British politician-government [organic] integration in real terms.

To a pro-E.u Brit:

You may-well be the best gobshite performer not allowed on telly in our Eu free world order, under construction but if you think that your thinking is the nuts then i think that you are right.

The Eu is [imagine this] Germany succeeded in dominating Europe, after 20 heavy administrative years the deutchmark was immensely strong and respected. All European Germania saw the benefits of the uniform regulations and the economic wealth that had arrived for all in socialist Germanian Europe. The French apply for jobs in their civil service and start progressive discussion with the German command which is accepted for regional variations.

Europe moves forward [to present day] focussed entirely on a bigger 5% of GDP from their old senile ‘Charlemagne’ design of an empire. - Meanwhile the ownership and control of the moon, Venus and Mars are in the hands of the Chinese [since the sudden ‘Satan 5’ lethal irradiation of the entire US population in 1 month].

In the E.u, democracy is reduced to mayors, police chief’s and MEP’s from a list of permitted groups with approved candidates. Populism [true democracy] has been banned and you are in prison for a criminal threat to the peace and sedition. Tibet, Hongkong and people like you [&me] are the Weigurs. Does any of this Fuck Your Thinking?


Too much marijuana!

Too pesimistic.

Extreme fear. Look for the good.

Paranoid, a grievance from a hard-right margin. 

A Racist, fascist wanting a big gun licience.

Everything can be workd out peacefully.



Paranoia? Grievance & Margins? Do you mean like Winston Churchill through the 30's, alerting and calling for preparations against Hitlers clear huge re-military build up? And the governments ['dominant position in society'] ignoring him and all and any evidences in favour of staying calm and keeping going along the peaceful river journey up 'De-Nile'!

Sure; Hope [&work] for the best but prepare for the worst.. [Or the unprepared weakness will both accellerate hostilities and lead to an early strike to victory by any assailant]

Margaret Thatcher 1925 - 2013 Prime Minister, The United Kingdom of Great Britain 1979 - 1990


''..and that is why this E.U government will be stopped by the other European countries that are facing the same national power takeover by a government that is no more than an administrative coup.'' - Howard Hawk

Who would like to be part of this E.U?

The Moat By-Pass.

The Act of Settlement 1701 – ‘shall not give power to a foreign force or abide or conspire to give power to forces against the Crown Authority of [England].’
Germany attempted by force to use military power to invade, dominate and control the nations of Europe [& beyond] to create the “The Thousand Year Reich Of Germania.” That failed because Hitler was Crazy & Crazed –
- The same idea [older & French [First world war & also caused the second rising] came back onto the table [by The Big Fat Controller] with the added impetus politics of peace as an objective justification. This time the invasion is diplomatic, pinstriped and armed with ink.
Maastricht passed and the trading cooperative was revealed [in public fact] as an assumed government creating a constitutional administration to dominate and take control of Europe’s country nation states, democratic [as much as] or not. “What the member states need to do is to hand more power over to the E.U [commission] That is what is needed comrades” – Guy Verhofstadt.
The Commission is unconnected to democracy and does not answer to or is subject to any authority of ‘member’ states. [Only Germany has the financial power to influence control [or force alteration] upon the Commission – But [when financial dominance emerged] chose/chooses not to.] “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke.
The progression of the ambition of the assumed [pirate] government [The Commission] with the collaboration of Germany along with the founding philosophy of France [now thread bare] have moved passed the rejection of their [E.U [Commission] constitution for Europe by inserting it into the Lisbon treaty. Next are the future moves planned to bring Verhofstadt’s rushed wish to fruition. Full control of all of European national [democratic or not] governments authority/power, leaving democracy to only elect their mayors and police chief’s and blame them for local anger [Rome.]
Unfortunately for the commission [Fortunately] they are in a triple pickle of their own making and apathies. [Rome.] Their financially corrupt attitude to the use of [other people’s money] a. Bribing for agreement. b. Lending with belief in market forces being supreme. c. An ambivalence to workforce frictions from diversity. d. A lack of care or concern for the investment in the people’s future / contentedness as the supreme physics of power. [ROME!]
Member states, particularly Greece, Italy, Hungary and the Czech republic are in a building power struggle with the E.U [commission] for who controls their country. The ‘E.U’ having gained the signing of all treaties has gained financial dependence by the ‘E.U’ apron strings from its financial model underwritten by the ‘Germanic economy.’ Firony?
The commission [as it is] should soon be in for the chop [by a rapidly adapting Germany] to save the European cooperative Union project.
Hopefully. But if not the British electorate voted ‘To Leave’ the E.U.
But with so many in Parliament that voted to ignore the ‘British’ Constitution and moved it through Buck House without a murmur anywhere. And are today voting to ignore democracy. No part of the illegal conflict history story refers to that breach or the dire reality of the commission and the ‘E.U’s situation or their terrifying ironic ambition and the probable future that ‘it’ would arrive at.
That there is a feeling that Theresa May is incompetent is not as relevant as Theresa May being a remainer, trying not to actually leave the ‘E.U’ and form a trading deal with the ‘E.U’ without remaining ‘E.U’ controls over British sovereign choices.
Independence in full reality [with a genuine trade deal with the ‘E.U’] would require going against decades of Parliament's behavior and structure to avoid administrative thinking by handing it over to the ‘experts in Brussels’ bit by bit.
Independent minded Brexiteers are / Remain in the minority in Parliament and the arguments are shallow and Liberal media remain dominated – All 'idealist', short-sighted, ‘Treasonous’ and very foolish.
Peace could be brought to an end in Britain by Parliament dishonoring and insulting democracy and in Europe if the commission try to crush the fight back from the ‘member’ states and ignore the people and confront their “Populist uprisings!”

Brexit & Tomorrow - Under The Crown

The Pirate Dumbinion of Repeating Rome.

It is hard not to feel incredulous and speak in a superior manor to my TV when the system is so ridiculously poor and weak in function and unchanging or unchangeable as to make the people behind it look unattached to it, {"that's the way things are/it works"} by intended design.

That very design and the protection of it or the beneficiaries with their horizon of vision being so short and so contested that all plans are small, short-term and therefore hobbled in thinking with events almost always overtaking every Government.
With the lack of consensus on even the fundamental structure, objective and Limits to the function of Governing Britain's infrastructure or an acceptance of the peoples, roles, needs & rights & objectives in a future for Britain, the system and its history is the key to resolving the many unnecessary contested issues. The lack of a structured constitution is a very big part of the problem.  
Part of the solution to the problem of governing Britain better and being confident, no matter which side of the people are in Government is to create a Constitution that covers core and fundamental factors that are agreed by all sides to the greatest majority achievable. This would eliminate much of the dissagreements of variation and most of the dissagreements of core political ambiguity. {This could then be voluntarily adopted by the devolved and the commonwealth governments.}
The details of structure* must be on the Evolutionary side of Revolution and must include parliament, national management and business. And a bill of rights for the British person aligned. It is essential for the very survival of western civilization that the free market be put in its place and profit is down graded below the value of the Life of the person.
With a Consultation with a development philosophy Britain could lead the way by the example of the agreed extent of philosophy and a sound structual reach. Britain would create for itself a stable long-term strategy for a more predictable future with vision'd objectives.