Stanley Kubrik

This is not a ‘Union’. It is a Take-Over dressed in blue-pinstripe.

Arrogance, Delutional Ego with ignorance, UNGRATEFULNESS and deceit leading to..

Raymond Poincare President of France 1913-1920 [a forceful personality] who also served as Prime Minister of France three times - Who hated the ‘German’s’ and who had the power over the French prime minister, command of the politics and over the French military, conspired with the Russians to piss off and push the ‘German’ command and corner them up against their own 18th century ego’s and emotional lack of elegance of control – France had invaded Germany before Germany declared war.

That started WW1. ['After Germany declared war on France on 3 August, Poincaré said: "Never was a declaration of war received with such satisfaction".] 

And then the French against {sub-missive passive} British concerns, Banged forward into 'Cement' The Treaty of Versailles - That overly punitive and foolish treaty cause'd the situation that lead to the affecttation of the voice of German protest coming out of Hitler's mouth and that then got supported by a German democratic impetus to form the very strong, and re-armming that led to a retaliation that became WW2.

I am with the French proletariat that built and used the guillotine on the very same French character that we all have again..

'Paths of Glory'..