You to Rule

A world of Neutral plus.. : The best of the baddest and a deal to suit only leverage.

Coached in a world that laid down neurological pathways without objective but with mind effect physically and spiritually undulating with growth

‘He looked like an animal so they treated him like an animal and he behaved like an animal.’

Where a person can weep at the felling of a tree and hold in despair that loss with growing angst minute by day by minute repeating to eternity

And whenst those neuro furrows go..

Imagine the hurt and Resentment revenge payback desire by one beaten with a tree and the repeating of furrows traversed by choice by the victim's.

Human relations generic bromosexual dominance undominance. Downplaying the strength of the mind – avoiding philosophical growth and of emotional quality.

Philosophical trash with the degradation of civility within a disintegrating model of civilization that remains a concept?

Respect is not [and cannot] be gained by instilling fear.

To believe this of respect is to Totally Missunderstand what respect between people is.

Hollywood giving the paying audience what they want. The Elite; Above, Behind and the responsible guardian of the ideal proclamation. A fundamental flaw in the directional energy of the nation.

Conflict as a culture

What were they feeding those guys? Every additive to the body is a chemical lottery. Every human system is juggling in its hardware for the use, production and dissemination by its software for all and sundry effect.

Conflict as macho positive leadership youth model credit. What happens when they grow up?

On a flight deck you may be reckless, silly, unlucky or just plain dosey, if you hear “Stall, Stall, Stall” Followed by “Pull Up, Pull Up, Pull Up,.” Not filling up would be reckless, pumping diesel would be silly, being handed a plane with sugar in the tank would be unlucky and just running out would be  dosey. Pulling up is of course the key, after the check list. Vitamin is enormously effective at raising the nose of any Leah jet. Not to be confused with vitamin BJ if you have a salubrious pilot instructor or a nefarious examiner. Sterols can be added as found in Brassicas. I recommend eating them raw. Ooo, lovely crunch, no need for crackers. And lastly to finish my meandering metaphor Marmite type and try Guinness occasionally anyway.


Water purity is vital. Pure or distilled water can be good but only for a short term, say 1 week. And is the true only cleanse, straight into a dive, hold on, stop, pull up using BBG. Enjoy resetting and gaining command. {On a quiet week.} Pure water should taste a little bitter. The flavour comes from the impurities and our bodies thrive on good impurities. The body is evolved to take advantage of all available resources, of cause. Water that has come through limestone lands is I believe to be the best. The downside is impurities enter the body through water very efficiently and are transported well throughout us ugly bags. Including in vapour. {Shh Careful not to spoil the fun, bottom line}

Conflict resolution

You are aware of the Allopath and their box of compromise. Do not believe that homeopathy has no trace. Water has memory and mighty powerful it can be. From the Peace & Tranquility of A Space, 'ur crib'. Take Regular Time to Calm the noise in your mind & Trust only the feelings of your blood pulsing through you to inform you for tomorrow.

Authority misplaced misused miss understood And team Contracted

Rebel family, patriarchal, patriot, game. Good Will story Writing.

A set up for Resentment revenge payback

Female conditioning and stereo typing to suit.

Human relations international and overseas

I don’t believe in friends I believe in leverage.

When the world sees that your guy is a piece of shit

End it or my friends' will.

Leverage as the permanent method of only a preferred dominance?