Democratic Export & Constitutional Conflicts

The Iraqi Constitution is all very well but it amounts to diddley squat. –

Even in America people exist without being in thought of residing under, cohabiting with or being governed by their constitution. Being an individualist society is one thing but at a constitutional disadvantage to others, as is across the freedoms. This shows the gap between societal philosophy in relation to clear constitutional tenets and the problem of time catching up with the foundation wisdom and equity.

It often takes the supreme court to sit and listen and mull at great expense and time to throw out an appeal  or uphold an appeal as in the case of {The People Vs Larry Flint} [based on the clearly written age old constitutional right to freedom of expression] which included smut.   

Maybe in a few hundred years a future Iraqi government will dust off their bequeathed constitution and enact it through their judiciary and maybe roll and drum out its meaning and value into the heart of the media populous.


– In the short to medium term if the hand of stability of peace were to be effective, a constitution would need to be accompanied by a set civil structure for at least 10 years to gain some recognition of effect but an ideal innitial time would be 30 years. [10 years to set up & one generation {one unit} of construction.]


[The hold up / block here is that we Do not have, agreed or achieved such a structure, in the western world. The reason for this is simple. Here in the modern world we value money and economy so much and as the true power lies in hands of the capitalists {who should be considered with a runaway addiction} any type of set structure that prioritised a stable equitable societal structure would undermine, curtail and limit profit increasing in one direction.  

A successful attempt was made by Rome which lasted a hundred years. Its extent for balance is unknown to me or the reason for its end or cancellation. But i have given such a structure some thought which could form the inspiration for a test that could be applied through the UN [with subject agreement] as a test for expanded applications as a permanent global solution to equities of energies of people earth.

A such, stable set up would allow for negative things to slow down so that humanity could be free to think and consider the direction of its endeavours. Such as preparing for climate change, survival, and most importantly avoiding an unnecessary population reduction by expanding into space and on our other planetoids, now before it becomes much too difficult.

A Long-term view is of an enormous success with an increased population overall with the Earth Healing under a plan of atmospheric tuning and a population max average worked out. It may sound like an impossibly expensive fantasy but so was Britain’s railway.

We have all the technology we need to get started. All we need is agreement for a cohesive platform to work with at best or just be in groups with the will and the idea because there are thousands of Brunel’s and Rubik’s and Edison’s for the Vladimir Armstrong Quing Meiji Ganeshasan Grissom spirit to Thrive.]


For an economic model to have some permanent stability it needs to be capable of Neutral Growth Sustainability.  For the benefit / safety of a people of a land, fiscal community boundaries must be in place under a replicated interactive framework. If we take a community baseline of 50million people on a standardised area of 150,000 km2 we can Start With [1]{All region income & gdp tax is payable in region, no exemptions. } All exports are monitored and Any deviation from the intention is criminal.

The objectives of tax must include as a *Primary objective, of establishing and maintaining a good quality of life for the people of its land. To that effect and to include the civil purse i propose the following as an idea and attitude for formulation.

The Following is [an example of] a fixed state addendum to a constitution {subject to minimum terms and repeal procedures}

Golden Rule[1]: Borrowing must be limited to a % of region gdp with a limit on a projected maximum over 10 year cycles.

Region base Interest rate 3%.

Minimum wage is relative to cost of living.  And tax of the low waged is subject to *primary override.

Golden Rule[2]: Tax is always charged and payable at every income level.

Income [inclusive] tax:    £1. - 12k 3%

                                        £12k+ - 24k 10%

                                        £24k+ - 36k 15%

                                        £36k+ - 120k 20%

                                        £120k+ - 360k 30%

                                        £360k+ - 600k  40%

                                                        £600+ 50%

Corporate tax: 0-600k 20%

Corporate tax 600k+  40%

Corporate Rule: 20% of gross profit is to be distributed to a workforce in profit share and bonuses. {

VAT 20%

Pentions are automatic. Standard minumum to region provisioned max. Government service and civil service retirements structure provision {for incentive agreement} included.            [Ownership retained]

Golden Rule[3]: All Tax {Direct income, corporate or accumulated indirect} Limited to a Maximum of 50% on any one body or commodity.

Inheritance Tax [ABOLISHED.]       {This tax damages family businesses. It is a second tax on the same money and It is better for the economy to leave money in the hands of the inheritors}

Capital gains Tax 20%

The above evolves the current systems in place rather than attempting re inventing the wheel with revolution and unnecessary risk.

Government / regional / Local administration has an obligation for efficiency of itself and internal administration operations and externally contracted organisations. {Contracts must include management structure [#] definitions, limits and provisos of management and its limits. Technically not breaching a contract but Breaching the intention of a contract is a breach and a crime.}    


[#] Icahn/Hawk