Good Grace - Nature or Nurture?

Nature Vs Nurture? Or as I would argue based on what we know from DNA and from the knowledge of historically inherited characteristics – Nature and Nurture then Nurture becomes Nature and Nurture then Nature becomes Nurture and.. etc.. & then etc..

Good Manners {British Manners were the finest example along with the more subordinate level of Japanese manners and protocols} are disappearing because they [Politeness, friendliness, kindness & volatile restraint] are no longer Taught... Where it is taught, it is taught. Where it was not taught, it is not taught and where it could have been rolled out, it has comprehensively been replaced by urban nature and free market economic consumer advertising, value grooming and desire training nurture.

What has replaced and filled the previous void is therefore the predominant culture. They are such easy fundamental lessons and are so instantly reiterated when needed. To leave the young in the hands of such value image trend groomers is to abandon any hope of social reform upwards from the appearance of post war, quality of life.

The parents although ultimately responsible cannot be held entirely responsible as they are inheriting the previous generation’s effects of the convenient dumbing down to consumer product focus, values and trends. Sadly along with other side effects... ... .... ..... ......

The end results without a course change will be a squalid culteral sludge of poor people enslaved and lead by the free market winners and the complicit governments tax levels, servicing the 'Benign' invention known as ecconomy given authority. 

Good British Manners

Module 1A. [An Overview]

Politeness [Speech & behaviour that is respectful and considerate of other people] is the foundation of the Primo Facie relationship [based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise] {And therefore does not require deference & submission / subjugation to another.}

[Key Rule: Good Speech comes from good thoughts & good feeling]

Being polite in all first contacts / mass daily interactions keeps to a high standard of human exchanges [avoiding the growth of bad feeling {and also has the important effect, as an antidote training, repetition, upon people who harbour and escalate bad feeling, leading to bad thoughts, resulting in bad speech & actions}  

Which seems better:

Thought leading to emotion, leading to action [Good Logical]


Emotion leading to thought, leading to action [Illogical, reactive, uncontrolled outcome]   

Politeness is both a good conduct and a preventative force against the cultures of ill will.

Respectfulness the act of and attitude to, is a key principle of humanities standard of core humanity.

Primo Facie: All people are equal in conscious existence & key rights.

People are not all equal. People are all different.

Some people are very different or & unique or & special. But because humans are a specifically evolved species culture generally, we would and do benefit from respect for every individual {Prima Facie} where it is pre-eminently delivered.

Consideration in the absence of respect is practically damaging where it is expected, with respect. The absence or withholding of respect in relations, is the primary cause of all that is bad, resulting.

Respect also has to be seen to move beyond first impressions /face2face and keep that standard in actions. [Prima Facie]

Kindness Key Rule: I wish the best for you, for us and our future and my words will be matched by my actions / our actions, from respect.