hands of an aggressor with any plan of war.


The field of battle has changed from invasion for physical control – Today Russia does not need to invade Britain to get whatever it wants from Britain. Why would British gas want to have possession of my house with all its problems and maintenance requirements, while I am paying their gas bill. From an economic point of view the attraction of a war has been removed with the involvement of all party nation states in the globalist ownership, employing, taxable, trading game. Supposedly everybody’s a winner! Regional control means that wealth can be extracted without need for an imperial administrative presence. The former desire for invasion for asset resources or and ‘economic expansion’ is being replaced with the expected future need – to acquire the acquisition of empty high land of choice and value.

But then there is of course the old fundamental desire for pure Conquesting.

If Global Warming is real and India and China continue to bring their 3 billion people into a first world life-style position this century, catching up with the western world’s development over the whole industrial development period of the last 150 years [the fraction seen as the cause of global warming] then ‘Climate Change’ is going to be 5x carbon this century. The result will be Exponential increases in wind and associated friction generated electrical strikes beyond CGI Hollywood imagination. Roofs, Power station supplies, air travel, shipping movement will be removed and arrested. Most railways will be under water as they are mostly low laying. Clean water will be the savy home / small cottage technology of first choice. Diseases of old will be an endemic growth. Vacant choice high ground locations will be coveted by the elites. The central spine of England is one such jewel of Conquest choice. Britain while eroded will still be a climate unique location. The development of micro climate strategies will further enhance the attraction of central England.

In the interim build up of global warming, rising water and climate increases – [We are not seeing hundreds of years but events now of increasing volcanism and permafrost ground methane releases showing that heating is already effectively significant and will soon lead to a methane to heating volcanism cascade and into a sudden sea level rise of 5-20 meters over 20-50 years, But certainly Starting along with the ‘reporting’ of the emergent cascade.] – we have the geo political warring state of the world today, leaning into the new technological development of cyber, programming and the faux ‘Ai’ that is about to become animated in the high performance mobile animatronics of all shapes and sizes. While this could [and perhaps will] become the tool to carry humanity and civilization forward to a new good dawn, it is none the less being primarily led by the elite government players towards military exploitation and advantage.

To say that we do not want another arms race fails to comprehend the arms races within capitalism and along with the old fundamental desires feeding on conflicts. Cyber war fare is one current ongoing arms race of huge significance.

With the development of autonomous software being used in hardware systems such as SpaceX’s self landing first stage rocket lifters and Tesla’s cars [and all others] we are months away from bipedal and quad pedal machines providing an increasing amount of services in ever increasing complexity. Rumor has it that Russia’s new nuclear powered and nuclear bomb sub-drone has autonomous mission software originated from Elon Musk’s good civilian motivated vanguard technical achievements. Therefore the militaries are taking innovations and doubling up on that innovation to apply it to the functions that suits their ‘reason-for-being’.  

War fare very soon will be un-fightable by a human army. Every expanding war field will be saturated with [microwaves] that would broil flesh in seconds out to a range of 100meters and or [isotope emissions] to a level that will cause human incapacity in minutes and death in hours, out to a moving front of 500meters. Behind and along with that [animatronic soldier[s] weapons will be weaponized and deadly hand to hand with the ability to [detonate nuclear] based on target size and protocol need to ‘terminate’.  

Winning wars or battles will not be solely about physical domination but the ability to [program hijack take over] control of an enemy’s hardware control. This may [and is likely] to occur after [geographic irradiation fusion blasting] of the target Conquest zone’s indigenous population.

The following races are under way: Cyber – Autonomous / Over ride mission conclusion – Robotic ability weapons levels.

1 & 2 – Are nearly fully concluded fit for ‘purpose’. 3 – The gun shot has already now sounded.. Varied fully dexterous go anywhere, do anything weapons will be actively deployed no later than 2030.

One main problem with the behavior of human cultures [apart from simple supine happy ignorance] is governors of old [monarchs, dictators & regimes] and new [regimes, dictators, hijacking faux democrats, genuinely elected politicians & imperial thieves thieving democracy] and apart from the overpopulation competing for fewer resources, one of which is not money, is that humanity’s view is linear.

With a linear view on this flat surface we live on, our philosophy is and remains two dimensional. That is to say living, being and thinking only on a flat surface keeps us focused only on every moment of thought [culturally inherited and taught] forwards only. There is no usual perception of space and time down in our daily lives because we are standing on a solid surface, rarely with a down moment of perception. Up we see nothing during the day apart from blue, grey and some slow moving white. We are so used to the daily movement of the sun through our childhoods [and the part time moon] that it adds to our apathy blinded by a lack of educational priority.  Without freeing the mind from the linear experience into a 3 dimensional understanding perception [a microscopic example is a Rubik’s cube] for the mind to think as a species in 3 dimensional space. [The problem could be simplistically compared to a flea living on the back of a dog. Not thinking much about anything above the dog’s skin or beyond the hair tips that you have rarely, if ever visited. You have heard, you know and you have peeked out but that has nothing to do with and holds no interest for you with your daily living on the skin.] The philosophy and culture of this creature is held back by its linear life cycle and ignoring its opportunity and its ability to evolve in mind and culture to another step for flea kind. It is not relevant enough that some fleas do think and live by a 3d different code of thinking and being on the skin because without a majority uniform change to a new larger dimensional philosophy, a change to a unifying movement cannot occur.

With climate change about to quite soon, whip us to the brink of extinction, our differences and competitiveness could be put aside and rationalized [as the planet causes a constant state of emergency prior to the first collapse of society and along and with and in time for a readjusted regional community set ups] to work together on the biggest project humanity has faced. Making [getting] humanity into an off origin world species.

We have a low gravity moon with a vast surface sea of iron. With the development of heavy lifting rockets and using ‘function over form’ as a design mantra simple orbital assembly space docks could be put up around earth and the moon. A modular transit moon lander could be bolted together in earth orbit dock and start moving a moon surface modular pre mining habitat set up for assessment and ground working vehicles, for the same and extending underground. Soon after tunneling to a choice iron ore face and a next door refinery and forging caves. Steel alloy girders of suitable strength and dimension would be easily lifted by a modest launch tug to a station assembly dock and the assembly work would begin on my design [or similar] gravity city's orbiting at 1.3Au [Just under half way out to Mars]

All of the technology needed is off the current shelf. And remember with an increase in minimum possible weight per kilo per dollar, weight and therefore strength can be increased and space only requires [minus one atmosphere] of pressure defense. Unlike a trident carrying submarine that can dive to 1,000meters +? [Plus 101 ATM] and a pressure design safe margin of [Plus 255 ATM]? The Big Bucks.

The big players are already looking at the prospects but - and would quickly join in. First Britain should get a foothold with an access point and visible repeating modular approach moving forward. - I have a fully formed and evaluated plan, to stations and Mars and beyond under modular form expansion.