RMT & Strikes

Bob Crow - The working man's representative

Mr Bob Crow 1961 - 2014 RIP



Job security – Things change. Things are always changing, often and mostly outside of prediction and alteration. You must accept changes when they occur or when there is a view of change occurring that to stop would be detrimental to improvement. {eg: the end of jobs related to gas street lighting for electric bulbs} And be minded to adapt to diversifying into the new opportunities resulting as a result of changes. Furthermore, to deny and delay would be counterproductive to all. To recognise, accept and prepare for the coming inevitability of the seen future {some [predict 25yrs] years ahead} would be a best possible condition.

Being Safe – Risk relative to normal life

Best possible pay – {Value} Agreed

Best possible conditions – Relative to health and role

Decent pensions – {Value} Agreed

A World in Peace – A bridge of agreement today of union & management, harmony tomorrow.

An example of cohesive, well organised union actions, lead by probably the best example of recent leadership in Britain since the war. Up to his early death, undefeated, highly successful and in my view dominant of his adversaries.

And a confrontational, blinkered, narrow minded man who was a post imperial, anti-Victorian, classist, Victorian with petit understanding of the blight of economics and balance. Constantly at a war standing, resisting modernity completely. If born earlier, with every reason he could think of, He would have opposed the transition from gas street lamps to electic lightulbs.

My Strive: Quality of life, My Art, No Need to work, occupations, hobbies, service. The art of self improvement. My perfect average day..

The need to work will be a history lesson. The Commune.. [3]