THE CONSTITUTION {Preface} for GREAT BRITAIN [With Government Reforms & Links]:

Improvements can only be made when change is accepted as being needed and commitment is made for that intent.

Britain First Always above and beyond all esle..

{Work in progress}

This Constitution represents the foundation of organization for the administration of the Nation for The People of The Land of Britain.

Abiding by the priciples of and in codified in the Magna Carta (1215), the Petition of Right (1628), the Bill of Rights (1689) and the Act of Settlement (1701) {That which does not 'conflict' with the purpose and key elements of this {'yielding'} Simple {Preface} update of the Constitution GB {20_._}

This Constitution sets The Nation of Great Britain the Challenge to Set the highest standards of Agreed Best Practice by the State based on the Highest Quality of the person of the United Kingdom..

.. and adapt and amend to evolve best practice as needed.


1) The British Monarchy:

Britain is a monarchy. The monarchy has values. Those values are recognized as:

Connections beyond the range of a short term democratically elected person – Established & maintained at a high personal & diplomatic level not enjoyed by even the best F.O. Or President..

A Longevity of identity and manner of a British cultural example of individual and family, loyally devoted to the Nation and as a steady example.

The British Monarch [Crown] creates a [Leading Figurehead] as a Unifying Force for the Regional Governments and all the peoples of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Britain recognizes that it is in an immensely fortunate position.

Britain desires to retain a monarchy. With {existing acts of relationship by the government with the monarchy} & [Subject to royal right of appeal and negotiation] {by existing rules, protocols & heraldic procedures by the monarchy for the monarchy} [Subject to royal right of appeal and negotiation]

This Constitution seeks to maintain The British Monarchy [Line of Family and dedicated Firm] [Because {analogy} If the roots are cut, diminished or destroyed the slip will be Permanent. And Never As, The Same.]

The British People expect H' Majesty's Government to gain the Best out of The Crown Family, not the most.

The Crown must give Royal Assent to all New Laws [or Treaties] that are submitted by the Attorney General, Derived by Parliamentary procedure, [Under the Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949] prior to assent into Law. [The Crown will accept the will of the 'British' people - Unless there is a contravention or a breach of the Constitution listed here.]
The Crown can disolve Paliament.
The Crown can appoint a Prime Minister. [In this event the Crown apponited PM can form a government from any British Ciitizen/Subjects]

The Monarch will not be taxed on the public purse.

The Monarch will be taxed on money that they make from their own endeavours.

The Monarch’s [Crown Estate] will be subject [its annual value performance] to an ongoing review, along with the Royal public purse.   

The [any] Monarch will be given the option of a place on the board [with unrestriced access to full accounts and all data.] of the Crown Estate or by proxy.

The Monarch will have the right [with notice of one year] to regain full control and unrestricted ownership of the Crown Estate.  

The British Monarch / Monarchy is Limited to Ceremony / Ceremonial [Constitutional - Heraldic [Legal Protocols] and Diplomatic, Only, [Unlesss the here listed Constitution is contravened or breached] 

The Crown will have a voice/ear/seat in the Cabinette. [No vote, No veto] 

1a) The Monarchy Can be suspended or abolished by a parliamentary motion that has the backing of the majority of the cabinet & a majority of The Commons. The Monarchy can be unsuspended in the same way. The Family can serve Notice to end reign.

In the event of abolishment / cessation, Ancestral ownership of crown property will be respected, addressed and honored.


1b) Elected Term or Life President. Appointed Term or life president. [Minimum age 50 years]

Impeachment & recall option for Negilgence/faiure, corruption of post / dereliction of duty. Criminal conviction. Treason.

Optioned by a parliamentary motion with the backing of the majority of the cabinet.


Britain is to retain Soverign Nation State Rule - Over and above all Trade agreements, treaties or any Allegiances. Any and all Global Government type regulations can be adopted or abstained from, Rejected or reconsidered.

This modern constitution recognises the legacies of Britain’s past imperial behaviour and seeks to distance Britain from the possibility of repeat behaviour. To this effect Britain will respect other Nations sovereignty and rights, as a nation state, under international law as agreed and prescribed via the United Nations.

British military forces will [and as recognised as in effect] be used to defend British shores. No expeditionary military force will be used. No strike first or pre-emptive military action will be undertaken. All allied agreement must not breach this constitutional entry. The use of allied defensive/offensive agreements must uphold and qualify to the intention of a non-aggression first behaviour.

Respect and friendship will be the first weapon under this constitution for the purpose of making, pursuing and achieving peaceful, good and productive relations, for forwarding peaceful productive human relations throughout the world [and beyond] as an ambition in perpetuity.  

Britain First Always above and beyond all esle..

2) Division of power:

Government: [Reformed Government version:]

Summery – The government is to be divided into the executive, [The Cabinet] [The Commons & electorate] The Legislature [Houses 1&2] - [The Lords] and the Judiciary. Britain is a democracy – [and is subject to the rules of democratic process acts to date, [that are not in conflict with this constitution] - Under this constitution.  

The Government Cabinet is the Executive of Great britan. The United Kingdom.

Below contained in this constitution [details to be agreed] is a modernized {after 2016} form of Government.

2b) This Constitution [and all who adopt it] adherers to the key principle ethos of being based on a Secular approach to laws and regulations which are to be administered using a secular approach and practiced with and by all people in government [including the civil service and all of the other departments and divisions under government] using untainted secular thinking and actions.

2c) No regional government [or local government or community administration] may deviate from this Constitution and the [agreed] United Kingdom laws. [Their national laws, accompaying Bill of rights, Fundamental Human Rights and accompanying Addendums may vary - until uniformally agreed]


3) National Eligibility / Candidate / Voter Qualification:

British electoral eligibility if born in ~ Britain to British parents. [~ that includes all diplomatic or military or other directly controlled British property.] 

British if nationalized after 10 years of residency, [Primary education modules 1-9 competed - English language, British fundamental cultural knowledge law and order, civil respect and rights, manners, etiquette, humane philosophy and conduct, loyalty to sovereignty & Crown.] Simple addition, Vocal National Pledge of The Oath of Allegience. 

All Candidate must have completed all primary education modules and passed an understanding of The British bill of rights and The British human rights in law.

All prospective government candidates must have completed satisfactually, The Oxford Univercity Certification [NRQ/NVQ degree - National Required Qualification] of Government and Governing. [NRQ1 To be a MP or Lord - Covers A. Government/s histories & functioning. B. Good functioning relationship with the civil service. [NRQ2 To be a Minister - Covers ministerial posts function in detail] [NRQ3 To be PM - Covers specific detail & histories of PM]  

No Criminal Capital Crime Record. Minimum standing for election age 30 years of age.

Candidates must have been resident in the county that they intend to represent a constituency, for a minimum of 20 years. 

Voting minimum age 18 years. [Year Of Majority] MP 30 years. ML 45 years. CABINET 35 years. Local governments / mayors 30 years.


Convicted of; Any Capital Crime. [Murder {any violent human killing other than for self defense or legal process} Treason. Conspiracy to murder a human. Fraud, Extortion, Tax Evasion, Kidnap, Rape, Torture, mental torture.

Rape. Pedophilia or any other violent child abuce or constant damaging psychological emotional abuse. ARMED Agression or violence or discharging a weapon or use of a weapon outside of approapriate acceptable accepted motivation. A historical crime record of violence, fraud, extortion & corruption. A Crime against humanity.



4) The Cabinet:

A modern democratic Government where only the best executives will be placed in a Government Cabinet, made up of British national rules [eligibility]

Nominations & Appointments are through public specialist selection panels. [Community, varsity, government, civil service, military]

1. 4 Nominated elites and professionals for a period of service. [people who would not touch politics ordinarily] 
2. 4 Selected by and from the experience of the civil service. 
3. 4 Commons elected [To Cabinet by the commons & the peoples live poll]

= 12 Cabinet Seats 

{and the peoples live poll* & a commons live poll* are additional single votes in cabinet, makes 6 common votes}

[The PM counts as 2 votes - Makes 15 total votes in cabinet*]

{*excluding issues covered by the official secrets act or for matters of national security}

Election of the PM/President; by Vote in The Cabinet 12, Parliament 2 & The Live Peoples Vote 1 = 15]


4a) Ministerial posts:

Essential posts only; 

Defense, Chancellor, Home, Foreign, Energy, Business&Trade, Farming/&Enviroment, Education, Health, Coast-Guard&Borders, and Space. [The Crown Estate Cabinette Seat [Appointed by the Crown/'Palpace' anually and as required]

Further specialist posts will be attended by department appointed expertise accountable to the PM & [upon occational {Annual or exceptional majority demand} presentation] to Parliament. 


A Modernized democratic executive - with the commons room used for debates for rationalization by the commons, people [Applied] {right to be heard*} or [invited] and the executive for consideration & voting. {The cabinet are the executive authority.}

Commons Parliamentary procedure: Motions, Debates, White papers & voting for Laws. 

Filibusters are Prohibited/Illegal [House rules applied to ensure fairness of reasonable functioning time]

The Crown must give Royal Assent to all New Laws [or Treaties] that are submitted by the Attorney General, Derived by Parliamentary procedure, [Under the Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949] prior to assent into Law. [The Crown will accept the will of the 'British' people - Unless there is a contravention or a breach of the Constitution listed here.]


{*A law - To allow partial oppinion or minority group voice to be heard in the commons. 1 application max per month per county & ditto per city.}

4b) The Attorney General: 

In addition to the exhisting roles and duties of the attorney general, the attorney general will be The Advisor [an advisor & servant, in constitutional matters] to the [Crown] and the Prime Minister with regard to [This] The British Constitution and its Procedures, enforcement and execution.

The Crown must give Royal Assent to all New Laws [or Treaties] that are submitted by the Attorney General, Derived by Parliamentary procedure, [Under the Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949] prior to assent into Law. [The Crown will accept the will of the 'British' people - Unless there is a contravention or a breach of the Constitution listed here.]


4c) National Independent Government Historical Summary dept:

Every government will have the key [relevant - effects of magnitude or interest] events recorded in a simple time-line summary available for reference by the public and media. The memory of cause and effect should be highlighted not forgotten.


4d) Public Elected Representatives: [MP]

A Number that is not serving the benefit of an employment opportunity. A lower number and higher requirements that avoids youth, inexperience and career delinquents [gravitating into an intellectual cabal in pampas.] {India the largest democracy on earth with a population of over 1.3 billion, has fewer elected MP's representatives than Parliament.}


Parliament: The House of Commons [The Legislator House One]


1 per city. 15 main cities. {Plymouth Cardiff Bristol Southampton Brighton London Oxford Cambridge Birmingham Sheffield Liverpool Manchester Leeds Carlisle Newcastle} [Additional city qualification population for an individual MP {in addition to foundation cities} for further cities =1 million+]

15 + 1 per county, 48 counties = 63 Members of Parliament + The Peoples Live Poll. 

Each candidate’s name on the ballot sheet will be accompanied by 3 boxes – 1.‘Agreed summary positions’ [50 words] 2.‘Personal statement’ [50 words] 3.‘Compiled opposition criticism [50 words]

4e) Additional Proportional Representative MP’s:

After the first past the post election result, the total votes are rounded into a 100%. 4 further MP’s can be appointed per county/main city. 1 per 25%/quarters. Where there is a highly divided last quarter with no minimum 5% portion, or advantage – No MP is appointed for the last quarter 25%. = Total MP's possible 315] [+Plus the 4 nominated experts 319.] 

4f) Direct Independent Leader Nominations & Right:

This Voting right is in addition to the other ballots voting right.

  1. That observe a representative individual rising in reflective democratic voice [whether an existing MP or not can be put on the general election choice ballot sheets nationwide, as an outside of a party independent, electable directly as leader.  
  2. The nomination term on the national ballots is set at 2 future general elections.
  3. All national election choice ballot sheets & by-elections will have a blank box for voters to fill in with the [Eligible] person as leader.
  4. If any independent MP or one person receives 5,000 votes in any general election nationwide, they are atomically put on the national ballots for a term of 2 future general elections.
  5. Voters can vote for their local MP & a Direct Leader choice. Or just their direct leader choice. Or just their MP.
  6. In order to win as outright leader, a single name under ‘& or for Independent Leader’ must have the highest number per seat / election constituency and thereby securing the majority equivalent outright win over the majority party.  
  7. The independent direct PM can fill the cabinet posts with either MP's from the commons or secretaries from the civil service. [Not From the House of Lords] {prior to government 'q'ualification}
  8. Or after this modernised democratic government system - The direct PM takes his seat at the top of the cabinet table.


4g) Party funding / candidate funding

It is illegal to privately fund a political party or a political candidate. [Law of minimum sentence upon conviction {Donors & recipient} of 5 years fixed imprisonment no reduction]

Each registered voter [qualified] is allocated a credit for £50 to nominate toward the candidate of their choosing [Online or at the time of voting] with the retention of funding option. No money / credit is redeemable.

Each candidate can donate their allocation to a party, a group of candidates or spend their alocation [complying with spending regulations] on their own election campaigning or other [regulated] investment. No money / credit is redeemable. [Any back payment or commissions {upon conviction is 5 years fixed imprisonment, no reduction} and a ban from candidecy for life.

5) The House of Lords: The Legislator House Two.

The function of the House of Lords: Is to consider and act on what has happened in the House of Commons. [All other time spent must stop & can be appieled & blocked]

Lords Qualification: Over 44 years of age. Must Have commpleted [NRQ] 1. [NRQ - Oxford & combined vacity] Ditto Qualification to stand for election for the Commons.

Lorrds may be appointed by the PM to hold office. [Must have comleted NRQ 2.]

Lords can stand for Leader of a Party. [Must have completed NRQ 3.] Lords can be appointed as PM by Parliament. [3.] Lords can be appointed as PM [3.] by the Crown [Parliamentary veto applies] Unless Parliament has first been disolved by the Crown.

Disqualification: Convicted of no capital crime. If over 75 must be varified of not having developed a degenerative brain disorder. Must attend compulsory attendance dates. 

Life Peers {Limited to 12 annually} [numbers split between a panel 4, & The PM 8 with Parliament veto requireing parliamentary call for debate & vote [debatee time limit 2 minutes per applied member.] [Filibuster are ilegal] 

Elected ML’s: [Elected Member of the House of Lords [ML] [Term 8 years]  

1 per County 48 + 1 per City 15 = 63 Elected + Life Peers - 

Each candidate’s name on the ballot sheet will be accompanied by 3 boxes – 1.‘Agreed summary positions’ [50 words] 2.‘Personal statement’ [50 words] 3.‘Compiled opposition criticism [50 words]

Lords maximum cap 600. 


6) The Ministry Commission of Special Advisors:

The Prime Minister will meet with the Ministry’s Representatives after electoral placement, to be advised of special advisors available for placement. The prime Minister {must} appoint an advisor to all of the Cabinet ministers.

The Civil Service {must} appoint a Special Advisor [The Secretary] to each Ministerial post. [Therefore ‘Each Minister’ will comprise a Team of 4 – The Prime Minister, The Minister, The Special Advisor and a Direct Secretary adviser of ‘the’ Civil Service.]  

The Prime Minister will have [in place after initiation] the 2 special advisers from the ministry of special advisers 1 Prime ministerial special adviser and 1 Prime ministerial special Civil service adviser. In addition to The Prime Ministers other number 10 advisory team.]


7) Local Government:

Local Government councillor elections will be tied into the General Elections – Every borough election counts will be used to elect councillors based on proportional representation.

All National Local Governments will apply and follow an agreed National Local Government Consititution [The National Local Government Constiution] & follow all and any regulations contained within the [joint agreed panel] local government regulations charter and standards of best practice.


8) The Judiciary:

Under a supreme court [The courts] {subject to existing organizational acts}

The Historic Law of Precedent: Abiding by enshrined in and codified in the Magna Carta (1215), the Petition of Right (1628), the Bill of Rights (1689) and the Act of Settlement (1701) 

Abiding by this Constitution.

Abiding by the British bill of rights of the person.

The law of this Country within the national boundary supersedes all outside laws and international law.

Trial by Jury option only> for the accused of Capital crimes.

Jury Perogative:

> Any Judge can refer any case to be Tried with a Jury of Common Subjects - One second judge will confirm the referal.

> Any MP can refer any case to be Tried with a Jury of Common Subjects - One second MP will confirm the referal.

> Any Lay person can refer any case of Constitutional or National Interest, to be Tried with a Jury of Common Subjects - One second MP or 3 High Court Judges will confirm the referal.


9) The Department for Democratic Protection, Anti-Corruption & Coercion Force [Including personal Standards & Proceedures and Complaints]:

Board of Directors Representatives: 1 Head of service, 1 elected Commons, 1 elected Lords, 1 Officer for the government, 1 Constable of the elections, 1 Appointment of the selection panels, 1 Police, 1 Military.

Representative Veto Panel X5.

Department with a mandate to respond to alerts/reports of Threats or Corruption throughout parliament conduct and procedure & Services with a force appropriate to stop threats & arrest {with back up from the military where necessary} to hand over to the police services for standard criminal procedure. With unhindered investigation power. [Hindrance or lack of cooperation is a criminal offence]

[Misuse of Department] The misuse of the department is a criminal offence. 

A full level of determination of the severity of misuse will be applied. For 
Time wasting, malicious, distraction, as corruption. 

The department is audited anually by a joint body of police & the military. 
Corruption of the department: The department can be investigated by the joint police military body. {The department can be suspended or dissolved by the Crown.} / [Life President]

9a) Will also be responsible for the whistleblower chanel and system management.]

10) Elections: Every 8 years.

[The returning officers are governed and monitored by the election commission UK. The election commission is protected by the 9) The Department for Democratic Protection, Anti-Corruption & Coercion Force.]

10a) Referendums:

A Referendum is held when the government with a sensitive or complex isuue of public interest wants the public to decide.

Referendum choices [the wording of the parametres - must be thought out to include outcome effects to calibrate the detail of the wording for the choices] can be composed by a peridically formed referendum composition and description committee. 

All MP's and Lords have an Oblgation to Adhere to the Result.

Referendum decisions must be delivered in good time [within 12 months] and must fulfil the spirit of the decision.

Referendums [individual subjects] can only be revisited after 10 years.  


10b) MP Pledge Obligation Law [The elected Doing what you say law]

The Oath of Office:

"I (name of Member) swear by [Almighty God] [Optional] My family honour and my own integrity, under witness of this House, to honour fully the Constitution of Great Britain, The United Kingdom and I do pledge my Loyalty to the Crown of the Britain’s and to conduct myself and my business, both in this house and in life with full commitment to the benefit of Britain, according to the Constitution, the procedures of this House and the objectives of a sovereign Britain under the Law. This I swear [So help me God] [Optional] with my honour, Electoral eligibility and freedom as collateral. This (Name) I swear."

MP's will sware the Oath of Offfice every year. [Historical transgresions will be pursued and recorded {where death prevents punishment}]

MP’s are free [expected] to consider, reconsider and change their positions on subjects of consideration. However when it comes to key electoral positions that formed the basis of their election they cannot change their positions. Examples include [Pledges of: pro/anti abortion, tax, trade, international, privatisation/nationalisations, the E.U & other treaties and any pledge of action to the electorate or the nation as an "I Will.." Pledge.]

Penalty: A breach of pledge [a change of intention or observed change in action – by revelation will be judged by a 3 Judges / magistrates sitting as Pledge and Conduct adjudicators] will result in immediate sacking / deselection and permanent banning as a member of parliament and a by-election held.

Referendum clause: Where the public were asked to decide on a particular choice, members of parliament are obligated to fall behind the democratic decision [Referendum] and support the enacting of the referendum decision. Failure to comply will result in the immediate penalty.       


10c) MP Expenses:

Expenses for MP’s will be divided into 3 fixed group values:

1. London MP’s  £x annual.

2. Outer London to [100miles] MP’s £xx annual.

3. National regions MP’s £xxx annual.


11) British Bill of Right of the Person:

{This constitution recognizes and codifies the [separately written] British Bill of rights as included to this constitution}

Basic Fundamental & Essential human rights & human rights can be divided into two categories 1. Basic British Fundamental & Essential Human Rights & 2. Human rights in a society.

11a) Freedom of Speech:

[i] Everyone has the right to freedom of *opinion and expression. [*Spoken, written, in Art & Performed] [This does not include directed hostile or agressive views, that is abucive - Abuce.] [This Right is a prima-facie over the notion of responsibility for the effects of freedom of speech] 

[ii] No one [or *opinion] will be banned, silenced or edited. 

[iii] History no matter how ugly and regretfull will be removed, alterred or edited - History will be respected as 'History'. 

[iv] Equality is applicable to all [Legal] entities without Prejudice [irrespective of trends, youthful or otherwise.] 

11b) Death & Funerals:

No one in Britain will be allowed to be buried. Funerals and disposal of the dead can be to [have] ones body disposed of in any legal recognised way, apart from the burial of a preserved body in attempted perpetuity of [under] ground space.

11c) Everyone has the right to determin ones own death. Article 30 / (a).

11d) All persons [of any ethnic, religious origin or cultural background] shall be treated equally under this Constitution, the nations laws and the accompanying Bill of Rights of the persons of Great Britain and the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom.

11e) No regional government [or local government or community administration] may deviate from this Constitution [if adopted] with regard to equality of treatment.

11f) British Subject / Citizens are given priority preference over Non-Subject / Citizens [according to the Bill of Rights of the persons of Great Britain]


12) British Basic Fundamental & Essential Human Rights: British Human Rights:

12a) [Article 29] The Right to Self-Defence Is only lawful in defence of the self from any person from unlawful violence, active violent intent, invasion of property, continued active confined violent intent or continuing violence. {c} Such defence must be proportional {free from inferior gauge of assessment assumption} for survival. (d) must avoid unnecessary additional violence or to prevent escape. {e} If death occurs, no charge of excessive violence will be made, if violence or continued physical intent was ongoing. (f) For invasion of property without active violence or violent intent [as with protest trespass] Landowner can demand immediate exit from property boundary. If refusal verbally or by action - Land owner may use Force {Rural with gun licience} can use Birdshot or [If Armed~] Overwhelming firepower with or without police presence. [~ Refers to Swards, Bows & Guns or Explosive / Caustic / Toxic Projectiles] The Constitution and the Law and its deputies Will Not expect death not to occur of a victims victim over a right and preference to fighting confined/lethal actioned intent, back.

12b) Golden Rule [3]: All Tax {Direct income Tax, and accumulated personal Tax and corporate  Tax} is Limited to a Maximum of 50% - National Tax as a total of GDP must not exeed 50%.


13) Defence: Enemies of The State:

Britain is a Nation Surrounded by a distance of Water. This water barrier should always be respected [for its historical effect] and used for continued good effect [when needed]

13a) The Military:

Golden Rule: Do not underestimate or ignore alternate Ambition.

The British retention of a military force for defense and - [Defense of Great Britain Need Overides Parliament - Overide power effeected when between Mi & The Generals is in agreement of urgent need] 

The British Military are tasked with Protecting Britain from physical threats to HM Crown, The Nation State, The Lands of Britain and [discretionary and by contribution] the Commonwealth. 

The Military will decide and set the minimum of annual fiscal portion ofv GDP needed for defence & offensive investment [to a maximum of 5% of annual GDP in peace time] – Parliament and the Government – Have a right of appeal [But No Vote or Veto]

The Military divisions have complete acquisition and full control of choice and commission of equipment and in any areas of development.

Military Priority cannot be ignored by Parliament and any area of military national interest can be commissioned and therefore protected from and over Parliamentary process and decision.

The military have veto over executive instruction to assist any ally and control level of assistance and duration [where national interest or defense is threatened]  

[New Role] {as an option by the Nation State} as a training educational resource for the benefit of the youth of the people, to aid in philosophy and a connection to things physical and of pragmatic physics.

13b) Enemies Within The State: 

Any identified [Mi confirmed] Enemies of the State, working from within Great Britain’ {‘and The Commonwealth of the United Kingdom’} for malevolence against Great Britain’ [including foreign state organised groups or players, organisations for terrorism, anarchy, espionage, sedition or Government overthrow or Anti-British Interest [which includes plots or actions against the Monarchy]

Can be blocked, banned, arrested, tried imprisoned or deported en masse.


14) The Police:

Britain provides a National Police Force. The Police are Authorized to maintain law and order and to keep the peace, to serve the people for the greater good. The Police are the States Authority. The Police are charged with exercising their duties unhindered within their National & Regional Regulations.

It is the law to cooperate with the police. [Not cooperatng with the police {in their lawful duties is a criminal offence.] A Lack of cooperation in the eyes of the police is a cause for arrest. It is the law to respect the police as they make enquiries and go about their duties. It is against the law to use profane language [swear] in the presence of the HM police.

Good conduct with the British police is a {Primary Education Module.} Civil Order and National Pride in Ethics {PEM} are also included, to benefit the manner of the people of the Nation, that also make up the Police.


16) National Constitutional Addendums [Standarrds and Prodedures]:

Addendums [Standards and Procedures] – are put in place to establish a proven working continuity of British administrative models that are intended to avoid constant changes from political impulse and or to create conflicting disharmony or double layers, as a way of directing funds to be distributed along a faux capitalist profit opportunity –

Can be altered, amended and adapted by a submission to Parliament by either a cabinet member or 5 MP’s. All submissions must be debated voted upon and then presented to the Lords in the current way. [The Lords can send back the addendum change with a refusal or concerns for changes] Addendums that are subject to Time Lock’s must be respected and honoured prior to timely re-assessment. [Initial set ups will be subject to submission, debate and vote – Time Lock’s to Taxation and the set Taxations must be agreed as a finality in ambition.

16a) British Constitutional Addendums:

1. Taxation

2. Secretaries

3. National Management Service

4. NHS [Reboot]

5. National Nutritional health service standards act

6. Local government guidelines [The National Local Government Constitution]

7. National Parenting Training

8. National Primary Education Modules


17) National Constutional Tax Policy: Addendum 1.


Taxation shall be limited to a Maximum of 50% by this Constitution.

No single Direct Tax will excede 50%

No direct or accumulated income tax will eceed a maximum of 50%.

[Includingn in a State of Emergency or times of War.]

[War tax Example: £0-12k 0% 12,001+ 50%]

The tax collected will be used efficiently in its use and expenditure during its use to pay for the structures of an agreed plan for society.

The obligation of every government will be to provide the planned and agreed structure of society while conserving the use of tax with the objective of reducing tax [per department / field of tax use] for value for money to a Minimum Taxation Objective and to free up annual money for new fields of essential agreed expenditure.

The Following [addendum 1] is [an example of a] fixed state taxation addendum to a constitution [subject to 10year minimum term with reviews terms and repeal procedures] as an adjustment to the current system [C addendum 1] {prior to switching to a no work need society] 


18) The National Heath Service: 

Britain provides comprehensive free healthcare to the residents of Britain Guaranteed, [That is delivered by the NHS Managed by the NHS National Management Service {C addendum 3}

The NHS is subject to and abides by the nutritional national health service standard act {C addendum 5} and the agreed rules, protocols and authority of the National Management Service. {C addendum 3}

[The [comprehensive] NHS [Reboot] [C Addendum 4] will not carry out actions or procedures that breach the ethos of {Do no harm} The NHS does not include unnecessary procedures [No Physical Need - curative by non-invasive methods which includes pharmaceutical prescriptions] These conditions include: gender reassignment – infertility – obesity – cosmetic surgery – selective elective genetic modifications -

The NHS is subject to the National efficiency mmanagement service structure {C addendum 3} The financial management of the NHS and NHS ethos, ethics, standards & procedures {C addendum 4}

The National nutritional health service standard act: {C addendum 5} And National Life Style/s [guide] for a healthy, productive long life. [Incentive rewards for achievement.]

The NHS must charge: 1. [Seek payment] from non-ill-health requrements [reckless injury / Road traffic accidents - etc - from the connected insurrance] 2. International heathcare need arrivals [non-resident & subject to limitation of provision rules - insurrance requiremnts]    

18a) Viral & Bacterial Outbreaks

[With the rise in temperatures caused by climate change and the possible growth of more potent and anti-biotic resistant bacteria, a constitutional addition needs to be added to help/prevent government from needing to think / [be led] to react to infection spread [and to keep the needs of the Heath Service / Doctors & epidemiologists from over-reacting and putting their perspective needs over] under the needs of wider society.]

Where and when an outbreak appears the gauge of risk and reaction should be not based on infection spread & speed but on lethality.

All preventative reactions / changes in behaviour should be restricted to prevent wider damage to society and any social & economic damage unless the lethality exceeds 1.5% of population.

Lock-downs [quarantine] should [in the first instance] be local to hot spots of infection growth. A radius [post-codes] should be established from the epicentre out to 1 mile from the detected infection [and its current visible] and current estimated current spread point.

Even if a highly infectious airborne virus [Such as Covid-19 of 2020] emerges to spread through the UK, that has a lethality of 5% of population [example] a total national lock-down is not sustainable and will not block the spread but merely slow it down to crate other types of damage while saving very few lives from the very old, weak, vulnerable and the unlucky susceptible groups.

Society must continue to function while implementing personal preventative behaviour and blocking [quarantine] radius Lock-downs. All Lock-downs will be limited to 14 days max.

‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’.

The NHS will provide as much at home Oxygen and community service as possible. When max intensive endemic in hospital service is arrived at, the intensive viral/bacterial hospital areas will stop admissions. At no point in any outbreak will the NHS cease or cancel all other medical services. NHS / Ministry Planning & Management must be adequate for a balanced function.


19) Education:

Britain provides free education from kindergarten to gcse 16 years – with facilities and personnel provided.

Primary [& secondary] Education National Modules. {C addendum 8}

All Primary Education National Modules are Compulsory {Law.} [Including all home schooled children.]

Special facilities for people of need and those of exceptional talent.

Private schools are free to exist subject to compliance with PEN Modules and divisive restrictions.

Higher education is subject to personal investment based on ambition and aptitude.

National parenting guide and courses: {C addendum 7}


The BBC:

The BBC is enshrined in this Constitution as an essential tool for the government [to ensure freedom of national free broardcast [subject to a household tax & an individuals fee] [C addendum 1] - to educate, inform, entertain and provide a benchmark news service to Great Britain, The Commonwealth and the wider world.] and the BBC to administer under their [BBC Constitution] responsibility to adear to the highest standards set by the BBC and higher as they [The BBC] evolves.


20) Faiths:

People are free to have faith {freedom to worship} and their faith is their belief’s. Those belief’s are to be included as part of their cultural identity and as sacred under this constitution {Bill of rights} as all other historical cultural behavior, that is legal and not in breach of the British bill of rights of the person. {Faith as culture is free to change and to continue evolving.}

Faith’s are not based on fact or evidence of fact and therefore remain under and outside of the purpose of this constitution.

20a) All faith schools are to agree and comply with the [superised] teaching for all of their students of the national primary and secondary education modules.

20b) Any student that has not completed [been obseved & assessed] the primary & secondary education modules [complete] will receive their National insurance card/number marked 'suspended'. This will result in a removal of working right, the right to free NHS & all benefits - until completed & assessed.


21) Treason:

This definition presides over all former versions, definitions, precedents and acts of Treason.

Treason [1] against the Nation State:

Any Act Against Britain’s [1] The Nation State, British interests or Sovereign Rule, The security or the nation's international interests or provide help to those working against the intentions of the Nation State of [1] Great Britain {The United Kingdom} and the Commonwealth of member nations]

This applies to all subjects, {including military persons on deployment} residents and temporary permitted visitors for whatever reason. [Evidence of Treason Eliminates 'Diplomatic Imunity' Privilage Agreement.] 

This act covers all areas of Britain the commonwealth and British air craft, ships, boats, space craft and embassy’s proximity.

Treason [2] against the Elected Government: 

Any act against, To refuse, evade, avoid, work against or to provide help to those working against the decisions, decrees, policies or instructions of the elected and deocratic decions made by government of Great Britain [The United Kingdom] and the devolved regional governments of Scotland & Wales or those connected to the workings of government that have been imbued with government power, to carry out the orders of government.

Treason [3] against the Local Governments:

Any act against, To refuse, evade, avoid, work against or to provide help to those working against the [as a wider national sabotage] decisions, decrees, policies or instructions of the elected governments of Borough Councils and the decocratic decisions made by local borough governments of Great Britain [The United Kingdom] or those connected to the workings of government that have been imbued with government power or contracted, to carry out the orders, intentions and objectives of Local Government.


22) The Death Penalty:

It is right and accepted [in any forms of civilized society] that it is wrong [for a human] to kill a human or for the state to kill another human.

However this does not apply in the exceptional circumstances where [1] In self-defence [reasonable perceived threat with lethal intent, to preservation] [1a] Acute threat to life [2] In war [3] Civil armed action or intent [4] Terrorist action or intent and [5] {By the state} Where an individual is a killer of multiple humans or a continuing intent to kill human life.

[5] Death shall be administered by exsanguination [with organ donor harvesting]

23) Amendments: